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Meet Felicia in Buenos Aires

Hi! I'm Felicia, a Singaporean native who moved to Buenos Aires for love. My husband and I consider ourselves citizens of the world (and my dad calls us "nomads"). Traveling, meeting people from different walks of life, and immersing myself in diverse cultures is what makes my heart skip a beat, and I truly believe that experiences beat material things hands down. If you feel the same, let's be friends! As for my photography style, candid, relaxed portraits are the ones I love best. Hair flying in the wind, a grin that spreads from ear to ear, and totally natural expressions are what I search for as I shoot. These are the details and things that evoke feelings when your eyes rest on the image, or when you hold a printed photo in your hands. The photograph should be a true reflection of your essence, and I constantly seek to capture that in your portraits.

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    Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, and a bit of Mandarin
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    Favourite Place to Shoot: I love shooting in the Botanic Gardens at Plaza Italia because there is a huge range of contrasting flora in the Botanic Gardens, with an absolutely beautiful Butterfly Garden that is open to public at certain times. This feels like being in a jungle right in the heart of the city.

Three Things

  1. I actually studied finance and economics before started my journey in photography. In fact, I used to work in an international bank in Singapore and later worked as a stock analyst for my first few years in Buenos Aires. However, I found myself enjoying my photography hobby too much to let it remain a hobby, and today, I am constantly grateful that I get to do what I love everyday of my life.
  2. I've always loved writing, scribbling in notebooks, typing in my notes app, and posting in my journals, both online and off. Words are my way of communicating my thoughts with the world, and when I'm not behind my camera capturing the world and those who live in it, I'm writing and putting it all into words.
  3. My friends are amazed by how I was brave enough to relocate across the globe from Singapore to Argentina, but am afraid of cats.

More Information

Pricing starts at $285 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

Felicia is also available for 30-minute minimum bookings in nearby San Isidro and Vicente Lopez.