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Meet Mariska in Bruges

Growing up in the Dutch countryside, I became an honest and down-to-earth person. Traveling the world, marrying my French partner, and embracing the romance of the French lifestyle shaped me into a unique mix, perfect for multicultural life in Belgium. As a portrait and love story photographer, I thrive on natural light and capturing those special moments. I specialize in those who embrace nostalgia and do things differently. Inspired by romanticism, I use dramatic lighting to evoke deep emotions in my subjects. Vintage music, clothing, records, and handwritten letters fuel my love for the past, influencing my work and editing style.

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    Languages Spoken: English, French and Dutch
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    Favourite Place to Shoot: The old center of the city, where you can find most historical highlights. It is all very walkable and everywhere you turn, something magical awaits to be discovered.

Three Things

  1. My favourite things are reading, listening to music, and eating pizza!
  2. I couldn't live without love.
  3. I have an old soul, and should have been born in 1956.

More Information

Pricing starts at $385 USD for a 60-minute vacation shoot

Mariska is also available for 30-minute minimum bookings in Brussels and 60-minute minimum bookings in Ghent. Please note: Mariska requires a €40 travel fee for all routes in Bruges.

Mariska requires additional travel fees on the following routes:

Poertoren Tower to Bonifacius Bridge: 40 EUR

Minnewater Park to Meebrug Bridge: 40 EUR

Dutch Windmills, Medieval Towers and Romantic Bridges: 40 EUR

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