My self love journey

Photographer: Aly |
Route: Dallas Road Beach, Victoria, Canada



Travel Story

After having the chance to come out to Victoria, my first thought was how can I capture myself in this beautiful city? I've struggled with my body and awkwardness for as long as I could remember but as I got older, I realized how beautiful my body is and all the magnificent things it can do and how much power my mind truly holds. I wanted to capture myself in a nature filled area, a place full of things I hold dear to my heart - trees, nature and the ocean. Working with Aly daily to being able to work with her in her world was incredible, truly a beautiful human inside and out.

Travel Tips

Walk around and explore the area as much as you can Eat tacos from La Taqueria Get gelato from Mosi, no matter how long the line Visit the small stores on Fort St. Enjoy brunch at Joey & Bear Go to Willows beach

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