Venice 2023

Photographer: Marta |
Route: Rialto to San Polo, Venice, Italy


United States

Travel Story

My husband and I absolutely love Italy. We have traveled to many parts of the country before, but this was my husband's first time in Venice. I had visited briefly while in college but couldn't wait to return and experience this magical city together as a couple. Venice can be so romantic if you take some time to slow down and absorb the scenery.

Travel Tips

I highly recommend walking down the quieter streets in Venice. Venetian style Cicchetti can be found in many parts of the city. Our favorite spots for Cicchetti were- Cantina Do Mori and Enoteca Al Volto. Also, a must visit is Harry's bar, where the Bellini was invented and was a favorite spot of the late Ernest Hemingway. Cafe Florian, which is located in St. Mark's square was also a highlight of our trip. The Ambiance, music and people watching is unmatched. Take a step away from the crowds in Venice. Find small restaurants and less popular bridges. There, you can find the real magic of the city.

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