Family trip to Venice

Photographer: Marta |
Route: Rialto to San Polo, Venice, Italy


United States

Travel Story

My husband's family is Italian, and it's a country we love, so we were excited to share it with our daughters (7 and 9). We visited Florence, Tuscany, Bologna, and Venice, and thought Venice would make a perfect backdrop for family photos. Our favorite memories were eating gelato every single day, hand-rolling pasta at a cooking class in Tuscany, and the gondola ride in Venice.

Travel Tips

Venice is pretty touristy, so you have to be careful not to eat at a tourist trap. We loved experiencing cicchetti, which are small bites that you often eat standing. You can do a bar crawl to try them from multiple restaurants, and it's much more affordable and authentic than anything you'll get close to St. Mark's area. Bar All'Arco and Cantina Do Spade were both excellent.

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