Our Love affair with Japan

Photographer: Waki | Route: Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan

Photographer: Waki
Route: Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan

Naveen Prakash


Travel Story

Our love story began in 2010 when we were still in India graduating our Bachelors. Within a year of our relationship, I had to move to Singapore for my Masters which resulted in a 5 year long distance relationship. But the wait was worth it when we finally got married by God’s Grace, against many odds in 2016 and Cathy moved to Singapore as well. This is our first International trip as a couple after our wedding, which sort of makes this trip to Japan our Late Honeymoon. Japanese culture has always been in our life through Manga/ Anime that we read/watch from home. But to experience it in Real life was SURREAL! To get to know about Japan first hand from Waki (Our Flytographer) was special right on the day we landed in the country! Japan is really an Amazing country with rich heritage but what we fell in love with the most are its PEOPLE. I never imagined everyone to be so kind and respectful of us wherever we went. I am glad i could bring my wife along to this Magical trip to the Land of the Rising Sun! 😊 We managed to make short stops to the major cities in Japan - Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara on this trip. We really loved the city of Tokyo for it was a mixture of tradition and modern Japan all in one. I am Glad to have got this opportunity for the photoshoot with our Flytographer in Tokyo (which was indeed a surprise for my Wife!). We never had proper photos taken of us as a couple since we travel alone within Singapore and selfies are our only options. The photos by the Waki (our Flytographer) came out Amazing to our delight! This will surely be our best memory of Japan from this Trip! 😁

Travel Tips

Anime nerds: Do not miss out on Akihabara for all things Anime/ Electronics as well. There is an awesome theme park for One piece fanatics in the Tokyo Tower which is uniquely Japan. My tip is: Stay in Tokyo and travel around the country in Shinkansen with Tokyo as your base. Oh! Highly recommend staying in Micasa Onsen from Minakami Station for their hospitality and the AWESOME FOOD!!!

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