Japan Tokyo/An amazing experience of rich culture, respectful human being and unbeatable technology:-)

Photographer: Daniel | Route: Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

Photographer: Daniel
Route: Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan


United States

Travel Story

Japan Amazed me :-) Japanese are not Homo Sapiens, seeing and experiencing them and their culture gave me a feeling that they are totally a different breed, probably Homo Japonicum?!!! A breed that is so respectful to each other, irrespective of your social status, courteous, sympathetic, apologetic and humorous....a human smoothie of all great characteristic nutrient and antioxidants. They are genetically a follower of every single regulations and that makes navigating around this complex city with complicated transport system so easy, because everything is just within the rules. The word that echoes around all the time is ありがとうございます/Arigatou gozaimasuow and they bow down to you when they greet and bow down when you leave them with big smile..... I am in ❤️

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