Our Sydney adventure 2019

Photographer: Jennifer |
Route: Sydney Harbour Walk, Sydney, Australia


United Kingdom

Travel Story

A holiday to Sydney had always been on the top of our bucket list and safe too say it didn't disappoint. It truly was a holiday of a lifetime which was made even more special when my partner proposed. We were fortunate to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, aside from the proposal this was certainly our favourite part of the holiday. Having the Flytographer shoot along the Sydney Harbour walk was the perfect way to commemorate tour favourite part of the holiday.

Travel Tips

We would highly recommend having dinner at the revolving buffet at the Sydney Tower Eye. The views were amazing and with a window seat it made the evening more special. We would also highly recommend climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the views are stunning, especially on the twilight climb where you get to see the city change from day to night,

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