Allie & Chris

Photographer: Annelise | Route: Desert Botanical Gardens , Scottsdale, United States

Photographer: Annelise
Route: Desert Botanical Gardens , Scottsdale, United States



Travel Story

Our honeymoon trip, inspired by an amazing desert hike and a love of succulents. This photo shoot was our gift to one another. After nine years and raising children together, our wedding was a quiet, backyard affair, and this trip was our opportunity to simply have fun together. This fellow is my rock, my gentle resting place, my best friend, my fall-off-my-chair laughing buddy, my fierce protector, and my confidante. I could not ask for a kinder, more loving partner.... who also cooks dinner, washes dishes, and does homework with the kids entirely on his own initiative.

Travel Tips

Scottsdale was our last stop on our rather go-go-go trip (hiking in Sedona, exploring Monument Valley, paddle-boarding on Lake Powell, visiting the Grand Canyon, hiking and camping in Havasupai, etc). We covered a lot of ground in two weeks. Then we arrived at The Saguaro Scottsdale and let the chill time begin. Wonderful hotel. Very colourful, stylish and well-thought-out. Tasty on-site restaurant, palm trees and a pool bar, and a very cushy bed. We will definitely be back. Our favourite meal was at The Beverly. I was delighted to discover so many vegan options on the menu --- delicious vegan options, like stuffed mushroom caps, tacos, sliders, etc. Our photo shoot was at the Desert Botantical Garden, which (if you like cacti and succulents at all) will leave you feeling like a little kid just discovering candy. My favourites were the gigantic saguaro!!

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