Gulaskey Greek Adventure

Photographer: Spyros |
Route: Oia Village, Santorini, Greece


United States

Travel Story

Our daughter Cadence graduated from High School in May of 2020, and we always planned to visit Santorini as a celebration of this important milestone. Santorini was the "dream" destination she selected, and we were anticipating this family vacation for years until Covid hit and caused us to cancel our vacation plans. The pandemic was particularly hard on Cadence because she missed her entire senior dance season, graduation, prom, and so many important traditions that serve as rights of passage to college life and adulthood. Fortunately, Greece opened up in May of '21 and we rescheduled our trip. We had so much to celebrate! The pandemic is largely behind us, Cadence just finished her freshman year of college and is soon starting her first co-op job as a chemical engineering student. She even was allowed the opportunity to compete her solos with her dance studio as a senior "plus" during her freshmand year of college. 2021 turned out to be pretty great! I'm so glad we hired Spyros with Flytographer to capture memories of our celebration and family time together in beautiful Santorini!

Travel Tips

You must visit the black beaches and take in some scuba diving! Take a short cruise to the volcano and swim in the nearby warm waters.

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