Dreamy Santorini Honeymoon

Photographer: Ioannis |
Route: Oia Village, Santorini, Greece


United States

Travel Story

My husband and I have always dreamed of going to Europe on our honeymoon and Greece was always high on our list. We were so excited to spend a little less than 2 weeks exploring all the Greek islands had to offer--including Santorini! The views from all around the island were breathtaking. Beauty was everywhere and we felt so lucky to be able to take it all in. While there is so much to do on the island, we really just loved being able to walk around town (we stayed in Oia), exploring shops and finding new restaurants (and cocktails!) to try. It was very calm and relaxing and you couldn't help but feel transported by the beauty! Ioannis did an amazing job with our photos and made us feel very relaxed throughout the process. He took us to a quieter place in Oia so we were away from all the chaos and it was a really great experience!

Travel Tips

Highly recommend doing a tour of some kind (wine tour, hiking tour, etc.) around the island so you can see other parts of the island! The island feels and looks different everywhere so each little cove is distinct and unique. If you are vising Santorini, find time to check out at least one of the neighboring islands as well! We stayed on Mykonos for a few nights and we loved that too. Each island is so different and it was fun to learn more about their histories and what makes them unique!

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