Photographer: Peggy |
Route: Ben Thanh Street Food Market, Saigon, Viet Nam



Travel Story

We had just traveled to Palau for our wedding and since we live on Guam, we wanted to go somewhere fairly close and accessible for our honeymoon. We also agreed we wanted to go somewhere neither of us had ever been. Vietnam was definitely on top of the list and we were so glad we chose to visit. The people were beautiful. The food was delicious and the city has so much to offer. We spent 7 days between Saigon and Hanoi and came home ready to plan our next adventure as husband and wife.

Travel Tips

We did a vespa tour, which we do recommend. It was a nice way to visit a bunch of places on one night and be exposed to different parts of the city. Don't over plan! There is so much the city has to offer- you'll stumble upon something great.

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