Freezing the Magic of Iceland

Photographer: Ernir | Route: Harpa, Reykjavik, Iceland

Photographer: Ernir
Route: Harpa, Reykjavik, Iceland


United States

Travel Story

Caitlin fell into my life in the most beautiful way, and I had to work hard to get her... See, we started dating as a two-city couple (a.k.a. long-distance). Because we lived in two different states, separated by a 6 hour trip, we spent many of our first dates in new cities across the United States. Naturally, we developed a shared passion for travel and vowed that we'd make it to Europe together. Iceland was on both of our lists of places we wanted to visit, so I booked flights on a whim one day and we started planning. We spent several months planning and prepping and falling in love, and I slowly realized this girl was my best friend for life. I knew I had to cap off this magical Iceland itinerary with the biggest moment of our lives - so I booked Flytographer (which was absolutely the best thing I could've ever done). Northern Lights? Check Snorkelling in near freezing water? Yep (what were we thinking??) Glacier hiking and ice caving? Of Course. Blue Lagoon hot spring spa day? Absolutely (we almost went twice) Golden Circle tour? You bet. But the best part of the trip you wouldn't find on a travel blog or in a visitor's center... On January 26, 2019 on the banks of Reykjavic Harbor, with the sunrising over the mountains, I asked my best friend to be my life-long travel buddy. And she said yes! Thankfully Flytographer was there to have my back. Honestly, I can't pick a favorite memory or picture from the short time we were in Iceland; but thanks to them, we were able to capture the pure joy of our new life together. They were somehow able to freeze the magic of the island - the glaciers, the mountains, the northern lights, our new life - in a few frames that we and our families will cherish forever.

Travel Tips

The morning we got engaged, we enjoyed the most memorable breakfast at Bergsson Mathus. It was a delightful little cafe in a great location. The variety was nice, and the service was very friendly. My favorite part was the bottomless hummis bar, and her favorite part was the sourdough toast. To celebrate our engagement, we dined at Grill Markadurinn. Be sure to request a seat by the grill and ask lots of questions. They're very proud of their authentic iceland menu, and the fish was amazing. Pro tip: We got to sample tid bits of all the popular dishes thanks to the friendly grill masters. The Sky Restaurant has a gorgeous view of the mountains and water - definitely try that place for a dinner at sunset on a pretty day! As for northern lights tours, we went with the team at Arctic Shots. They are professional and knowledgable and took photos of us under the stars that rival the beautiful shots that Ernir and the Flytography team provided. You absolutely can't go wrong with anything you do in Iceland - it's all magical.

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