25 Years to Life!

Photographer: Elisa |
Route: Chateau Frontenac, Petit-Champlain and St Lawrence, Quebec City, Canada


Travel Story

We had never been to Quebec City and we wanted to experience the snow, the European feel, and the legendary Canadian hospitality. There is no better way to explore than with your bride. We only spent 5 days together and frankly it could have been months – we loved every bit of our trip. We stayed in the charming area of the “old city”, where an old castle sits atop a cliff over looking a Harry Potterish village where the streets are all pedestrian, narrow, lined with street lamps, trees and lights.

Travel Tips

I highly recommend making the trip up to the Ice Hotel and coordinating your trip to coincide the winter festival. We did a lot of walking, dining, and shopping in the “old town”. Never really got tired of it. We had the best time trying local delicacies, including foie gras. We rented a limo and had a private driver for the day who was trained in the arts and history. It really was the an absolutely wonderful way to learn about the history of our neighborhood and French culture.

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