Our Time in Paris

Photographer: Krystal | Route: Trocadéro, Paris, France

Photographer: Krystal
Route: Trocadéro, Paris, France


United States
@lupitaaa_c , samuelbrian_

Travel Story

This was our first time visiting Europe. We started our Euro trip in London, where we stayed 4 nights exploring. When we arrived in Paris we both instantly fell in love with the cities European charm. To me Paris is what you dream of Europe being like. The next morning was the morning I had planned my proposal to my longtime girlfriend at the Trocadero in front of the Eiffel Tower. I didn't want the place to be crowded or overwhelming so I made us wake up at 7am (which is extremely rare for us - especially on vacation) and since I am a photographer myself I told my girlfriend that I wanted to go shoot sunrise at the Eiffel Tower. Luckily my girlfriend really had no idea what was going on so we then got ready and jumped in an uber headed for the Trocadero. Once we arrived I acted as if I was just taking photos and everything was pretty normal. Once we arrived at the location I had planned to get down on one knee we were approached by my planned Flytographer @missparisphoto ! She acted as if she was a photographer trying to build her portfolio of couple photography and asked if she could take our photo. We politely accepted and then she started taking some photos. Once she gave me our planned key word "Lets take a more romantic photo" I got down on one knee and asked Lupita to marry me. This was by far the most memorable part of not only our time in Paris but in Europe in total. Having quality photographs to look back on that moment forever is something very special to us. We can't thank Krystal enough for capturing that moment. We then spent our 4 days in Paris roaming the amazing neighborhoods while drinking coffee and eating croissants on what felt like every street corner. We then went on to visit other amazing European cities such as Barcelona, Nice, Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome. We have both been thinking about Europe everyday since we have been back.

Travel Tips

Montmarte is probably one of the coolest neighborhoods I have ever explored in my life. The charm of those streets, cafes and restaurants is something I have never experienced before and I cannot wait to go back. For restaurants I would highly recommend Le Relais de l’Entrecôte. They keep filling you up with steak, frites and wine until you make them stop!

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