Our Dream Getaway

Photographer: Olga |
Route: Trocadéro, Paris, France


United States

Travel Story

Nick and I needed this. After 7 years of marriage, two kids, full time jobs and a lot of emotional stress over the last year, we needed to getaway from it all and just enjoy being together. We have a bucket list of places we want to go together and decided that we shouldn't wait any longer to start visiting them. We have always wanted to take a romantic trip to Paris and thought that this was perfect time to do it. We had the best trip, full of laughs, wine, so many pastries, incredible memories and of course some stunning photos :) to have as a lasting reminder of our wonderful experience.

Travel Tips

Take scooters to see the city. It is faster and you get to experience the city like a local. Also, go to the Moulin Rouge for a show. It is incredible and full of so much history. I also recommend going to the Terrace at Hotel Raphael for a sunset cocktail. You will get incredible views of the city and also of the Eiffel Tower. Also, if you would like to bring home souvenirs, especially from designers, remember to ask for the VAT refund, you can get a significant amount of money back on your purchase :).

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