Love = Self Care

Photographer: Mary |
Route: Trocadéro & Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

The Princess

United States

Travel Story

God made me lie down in green pastures. My plan was to accompany my teenage son to the UK for his study abroad program while I worked remotely. God outsmarted me by turning it into a two-week paid vacation. I buried my father the day before leaving for the trip and God created this opportunity for me to grieve and heal. The short trip from the UK to Paris was impromptu. And it was the best thing EVER! Flytographer was highly recommended. The experience left me feeling beautiful and remembering why I love to travel. This solo trip was the method chosen by God to restore my soul. Mary, my photographer captured it all.

Travel Tips

I love coffee. The Opera Starbucks was a must. The museum-like decor was worth the visit. The bakeries. So many options and all worth it. I felt rather irritated with Paris my first day and a half. Then I uncovered The Tuileries Garden located between the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde. I would have stayed in Paris forever. A solo trip meant I could go at my own pace and linger. I lingered a lot in the hidden gardens I came across.

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