A Long Weekend in the City of Lights

Photographer: Maria |
Route: Trocadéro, Paris, France


United States

Travel Story

Last November on our first date, I had asked Hunter, “If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?” He shared that, while he had not had the opportunity to travel much at this point, he would love to go to Paris, France. Having hit it off on our first date, there was only one snag, Hunter was moving 7 hours away to Washington, D.C.. Over the next four days, when we quickly had 5 dates, I knew I was in trouble. Ever since, we have been making long distance work by prioritizing and supporting each other’s goals. To celebrate a year together filled with great adventures and my upcoming birthday, I surprised Hunter with two tickets to Paris for a long weekend. Thanks Maria and Flytographer for being apart of such a magical weekend. Hunter and I are very thankful for Maria’s time and artistry. She did an incredible job of capturing the lightness and love within our relationship.

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