Our Magical Vacation on Maui

Photographer: Marie |
Route: Po’olenalena Beach (South Shore), Maui, United States



Travel Story

Our story began 14yrs ago... We met online through Lavalife. Me not wanting to date someone from my town and he was just up the hill. Little did I know bigger plans were made for us. We brought our two boys together and married December 31, 2007 in Maui. This beach Po'olenalena was supposed to be the beach we would be wed on. "Supposed to" but Maui decided otherwise and a monsoon storm decided to relocate our wedding. They say rain is goodluck because it ties the knot tighter... Our knot must be really tight as we often get mistaken for honeymooners! We go back to Maui often and I've always wanted to have pictures taken on "our beach". I found Marie on flytographer and it was the best experience. I'm so happy Marie was able to capture "US".

Travel Tips

Book a photoshoot on flytographer you'll be able to capture moments for a lifetime. I also recommend staying on the south shore because the weather can be nicer most of the time. If your staying in Kihei make sure to try the House Margarita's at Fred's Mexican Restaurant. Our favorite beaches are Po'olenalena, Secret Cove, Maluaka and Big Beach.

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