California Road Trip

Photographer: Martina A. | Route: Santa Monica Pier and Beach , Los Angeles, USA

Photographer: Martina A.
Route: Santa Monica Pier and Beach , Los Angeles, USA



Travel Story

My boyfriend and I packed up a 1970s Volkswagen camper and hit the road with two of our best friends for a road trip down the pacific coast of California. All we knew at the time was our final destination and nothing else. We drove where we felt like driving and slept where we could find a spot to park. We lived together in this tiny little van sacrificing little luxuries in exchange for appreciating things like a good view, a kind local, a good laugh, a hot shower and so much more that we forget to on a daily basis. Our favourite memory has got to be getting stuck at the (wrong) beach with our campervan overnight when we intended to camp elsewhere. Although it was stressful at the time, we made the best of it by making a fire and appreciating our surroundings. When a kind man knocked on our window to help pull us out of the sand at 6am, we couldn't help but laugh thinking about our adventure at Grover Beach! This trip was one we will NEVER forget!

Travel Tips

If you're planning to travel to California, we can't stress enough how beautiful the view of the coast is. Pick up a camper, like we did, or a convertable and drive down highway one for breathtaking views, small local eats that you will adore and hours of unforgettable memories. When you reach Los Angeles, be sure to visit Santa Monica Pier before heading into the city centre. We highly reccomend picking up an electric scooter and seeing the city this way! We rode the scooters up the hollywood hills appreciating the beautiful views, luxurious houses and feeling the California sun.

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