California Dreaming

Photographer: Alyson |
Route: Santa Monica Pier & Beach, Los Angeles, United States



Travel Story

As a lover of film and television I have dreamt of this holiday for a long time. My parents brought me on a similar trip when I was 8 with my 3 siblings and I knew I always wanted to do the same with my kids. The Disneyland dream was longed for and it delivered. We’ve experienced so many amazing things, the wharf in San Francisco, New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, the desert oasis of Palm Springs and the hustle and bustle of Anaheim and LA, all culminating in a magnificent ending at Santa Monica Pier.

Travel Tips

We loved diner breakfasts but it can get heavy so having rooms with kitchenettes is great for something lighter. As an Aussie the coffee is terrible, but I was pretty happy ordering cold brews and adding half and half. In Marina Del Rey we loved The Cheesecake Factory and returned 3 times in 6 days. Ask questions and recommendations where possible. Go for walks and keep your eyes open for local information.

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