London 2023

Photographer: Rajesh |
Route: Covent Garden & Piccadilly, London, United Kingdom



Travel Story

Every year, we take our son on a travel adventure and every year, we book a Flytographer shoot wherever we go! We've been to Paris, Amsterdam, Venice - this year was London! We decided to do our photo session at Covent Garden because it was nice and close to where we were staying and the backdrops are so gorgeous. Unfortunately, I took a really bad tumble the evening before our photo session - I tripped over a curb and gave myself some fantastic facial scrapes and a nasty black eye. But we decided to go ahead with the photo shoot anyways, and just embrace the chaos! Rajesh totally rolled with it and did a FABULOUS job of making us all look amazing!

Travel Tips

Our favourite activity was the Horrible Histories - Terrible Thames boat cruise! Our 10-year-old son was wildly entertained the entire time and we learned a lot, while laughing our faces off. We also LOVED the three shows we saw - Matilda, SIX and Mamma Mia - the Party. Truly a trip to remember!

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