Continuing Our Love Story

Photographer: Jackie |
Route: Westminster Bridge, London, United Kingdom


United States

Travel Story

My husband and I met on a fitness app in 2018. I'm an American, he's a Brit. We fell in love and met up in person in London of that year. We spent the next five years traveling back and forth- to Chicago, Detroit, London, Mexico, Italy, Sweden, Iceland,... all over. We each have a daughter from another marriage who instantly became sisters. On our trip to Cinque Terre, Italy in 2019, he proposed and we made wedding plans. Covid hit and everything changed. On one of our many visits, we became pregnant and got married in 2022. He has since moved to America and this was our first trip back to England, as a family, where we got to spend time with all of our children again. Cannot wait to go back and keep traveling the world- now as a family of 5!

Travel Tips

Hit up all the favorites- Tower of London, Kensington Gardens, Buckingham Palace- but be sure to add in some tours. We had an amazing dark history tour when we went without the kids, and discovered a few speakeasies along the way. Also, be sure to get away and spend some time down in Brighton- such a gorgeous seaside town that feels a world away from the busyness of the city!

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