Katy & Amir Kyoto Adventure

Photographer: Lucas |
Route: Higashiyama District & Maruyama Park, Kyoto, Japan


United States

Travel Story

Every few months, my husband and I try to take a trip to escape the daily grind and enjoy some quality time together while exploring a new place. We really were looking forward to Japan because of its history, culture, beauty, and food scene! We traveled to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara during our trip. Some of our favorite memories were riding go karts on the streets of Tokyo, going to Tokyo DisneySea, eating at Narisawa, seeing the gorgeous fall leaves in Kyoto, playing with the deer in Nara, and eating way too much sushi, wagyu beef, ramen, tempura, and Japanese sweets!

Travel Tips

We highly recommend to wake up early to go to the popular locations in Kyoto to avoid the crowds and enjoy the peacefulness. We loved the bamboo forest, Fushimi Inari, the Golden Pavilion, the Silver Pavilion, and the Eikando Temple. Definitely try the soba at Juugo and have drinks at Nokishita711. Eat a lot of delicious food and enjoy everything matcha! Have a drink at the Starbucks Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka!

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