Our Amazing Grand Canyon Vacation

Photographer: Terri |
Route: Custom Route, Grand Canyon, United States


United States

Travel Story

This vacation was definitely outside the box for our family since we typically like to chill at the beach and maybe have one day to explore. We experienced record breaking Vegas temps, Monsoon season at the Canyon and we walked about 50 miles over the course of the week according to my watch. Vegas was an experience…the kids loved seeing the different casinos, enjoyed the concert and saw some things that “you just can’t unsee” (great people watching)! The Grand Canyon experience was nothing short of amazing - the Under Canvas experience was awesome but even though it is glamping you still have no electricity, internet or long showers. It was an adjustment for all of us to accept that we had to disconnect. We were in the tent during an actual monsoon on the second night…very sturdy! The Grand Canyon is something that everyone should see once. It was spectacular…I kept thinking that it is one of God’s most beautiful paintings. We were fortunate to have found Terri on Flytographer! She was so knowledgeable about the Grand Canyon and where to do our photos. I just wish we would have met her before the trip as she knew everything that we should do and see! And we could not love our pictures more! Above all we connected as a family. We were able to connect without work distractions and the crazy calendar at home! The kids had a blast together and even on our date night they went out on their own and had dinner and hung out at the mall. Bickering was at an all time low but of course Olive poked at Jack a little when he was going through internet withdrawal.

Travel Tips

Under Canvas Grand Canyon was a unique glamping experience. Disconnect and enjoy! The staff was great and the food was good too…something hard to find in the area. Evenings consist of s’mores, live music and games. Try it once!

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