A Grand Proposal

Photographer: Amanda |
Route: Lipan Point, Grand Canyon, United States


United States

Travel Story

For most of our 10 day trip, starting in Zion National Park and ending in the Grand Canyon, the itinerary had been pretty well planned out, but on the big day, the last day of the trip, it was a pretty open schedule. So that gave me free reign to drive the schedule a bit, and ensure we got us to the predetermined location within the Grand Canyon before sunset, where we would meet our Flytographer Amanda, all unbeknownst to Nnedi. We had a Pink Jeep tour around the South Rim scheduled late that afternoon, but I was able to get it bumped to earlier in the day, to give us time to check into our Under Canvas tent afterwards, where we could freshen up before dinner. I made reservations for a fancy dinner in Grand Canyon Village in the evening, and convinced her that we could get dressed up at the tent first, go back to the Grand Canyon to take some fancy pictures at sunset, and then head to dinner. We made it back to the Grand Canyon, arriving at Lipan Point, and from there, I was on the lookout for a photographer with a professional camera, whom I found and led us near to, so we could begin taking selfies. That was supposed to be the cue for the photographer to ask to take pictures of us, at which point we would agree, she would use her own professional camera to snap us, and then give me a cue for me to get down on one knee. The funny thing is this photographer we neared DID make an offer to snap us after we took a few selfies, but she used my phone instead of her DSLR, and I didn't get the cue from her to go down on one knee as expected. Afterwards she walked off, leaving me very confused...come to find out that we were at the wrong spot at the trailhead! I sneakily and hurriedly sent a text to Amanda to find out where she was standing, and then coaxed Nnedi to come with me to another side of the trailhead for a "better view of the sunset," which is where we found Amanda. Amanda saw us taking selfies, made the offer to take a picture with our camera, and gave me the cue to finally go down on one knee and make a grand proposal at the Grand Canyon. The moment came as a complete but welcome surprise to Nnedi, evoking a teary eyed and emotional "yes!" from her. And thankfully, Amanda captured every part of beautiful moment, making it even more unforgettable.

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