Spring Break in Edinburgh!

Photographer: Kim | Route: Stockbridge and Water of Leith, Edinburgh, UK

Photographer: Kim
Route: Stockbridge and Water of Leith, Edinburgh, UK


United States

Travel Story

I was not afforded the opportunity of travel when I was growing up, so it was always important to me to weave as many cultural experiences into my children's lives as possible. I have grandiose dreams of my two kids (12) and (6) collecting money, friends, languages, pen pals, and taste buds from all over the world. When it came time to choose our 10th country, my son worked hard to sell us on Edinburgh; home of Harry Potter. My daughter takes Irish Step dance classes, so we decided on a multi-city trip: Boston to Edinburgh for 3 days, (1hr flight to Dublin for 4 days), and Dublin to Boston. We were anticipating that the entire trip would be consumed by all things Harry, but we were truly impressed with all of the wonderful things Scotland had to offer! We have such wonderfully vivid memories of the National Museum of Scotland (free!); chatting it up with the locals at the breakfast/tea cafes; taking the train to St. Andrews Old Course; a day at Dynamic Earth; competing in the Edinburgh's Toughest event at Arthur's Seat (ouch); and visiting the Elephant Cafe. I do not have fond memories of finding out what black pudding and haggis are on the last day of the trip (after an entire weekend of delightfully ordering them any chance that I could!)

Travel Tips

-National Museum of Scotland (wonderful for all ages, free) -Elephant Cafe to see the birthplace of Harry Potter -The Sunday market at Stockbridge and Water of Leith (Thanks to the trip from our Flytographer, Kim!!) -Pibroch Scottish Restaurant in Edinburgh (oh my goodness, greatest meal we had!) -GoEuro train to St. Andrews for a day is well worth the trip for the views alone! -Dynamic Earth museum and a trip to Dynamic Earth. Get the ice cream from the tan truck--you're welcome!

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