Cancun COVID Escape!

Photographer: Karlien |
Route: Your Hotel, Cancun, Mexico


United States

Travel Story

We like to get away as a family somewhere nice every couple of years. It had been a few years since we were in Cancun and with the COVID stresses impacting us all, this seemed like a good opportunity to enjoy the beach and sun without a lot of people or obstacles in our way. The trip was a hit and Flytographer help capture that nicely! We loved the absence of people staying at the resort while we were there and the staff were so accommodating and friendly!

Travel Tips

Unfortunately, because of COVID, not all restaurants were open. We had a nice meal at Puerto Madero and enjoyed Hacienda Sisal. The pizza one night from 750 degrees inside the JW Marriott hit the spot and so to did the beachside lunch service by the staff at Beachwalk! The jet skis are a fun activity and so too was the daily jogs along Avenida Kukulkan!

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