Engaged in Barcelona

Photographer: Cathy |
Route: Bunkers del Carmel, Barcelona, Spain


United States

Travel Story

We initially booked our trip to Barcelona to see one of our favorite bands play. We had never been to Barcelona but we wanted to make new memories in new places as a couple. We had decided that we would go on an overseas trip once a year and Barcelona was the place in 2020. Even amidst the craziness of COVID-19, Barcelona proved to be a magical place. Of course our engagement added a little bit of that magic. By far my favorite memory was proposing to my then girlfriend, while watching the sunrise at Bunkers del Carmel.

Travel Tips

As a coffee connoisseur, Three Marks and Nomad were the best coffee places in Barcelona by far. They perfect the craft with passion as the focal point of their mission! They always had a wide variety of single origin coffees to choose from, whether whole bean or as an espresso or filtered coffee. In terms of must-see's, I'm a massive sunrise guy. There's no better place on Barcelona to catch a sunrise than Bunkers del Carmel. With a view of the entire city, a sunrise on a clear day is definitely worth the early morning alarm. That same day we took a trip to Citizen Cafe for lunch and thought it was exceptional. That night we went to ABaC, a three star restaurant in the northern part of the city. ABaC had an outstanding menu with a plethora of options to guarantee your taste buds stay on their toes! Outside of food and beverage, we also are massive football fans. We took a "Players Experience Tour" of Camp Nou and absolutely loved it!

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