A Barcelona Love Story

Photographer: Martina |
Route: The Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Spain


United States

Travel Story

We LOVED every minute in Barcelona! We let our nose guide us most of the way, and in pursuit of amazing food, we often came upon gorgeous sites in the city!

Travel Tips

Our concierge at Mercer worked some magic and secured us dinner reservations at Disfrutar, ranked No. 9 World's Best this year. Never before has a 4.5 hour meal ending at 1:30AM been so experiential and tasty! Hoffman Patisserie. Quimet & Quimet. Bodega La Punctual. El Xampanyet. Ciutat Comtal. Bornet cafe. Touring the Sagrada Familia was a surprising eye-opener for both of us. Building is set to be completed in 2026 and it's amazing to see their progress in the past 10 years! Can't wait to return at least a few times before then...

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