Summer in Alberta 2019

Photographer: Lyndsay |
Route: Bow Falls, Banff, Canada



Travel Story

Allen and I have been living in Canada since the late 80s. But this is the first time for us to visit Alberta. We were told many times that the scenes in the Canadian Rockies are breathtaking. So, this year, our family travelled to Banff and Lake Louise in Alberta for the first time. Needless to say, the views are just breathtaking. We stayed at Banff and Lake Louise. Each location has its own charm. Banff is a little town and there are many great restaurants. Whereas Lake Louise is relatively smaller, but its view is just magnificent.

Travel Tips

If you have the time, you may want to drive just across the Alberta-British Columbia border and visit Emerald Lake. The drive is a scenic one and the lake is just...emerald like. Our favourite restaurants include The Bison Restuarant and the Grizzly House. Taking the Gondola and enjoy a drink at the Sky Bistro, is really like getting the best of both worlds, enjoying the beautiful nature yet sitting in a beautiful air-conditioned bistro.

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