Our Family Vacation + Engagement!

Photographer: Lyndsay |
Route: Cascade of Time Gardens, Banff, Canada

Travel Story

Our family loves Canada! We had never been to Jasper so we decided to start there then travel onto Banff. I had no idea Jasper would hold such a special place in my heart. A few days in, we went fly fishing as a family. My boyfriend, Grady, kept trying to pull me further and further down stream for some alone time. I kept making things difficult by saying I wanted to stay close to my family. Little did I know, he had a plan! As the sun was setting, we were finally alone and fishing. He called me over to take a video of the beautiful sunset and awesome mountain backdrop. I stood there smiling as he all of a sudden dropped to one knee and completely caught me off guard! I was so surprised and shocked the ring had been in his fishing sling pack the entire time! We were so excited and couldn't wait to push back up river and tell my family & call his! It only got better as we celebrated and moved onto Banff at the BEAUTIFUL Fairmont Banff Springs!! BEST VACATION & DAY EVER!

Travel Tips

Highly recommend staying in the cabins at Overlander Mountain Lodge in Jasper for a quiet, remote, and rustic vibe! Then to spoil yourself, the Fairmont Banff Springs CASTLE!!

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