Photograph by: Paola
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Historic Monopoli

Adriatic dream | Polignano a Mare, Italy

Facing the Adriatic Sea, Monopoli is an off-the-beaten-path Italian town with lots of photogenic narrow streets that wind through a historic centre. Starting from the charming Fontana Monumentale, you can head toward the water, capturing the elegant whitewashed houses and baroque buildings along the way. Upon reaching Porto Antico, the blue boats with their angles create a spontaneous spectacle of culture. Longer bookings (up to 180 minutes) can visit Castello Carlo V, an imposing fortress offering panoramic views of everything. Note: The walk is easy and suitable for everyone, and the best times for photoshoots are around sunrise or sunset.

Available Shoot Lengths:
30 min | 60 min | 90 min | 2 hours | 3 hours

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