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The twin city to sprawling Los Angeles is equally full of quirks, spirit and beauty. Wander the streets of Old Town Pasadena with a view of the stunning San Gabriel Mountains framing the city, flaunting near-perfect weather year-round. Fans of sports and shopping will find equal enjoyment at the Rose Bowl, where it's famous for hosting massive sporting events and an equally massive flea market buyers flock to monthly. Wherever you explore, the strong Americana spirit beats beneath the streets.

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I am a very easy-going and enthusiastic person. I am passionate about the little things in life - listening to a beautiful song, heartfelt conversations with friends, fresh flowers in my home, a good yoga class, curling on the couch with a captivating book, etc. I majored in photography in college and it was there that I noticed that I loved going out into the world and documenting something honest and raw.

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Pasadena Points of Interest

  • Old Town
  • Colorado Street Bridge
  • Arlington Garden