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Looking for unique travel decor ideas for your home? Gusmank, one of our incredible photographers from Bali, has a special treat for you … a virtual vacation to his lush island paradise that will fill your eyes and heart, without leaving your couch! Along with the launch of Flytographer’s City Prints Collection, we are sharing the stories of the local artists behind the lens who have been impacted by the travel restrictions but want to find ways to bring their slice of the world to you. Soaking up the peaceful energy and positive Balinese vibes might just be the best way to wave goodbye to the stresses of 2020 and hello to a fresh start in the New Year! 

Bring it home with a gorgeous fine-art City Print from our Travel Shop and proudly hang it in your home, knowing you are supporting our global community of photographers during these extraordinary times.

“Hi everyone, I’m Gusmank here in Sanur Beach, Bali! I think it’s really hard to choose which one is my favourite photo, but during this hard time, I think I’m going to choose the Sanur Beach photo. Sanur is one of the oldest towns in Bali and in the photos you can see the big mountain in the background, which is called Mount Agung. Out of all of the photos in the Flytographer Travel Shop, the Sanur Beach photo gives you a really calm feeling.” — Gusmank in Bali

“The second one that I like is of Nusa Penida — the one with the T-Rex shaped island. The local name of the beach is called Kelingking Beach but most people on the internet name it T-Rex Bay because it’s shaped like a T-Rex head! That place is not actually here in Bali, it’s actually over there [points behind him]. It’s on a remote island of Bali and you have to take a 30-minute boat ride from Sanur Beach to get there. You can go there in the morning and explore the island and go back in the evening at sunset. People can stay there for an extended time as there are accommodations and restaurants and everything you would need. It’s almost like a miniature version of Bali but it’s more traditional. You can see more of the authentic life over there.” — Gusmank in Bali

“There are a few other photos in the collection and one of them is Handara Gate. It’s located in the Northern part of Bali. I think the reason why it’s so popular now is that the gate is a traditional iconic building, so it’s kind of an icon of Bali.” — Gusmank in Bali

“Tegalalang Rice Terrace is one of the most popular photo spots. I think it’s because of the lush greenery in the background and the unique look of the rice paddies. You can only see that in Southeast Asia. Also, the magical light that is there! Every day is a completely different ray of light and the effect is changed, which is why I really like the spot. It’s a rice field, and rice is something that we usually eat every day here in Bali, so I think the dining room is the best place to hang this photo.” — Gusmank in Bali

Where is the best place to hang and display these travel photos?

“Out of the Bali print collection that I have in the Travel Shop, it’s divided by two things — one half is greenery and the other is water-based. I would recommend putting one of the water-based photos in the bedroom because it’ll give you a more calm feeling. But for one with greenery, I would suggest you put it in the living room or maybe the dining room. If you need more of a calm feeling in the office, the one in Sanur Beach is really good as well.” — Gusmank in Bali

What has been keeping you busy during the pandemic?

“Last year, before Covid, we were hiking the Himalaya Mountains, and we just came back from there when Covid hit. Since then, somehow I’ve been hiking a lot of mountains here in the Bali during Covid. Breathing the cool and fresh air outside is how you can keep your health better.” — Gusmank in Bali

What is your travel tip for when we can return to Bali?

“If you are visiting Bali soon or next year, just go longer and explore everything. We have a lot of things to explore, so if you come, stay for a while and just see everything – you won’t regret it!”  — Gusmank in Bali

What is your style of photography?

“I have been taking photos for Flytographer for six years, since early 2014. I am a Bali-born and raised visual storyteller. I love to meet new people, listen to their story, and capture their emotions with a backdrop that will tell that story from another point of view. My photography style can be described as light and airy with a touch of photojournalism.” — Gusmank in Bali

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