1000 Reasons to Book Flytographer on Your Next Vacation

Hear reviews from real customers why Flytographer is the BEST way to capture your vacation memories!

Why book Flytographer? Well, we get hundreds of letters every single month from our customers telling us they LOVED their Flytographer experience, so we thought we'd let them tell you "why". See the glowing reviews on our Facebook page, too!


1. “One of the *best* things I did in Italy was book a Flytographer session.

I could not recommend Flytographer more. They are FANTASTIC. Plus, what a beautiful way to get to know talented, local artists and capture incredible memories of your travel adventures with loved ones.”
– Marie Forleo


2. "Everything was handled so smooth and professionally. From the request online to spending time with the photographers during the shoot. Ramon and Sonia are not only great photographers but extremely kind and fun people too. They surely added to our experience. Even my husband who hates photoshoots thought this one was fun. Thank you Flytographer and muchas gracias Ramon and Sonia." - Vanessa

3. "This was our second time using Flytographer on our annual Fall European trip. We feel that collecting memories and experiences is the best gift we can give ourselves, but having these memories captured is icing on the cake! These pictures are priceless and we love to look back and reminisce on our trip. Thank you Flytographer for helping us keep our adventures alive!" - Whitney H.

4. "Flytographer is not only amazing in concept, but it's even better in practice! I love the idea of coming home from vacation with gorgeous professional photos but more than that, the Flytographer sessions I've done have been so fun and rewarding in their own way. Put it this way: I've had two sessions and after both of them, my husband and I shared a meal with our photographers because we enjoyed their company so much. In a short photo shoot, we became friends ... and then Facebook friends so we could stay in touch. How special!" - Natalie DiScala

5. "The Flytographer team did a great job making sure the photos turned out perfectly. My fiancée loved them and she will never forget the moment thanks to Flytographer." - Pierre Casco

6."It is hard to faithfully put into words how grateful I am that a company like Flytographer exists. My experience of booking and arranging an engagement photo shoot in Rome was extremely easy and well coordinated which is a huge relief when trying to coordinate something as complex as an engagement in a foreign country. As for the the shoot? Our photographer Roberta was simply amazing. My fiancé and I immediately clicked with her and for the next two hours we had a lovely stroll around Rome as Roberta snapped pictures of us capturing beautifully candid moments and instructing us for posed shots. She captured Rome the way I wanted and captured us as a couple in ways you hope the best photographers will. We even ended up having drinks at a small cafe afterwards with Roberta and made our first friend from Rome. The pictures were available, fully edited and gorgeously captured, in about 5 days. We loved everything about them and will easily treasure them for the rest of our lives. You can tell Roberta loves what she does and it shows in her work. After we left the cafe later that night we got a text from Roberta saying "my heart is full of happiness". So were ours." - Don John


7. "This was the first time that I ever used a professional photographer and it couldn't have gone smoother!" - Katie Schwille

8. "I booked a session in Copenhagen as a Christmas present for my parents. It should be known that, while he loves quality time with the family, my dad does not love being photographed. Needless to say, he was not extremely excited about the ‘gift’ we had chosen to give him! My mom was thrilled; my dad was concerned. However, in the thirty minutes we spent with Liz, we laughed and enjoyed ourselves more than we could have imagined. It wasn't just a great souvenir, it was fun. Really fun. And at the end of the day, when we were sharing our daily ‘peaks and pits,’ my dad shocked us all by saying, ‘Flytographer was my peak.’" - Jessica


9. "Our photographer was amazing! It felt like we were on a private tour with the added bonus of an expert photographer to document the highlights. We will be using Flytographer for every vacation!" - James Donaldson

10. "We were so happy we decided to book a photo session for our New York trip. The pictures are amazing. Everyone's doing 'selfies' these days but there is no replacement for real photos, and even better we're all in the pictures, there's no one missing because they're taking the photo. You've given us a wonderful keepsake of our trip." - Teresa Keefer

11. "It's such a breeze to make your vacation extra memorable with the help of Flytographer, and we will definitely use it again. We purchased a gift card (a great gift idea for someone who loves travelling) for ourselves, and used it in Tokyo. We had such a blast, and even though the rain was pouring down at times, Daniel made it a special moment. The best thing about Flytographer I would say is the incredible ease of the whole process, from booking, choosing venue (they are locals with excellent knowledge about their area) payment and receiving the photos." - Niklas and Thalia

12. "Flytographer was absolutely amazing to work with! They were so accommodating, the photos turned out great, we received so many compliments. I can't wait to book them again for my honeymoon!"- Shantelle Guenther

13. "We were celebrating our first wedding anniversary and wanted to commemorate with a photo shoot. We always walk away from trips or experiences and only have 'selfies' or a picture we managed to grab a stranger to take - not always the best, but it was documentation. Flytographer Meo made it fun and we ended up with a slew of gorgeous photos. We will definitely book Flytographer again to create beautiful memories of the destinations we enjoy together." - Holly Danielson

14. "From the moment I learned about Flytographer I've been itching for an opportunity to use it. When we decided to go on a road trip to Nashville for my graduation and our 4-year anniversary, I jumped at the chance! We booked a sunrise shoot and the beautiful sky and empty streets were perfect. Our photographer John gave us the right amount of direction and even some insight on good places to go in the city afterwards. We are so happy with how our photos turned out!" - Jessica Dee


15. "My husband and I were really excited to capture our honeymoon and we had a great time during our session with Flytographer! Our photographer made us feel extremely comfortable and delivered amazing photos. I would definitely recommend Flytographer for anyone that wants to capture their adventure abroad!" -Alli Parrett

16. "My surprise proposal in Santorini was perfect thanks to Flytographer. We went through the process step by step with suggestions provided by our concierge and in the end, our game plan unfolded perfectly. Also, a big thank you to our photographer Kimonas!"- Chris Ng

17. "I thoroughly enjoyed the entire Flytographer experience! Not only was the booking process extremely easy and streamlined, my photographer was great! He scoped out shooting locations ahead of time and had great suggestions during the shoot. The final photos were PERFECT! I was also impressed with how fast the turnaround was. All in all, I will definitely be using Flytographer again - I'm literally planning my next trip with them in mind!" - Courtney S.

18. "Our experience with Flytographer was outstanding! Easy to book, fantastic coordination and detail management with the selected photographer and the photographer was amazing - even with a few reluctant family participants! Our shoot was the day after the time change so I was worried that this could cause problems meeting the photographer. However, our conciergeand the photographer put my mind at ease by confirming the details and acknowledging the time change. Looking forward to booking our next shoot!" - Susan

19. "A big thank you to Flytographer, who made making memories so much more fun and easy. Honestly selfies can become boring and consistently the same and are never able to capture those special moments. By having a shoot through Flytographer we were able to have photographs capturing Us Being Us! From start to finish we had an exceptional experience, everything was perfect, in a professional way! The Photos themselves are truly stunning, Words cannot explain how much they mean to us... to have forever lasting memories. Thanks again... We cannot wait to book again." - Chloe Wilcox

20. "We really think this is a genius idea and we had a fabulous experience. Our memories have been captured in a way that feels genuine and fun and authentic. Michelle was personable and warm and put us all at ease, it never felt contrived. We really feel like she was able to capture the vibe of our family and we are really grateful for her talent. Thank you!" - Mia Toth

21. "Paris in and of itself is such a dream and thanks to Flytographer, I was given a fairytale proposal I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams. Krystal's ability to act calm and casual while I'm sure my fiance was so nervous and the incredible photos that followed were the icing on the cake and I'm so happy we'll be able to relive the moment forever through these photographs!" - Molly

22. "What a great way to remember our vacation to Palm Springs. Ashley was so good, she put everyone at ease right away (even my husband who hates getting his photo taken!!). The boys (ages 8 and 10) got really into the session too and were hamming it up, acting so cute. Such fun! I love these precious pictures I have now of me with my parents, there's one shot of me and my mom that I am just so happy to have. There's another great one of me and my dad laughing. Absolutely priceless. I'm so glad we booked, and I can treasure that moment forever. You never know when we will be all together like that again!" - Julie McCracken

23. "I can never say enough good things about Gusmank and his amazing photography skills. He is seriously an amazing person, and he is such a delight to work with. We were so nervous in front of the camera, but Gusmank puts you right at ease. His photographs tell your story perfectly, and he is able to capture it from such a unique perspective. We are able to relive our honeymoon just by going through all of our photos, and we truly love them all! Choosing Flytographer was one of the best decisions we made in planning our honeymoon. Thank you!" - Fariha Syed

24. "I have been a fan of Flytographer for a few years, and am lucky to have four Flytographer shoots under my belt. Flytographer helps to capture the special moments of a vacation/holiday/trip and a shoot with them is the best 'souvenir' you can buy. I received so many compliments on the photos from my shoots, so not only do I have happy memories, you manage to make me look my best too! I enjoy seeing all the Flytographer pictures on your blog. It inspires me to travel and create my own memories in the many beautiful cities around the world!" - Kiera Reilly

25. "Our photographer was so sweet and made it fun, even for my husband who HATES taking pictures! We didn't do anything awkward and posed... we just enjoyed the beach in Cape Town and she captured our honeymoon perfectly! I bargained with my husband for skipping the cheesy posed engagement shoot for this instead and we are SO glad we used Flytographer!" - Alison

26. "Our session with Flytographer was the best experience! It was SO EASY to set up a session, and our concierge went out of her way to help us work with a tight timeline. I loved that I could check out mini portfolios for each photographer and find one whose style fit what I was going for. Now, we have lovely memories for our walls and vacation photo book--and most importantly, we're BOTH in them (I'm usually behind the lens). As far as we're concerned, a session is going to be a necessary part of any future trips we take. Thank you for a great service and exceptional customer care!" - Erin R.

27. "Flytographer is the best thing a solo traveler can invest in on their travels! What better way to chronicle your travels and have more than just a "selfie" to remember your trip!" - Erika

28. "This is our 2nd time using Flytographer while on our family vacations. Each time has been a wonderful and fun experience. I plan on using Flytoghrapher on future vacations to capture my family's memories!" - Chilly Wilson

29. "Really LOVE Flytographer's business model (and the story of its creation). Proof that you can always pursue your passion, and Nicole is a role model for all women entrepreneurs. You do an excellent job making sure your staff and photographers match your company's vision. Can't wait to book another session!" - Amanda L.

30. "We had a great experience with Flytographer. Monica was so easy to work with and she made us feel comfortable in front of the camera right away. The communication was excellent throughout the experience and we received our photos only a few days later. Definitely an experience I would do again!" - Megan Arzbaecher

31. "We were given our session as a gift for our wedding and we knew exactly where we wanted to schedule our shoot - Paris. It would be the last leg of our honeymoon and one of the most romantic cities we'd ever been to. Goncalo was unbelievable! His fun-loving attitude and knowledge of the area made our session one of my favorite memories of our honeymoon and we have the most beautiful photos to look back on to remember out honeymoon as well!" - Sarah Formento

32. "Our Flytographer shoot was our five kids' anniversary gift to my parents! We had an absolute blast shooting. These photos are a priceless memory. My dad has them all printed and framed.  I truly look forward to Flytographer shoots to not only capture the moments, but build a relationship with the photographer, who all have wonderful suggestions, tips and upbeat personalities." - Jenna

33. "The entire process from beginning to end was beyond my expectations. Flytographer Wendy not only captured the essence of our family in her amazing photos but she made the session fun and memorable for us!  She listened to our ideas and  incorporated her own, the end result was some beautiful family photos (along with some funny stories to tell).  I highly recommend Wendy and Flytographer to anyone looking for destination photos. I know I will be using them again for sure!" - Michelle Lees

34. "My fiance and I had never taken professional photos prior to our photoshoot with Flytographer Vito in Venice. When we got engaged, our trip to Italy was already planned and we thought it would be perfect timing to have our engagement photos taken. A friend of mine recommended Flytographer and I am so thankful! Booking was seamless and so was the photoshoot. I love how our love for one another was captured and I'm excited to have these photos forever!" - Sarah Hood

35. "From start to finish the process was so easy and smooth. I had my doubts since I had never been to Chicago and had no idea of a great spot to propose, but Michael's advice and guidance helped so much. The location was perfect and even with a rainy day on the originally planned location, Michael was flexible and had no issue waiting a day to have the weather and shoot perfect. Thank you everyone involved and I will definitely suggest this to anyone thinking of proposing in any city. We definitely love these memories and photos and will cherish our Chicago trip for a lifetime! Thank you again!!!" - Tim

36. "Flytographer Lucille did a wonderful job with our family!  She made the experience so fun that even the members of the family who don't like to be photographed relaxed and enjoyed themselves. Our pictures were fantastic and will always remind us of our amazing vacation in Paris!" - Debbie Clark

37. "Flytographer took care of me from day one. From the concierge nailing down every detail and communicating exactly what needed to happen, to the photographer working with my plans for a surprise proposal, this was truly one to remember. The pictures came out great and our photographer was incredible. I am now engaged, and my soon to be wife will have a story to tell for years to come. Very please with everything Flytographer." - Braydon Bentley

38. "Flytographer has been such a great experience! We had been to Seattle so many times but never really preserved those memories, and Flytographer was the best at helping to capture all the fun and adventures we have out there. It's so fantastic returning from a trip knowing some of our best times were documented and so well-captured." - Brad Corteza

39. "This photoshoot was one our favorite memories from Santorini! The views are absolutely breath taking and these pictures are something we will cherish forever! We are already planning our next vacation and intend on booking another photoshoot to help us capture more memories!" - Ashley Smith

Flytographer Anna in Santorini


40. "Flytographer was a fun, easy experience from beginning to end! All we had to do was show up for the shoot, and enjoy the beautiful memories that were captured!" - Janelle Rice

41. "I was incredibly impressed with the service provided from start to finish. I obviously expected to come away from the experience with some nice pictures. And we certainly got that, but I didn't expect to be so impressed with the company as a whole. At a time when I was already stressed trying to deal with all of the last minute craziness of wedding planning, it was wonderful to have such a smooth experience with Flytographer. Our shoot with Lauren in NYC was great. She guided us around the area, giving us some interesting history of the area, and capturing photos that we will cherish for a lifetime. I'm already looking forward to being able to book Flytographer for our next trip." - Laura Fleischmann

42. "Not only did we get wonderful photographs of our visit to Barcelona, our photographer also was so helpful with suggestions for places to visit, and most importantly, places to eat like a local! We will cherish these amazing photographs for years to come.I've told my parents they MUST do it when they're in Ireland next month!" - Molly Beardsley



43. “As a family traveling with 2 little ones for our 10th anniversary trip in Portugal, I can't express enough how lovely it was to book this session with Flytographer. Their service was unparalleled and our experience with Ivo & Vanessa in a downpour in Porto was funny & professional all at once. I pass this photo every day in my living room and count it as my favorite souvenir from this trip. And hey, mama's actually in the picture instead of behind her phone.” - Carlee

44. "Flytographer is the perfect way to capture memories in the beautiful places you travel. My husband and I booked Roberta while in Rome for our honeymoon.  She knew the city and where to capture unique shots. It was one of our best mornings in Italy, walking around, visiting monuments, a fresh market and stopping in a cafe for a beverage.  It is what we enjoy anyway, but instead with a new friend who knew the city better than we did." - Sunny and Mark

45. "Having someone there to help plan and capture the special moment was worth every penny. I will now always have beautiful pictures from such a happy memory." - Zach Savrick

46. "Liz was an awesome photographer to work with. She made me feel so at ease and it was a truly positive experience! She got to capture a beautiful memory of me conquering a huge milestone in my life that I wouldn't have been able to travelling solo. She has a wonderful visual eye and the final product was killer!" - Lyn


Flytographer Liz in Los Angeles


47. "Flytographer was the perfect souvenir for a very special trip. Our photographer, Olga, made us very comfortable during the shoot, and the resulting photos look very genuine and beautiful. Flytographer made it easy to book high quality talent across the world, and I will absolutely use them again next time I find myself travelling. In my eyes, it's a more meaningful way to remember my trip than most anything else I could have purchased." - Ashley Laabs


48. "The ease of booking, communication, and meeting point with the photographer was so helpful from beginning to end. Our photographers Mary and Maurizio were wonderful! They took us to many locations throughout Positano, spoke great english, and were upbeat throughout the shoot! My experience with Flytographer was A+++! " - Chelsea Hill

49. "Everything about our experience was wonderful! Flytographer Siza was so professional, creative and made us feel like rockstars! I would use her over and over again for our photographs (and I am super picky!). We're so grateful to have beautiful memories of our time in Venice!" -Natalie Hernandez

50. "Totally FLOORED by our pics and can't WAIT to use Flytographer again!!! XXOXO" - Jillian Harris


51. “As a professional photographer myself, I had high expectations and you exceeded them! You made us so comfortable that even my somewhat reluctant husband looks not just relaxed but happy and romantic! Well done indeed. I will not just be recommending you, but shouting your name from the rooftops!” - Paige McAfee


52. "Flytographer Emma in Florence was wonderful.  She was able to capture the essence of our family in both posed and candid shots.  We immediately felt comfortable with her.  We are so happy that we scheduled a session with Emma during our son's Make A Wish trip to Italy!" - Laura Guistolisi


53. "As two souls that have been truly bitten by the travel and adventure bug, we knew when we were booking our honeymoon in Paris, Rome and Istanbul that we wanted to have special photos captured at each stop along the way. This desire was further fuelled by the fact that we eloped and didn't have any professional wedding photos from our special day. Working with our Shoot Concierge, Tedi and the team of photographers, Gonçalo in Paris, Roberta in Rome, and Ufuk in Istanbul was by far the best decision that we could have made to capture these special moments. With the exquisite backgrounds of some of the most gorgeous cities in the world as our backdrop, the Flytographers provided us with impeccable direction and guidance, and truly helped us capture the most incredible trip of our lives." - Krista and Brandon Thompson


54. "I had never been to New York before, but I wanted to surprise my girlfriend with a destination proposal.  Both the concierge and the photographer were very helpful in researching and providing ideas to make the moment special. Everything from the video conference call talking through the ideas and process to the day-of, Flytographer was an excellent experience." - Bailey Neal Jones


55. "This is my third Flytographer experience and every time I meet a new photographer, I love seeing their personalities come alive, both at the actual session and through the final product.  It's a learning experience for me, as a photographer myself, and a really wonderful representation of the culture and city I'm visiting.  My college roommate, Rae, now lives in Bangkok and we hadn't seen each other in over five years.  These photos are a wonderful representation of our reunion and trip together.  I love that we've been friends for 17 years and it's so wonderful to celebrate our growth into adulthood with a photoshoot that will forever remind us of our time here together." - Lauren Lindley


56. “We booked our third babymoon and I wanted to make sure I captured this special moment in time. Flytographer was so affordable and the selection of local photographers was above and beyond what I was expecting. Every part of the process was easy. The concierge helped me with all my questions and our photographer, Catherine, was SO awesome. She gave us a little mini Charleston tour as we walked around the cobblestone streets. I think these beautiful photos are the best souvenir we could ask for!” - Amanda Goetz


57. "Anyone taking a special trip and would love to have awesome pictures to capture their time there should consider using Flytographer." - Kris


58. "Ever wish your travel buddies would learn something useful, like photography? Flytographer has you covered. No more having to ask different strangers to re-take that photo until it's just right." - Paolo


59. "Our photographer Danielle did an excellent job. I was able to communicate my idea, and location efficiently. The proposal shoot was beautiful and the photos equally amazing. We're very happy with the whole experience." - Andrew Miller


60. "Seriously guys I am so glad that I came across your link and decided to give it a try. I usually travel solo and never knew that somebody would understand this need of a solo traveler too. I absolutely loved it - everything from the initiation of my request to the final delivery has been the best that I expected. Special Thanks to Liss for all the proactive communication and of course a heartfelt gratitude to my photoshoot expert Gusmank. Thank you so much guys. I am going to use this service again and again." - Anand


61. "My husband and I took our 8 year old twins with us to London. Since it was their first time there we wanted to to have some photos to remember our family vacation. I am so glad that Rajesh was recommended to us by the Flytographer staff. He is just truly a wonderful photographer and we had some awesome photos! He was very good with my young kids - they were laughing and smiling all the time around him." - Princess Bordador


62. "Our photographer Aimee was completely fabulous and she couldn't have taken more incredible photos. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!" - The One Romance - Luxury Proposal Planners


63. "From start to finish, everything about our Flytographer experience was perfect! Our concierge, Liss, answered all my questions thoroughly and promptly, and our experience with Gonçalo in Paris was fantastic. Receiving our gallery within six days was amazing and we can't wait to choose our favourites for some canvas prints!" - Kelly Yorke


64. "Spencer was very down to earth and put my fiancé and I at ease with the photo shoot. Thank you for matching us with such a great professional photographer!" - Sekou and Kim


65. "I decided I wanted to propose to my beautiful girlfriend in Santorini, Greece. I knew we would be traveling by ourselves and no one would be able to capture this beautiful moment. At first I thought Flytographer was only a photography service but soon enough I realized it was way more than that. Our photographer recommended what locations are the most beautiful for the proposal and together we made the plan so my fiancée would be surprised. He even recommended activities for after the photoshoot! It was a perfect proposal in the most perfect place in the world!" - Eli Azal


66. “We LOVE the photos Alicia in Cape Town  took and we are so glad we have these amazing photos of our dream vacation to South Africa. The whole process from booking to completed photos was seamless and we will definitely be using Flytographer again!” - Mallory Iams


67. "This was our first family trip to Blue Mountain, and we were celebrating Peter's birthday and his recent promotion at work. Flytographer David's professionalism and his special eye for the best picture spots definitely captured our moments and made our trip that much more memorable. We love these pictures!" - Jackie


68. "We had a great experience and we loved the unique backdrop of the beautiful town of Carmel by the sea! Flytographer Kara was so easy to work with and made the experience so much fun!" - Debbie Purvis


69. "Our photographer Marian was so lovely and so wonderful with the whole family, and with the children too! she made the experience so fun." - Allison F.


70. "My shoot concierge Liss has been the best Shoot concierge I have ever experienced, she redefines service! Flytographer Jodi is gifted with such a talent! Very friendly, calm, understanding & passionate photographer I have ever encountered. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!" - Rish


71. “It was also our family's first ever photo shoot. It rained on our scheduled shoot, but KC (Singapore) had great back up plans for our family shoot. We love our photos and the hassle free experience. Thank you, flytographer!” - Rena Bascuna 


72. "Flytographer Cheryl was overtly professional and so accommodating herding our group of 19 from location to location for the perfect back drops.  All of the photos turned out so so well, we couldn't be more grateful.  Thank you Flytographer, we all have some really wonderful memories." - Susan Trudeau


73. "This is my fourth time using Flytographer in two months - need I say more? The pictures are priceless as they truly capture our time and memories made in Rome together." - Jenna


74. "This was the best gift/souvenir for our honeymoon! We had a great photoshoot in Venice with Serena, she is very sweet and full of love. Flytographer is such a great service, thank you!" - Teresa


75. "Flytographer Božo made a very smart move in picking the time and location of our shoot- while it was super early in the morning, it allowed for great light, and gave us an opportunity to see Old Town when it wasn't crowded with tourists." - Emily S.


76. "I had an amazing experience with Flytographer from beginning to end. I'm sure asking a photographer to capture a proposal is intimidating, but Flytographer Rajesh did a great job. He made us feel extremely comfortable from the beginning and had great ideas for the photos. He went above and beyond to make sure we received all of the different shots we wanted. The pictures turned out beautifully!! We received them within just a few days, and we have been receiving compliments on them ever since. I couldn't have asked for a better photographer to capture my proposal!" - Von


77. "Our Shoot concierge Liss arranged all three of our shoots and was so AMAZING!  She made it all so effortless for me. Flytographer Sylvia took us to some great locations and really captured some beautiful and fun shots! I LOVED it all around!" - Jen Jacobs-Munson


78. "Flytographer Francesco did an amazing job, the pictures are absolutely stunning and totally exceeded our expectations! The entire photoshoot was such a lovely experience. Francesco took us to the most charming places in Positano, made it fun for us and our daughters and perfectly captured the memories from our anniversary trip to Italy." - Hana


79. "From the very beginning, Flytographer made my experience very smooth and easy. From our Concierge helping to set-up the photo shoot to when we received our photos, you guys were so easy to work with.  Our photographer, Lucille, was AMAZING!  She was so friendly and made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera.  Our photos really captured the look and feel we were going for.  I absolutely loved my experience with Flytographer and have already started recommending the service to all of my friends!" - Lavinia Lee


80.“This was such an painless experience. As a young family, it is hard to get pictures of us all together and our photographer, Kazumi, captured it all perfectly. Would do again in a heartbeat!” - Robyn Maduik


81. "Flytographer Ciprian was wonderful! He made us feel very at ease. We really enjoyed the photoshoot and the photos turned out more amazing than we expected." - Bethy & Dawit


82. "This was our first experience with Flytographer and I must say that it was a great experience. From scheduling everything until the photoshoot, everything went smoothly. Flytographer Guido was a pleasure to work with and he had some excellent suggestions for certain shots that we absolutely loved.Thank you for capturing our memories in Rome so beautifully!" - Nidhi


83. "Most amazing experience! This was the best present for my fiancée." - Jean Carlo Calmet


84. "Flytographer Kimonas was amazing, creative with the location of the shoot, and worked fast which was great because it was so hot! He was lovely and kind to all of us. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking to capture their vacation in Santorini!" - Mary


85. “Flytographer made the defining moment of a proposal truly memorable for a lifetime. I cannot express how beyond ecstatic I am of how perfect the pictures came out. The final product exceeded anything I could have imagined or hoped for. Flytographer eased much of the stress of planning the proposal with thoughtful tips and suggestions. I am so happy I found Flytographer to capture this special moment!” - Christopher Alquiza


86. "Our photos are really fantastic and made everyone express their true tears, wonders and happiness. We are so happy that we booked a photo session with Siza and Flytographer. Thanks to your great service, we are going to remember this lovely romantic moment for many-many years!" - Yuriy


87. "This is the third time we have used Flytographer and once again we are thrilled with the results! Flytographer Jodi was fantastic and managed to wrangle three young children and still produce amazing photos. We love them!" - Katja Gaskell


88. "Flytographer Nicky is absolutely amazing! She made my kids so comfortable and we had a great time! Honestly, it was one of the best parts of our trip! We can't wait to hang these photos in our house to remember our beautiful time in Lake Tahoe!" - The Weier Family


89. "A very convenient service to capture special moments or even just a family portrait. We love it!" - Marissa


90.  “I am always the one behind the camera and never in front of it. I'm so glad I found Flytographer so that I can get pictures of my entire family! I just might book our next vacation based on the availability of a Flytographer!” - Nicole Reid


91. "My niece, her mom and I went to Paris. She had never been to Europe and I surprised them with the shoot. They have images that will bring back this trip forever. Our pictures brought us together as a family and the special memories we made we can relive anytime by looking at Flytographer Gonçalo's great photos of us. Thank you Flytographer!" - Kathleen Short


92. "Our photos were even better than I'd expected! Such an easy to use service run by lovely people. There isn't a better way to book holiday photos." - Annabel Youens


93. "What a great service. From the initial chat with my photographer to the actual shoot I had a great experience. My fiancée loved that I was able to have our proposal caught on camera and we are going to use the photos for our save the date and wedding invitations." - Jay Johnson


94. “What an exceptional experience we had, even my husband who isn't fond of getting his picture taken couldn't stop raving about how much fun we had with Nadine!” - Shanna Gervais


95. "I loved the Flytographer experience! I had been meaning to get updated family photos for awhile, and Flytographer matched us with an awesome photographer quickly and suggested a great location for our young family. Now I have awesome photos from our vacation that we will cherish forever. " - Debby Schaefer


96. "Amazing staff, Flawless System." - Jose Cruz


97. "We had such an amazing time during our photoshoot! I love that our photos are relaxed and natural and looking at them, it just seems so 'us'! They are so beautiful and we couldn't have asked for a better way to remember our trip!" - Megan

98. "Flytographer Bozo was a true professional. Not only was he  personable, he was considerate and gentle when working with our 6 and 8 year-old children. He knew how to take natural photos, which allowed us to enjoy the session as a family without feeling like we had to pose for every shot."-Kris & Reema Gillian


99. "Flytographer Rajesh patiently worked with us on a special request we had in recapturing a memory from a picture taken over forty years ago in the exact same spot. We are so glad we made use of this opportunity to do a family photo shoot while on vacation in London. We are thrilled with the end result! The pictures are beautiful."- Philip Family


100. "Priceless perfection; the services offered by Flytographer are invaluable and flawless! We will cherish the photos for a lifetime!" - Jordan Ingola


101. “We LOVED Flytographer. From the first initial contact, scheduling, connecting us with our photographer, the system was absolutely seamless. Wendy our photographer was incredible. She made a (somewhat awkward) family of 6 feel very comfortable and the photos turned out amazing. They feel really authentic and captured our vacation very well. We can't wait to try out other photographers in other cities! Thanks again Flytographer.” - Laura McIntosh


102. "Professional and caring support team and Flytographer Honza was warm and friendly." - G


103. "Flytographer Rajesh made our engagement day unforgettable. He cleared off a busy lawn in front of the tower bridge so our photos came out just the way we wanted. We felt comfortable with him from the start and could tell he had researched our locations thoroughly beforehand. He was extremely friendly and kind, and was the perfect match for our personalities." -Chris D'Arezzo


104. "I love the photos Silvia took of our family during our trip to Amsterdam. Our three year old was less than cooperative (to say the least), yet she managed to capture some truly lovely photos of all of us. I cannot recommend Flytographer enough, the customer service was amazing every step of the way!" - Catie


105. "Marta captured the mood perfectly of our family's summer stroll along Lake Como. She was very familiar with the entire area and provided several options which helped us select the charming village of Menaggio for the shoot. The experience itself was a pleasure - like we were being given a tour of the area by a friend. We were very happy with the resulting photographs." - The Peters-Dhilon Family


106. "Our photoshoot was amazing from the start until the end. We enjoyed it so much, and could notice our photographer Monica did too! She was so enthusiastic and friendly. We would recommend a shoot to everyone!" - Anneke


107. "The Flytographer service has been exceptional, right from our initial inquiry through to receiving our pictures.  Roberta, our photographer, has produced some stunning shots and she was so much fun during the shoot.  We laughed a lot and she made us feel very relaxed, we really enjoyed our time with her.  She truly added to our Roman experience!  We are grateful to have captured our moments in Rome." - Nicky & Craig


108. "When we started researching for honeymoon destinations, we absolutely fell in love with the landscapes in Chianti. We knew that Tuscany was it and we knew we wanted to have a photographer capture our honeymoon memories in from of the stunning landscapes of Chianti. We got in touch with a few Italy based photographers via email but had difficulty finding a photographer  who was responsive, available, budget friendly and most importantly fitted our desired style. We nearly gave up until we accidentally found Flytographer who were able to fulfill all of the above. The shoot was so fun, relaxed and Sonya captured such beautiful photos of us effortlessly. I’m so pleased with Sonya’s work and cannot stop obsessing over the photos she’s sent us. These honeymoon photos will be a treasured memory for the both of us in years to come." - Nikki and Erik


109. "Wanting a professional photographer to capture my proposal abroad while lacking the network needed, Flytographer has used its resources to put me in touch with an excellent photographer. They held my hand through the entire process which was appreciated as this was my first, and hopefully, only proposal. Kudos to the entire team and I will certainly recommend their service to anyone in the future." - Raj Mohindra


110. “The Flytographer shoot with Keith was definitely a highlight of the trip to Hong Kong and one of the best souvenirs EVER! My mother and I often travel together and we don't have many pictures together since one is usually taking pictures of the other. Now, we have a gallery of photos to cherish forever.” - Kaisey Brown

111. "This isn't the first time we have used Flytographer, definitely not the last either! its really the best way to have fab memories of the place and the precious family time. Thank you team Flytographer!" - Harshika

112. "This was such an easy, comfortable experience and we couldn't be happier with how the photos turned out!" - Marisa

113. "Rajesh's passion and love for his craft certainly shows through and he is tireless!!  Time flew and we didn't notice because we were just having fun and the photos are gorgeous and he was so patient with our little girl.  Flytographer will definitely play a part in all our future holidays, now.  Wish we found out about you sooner!" - Michelle Trenfield

114. "Flytographer made my proposal and engagement an unforgettable experience!  From start to finish, the shoot concierge and photographer did a phenomenal job of helping me plan a proposal in a city I had never been to.  They gave me tips on how to dress for the occasion and position myself for the best shot.  Thanks to Flytograher, my future wife and I have some priceless pictures of our engagement to cherish for a lifetime!" - Will Fluharty

115. "Flytographer Johnny managed to capture our personalities and the fun and excitement of our vacation to NYC, all while including beautiful iconic backgrounds to remind us of our trip. I will certainly use Flytographer on my other vacations." - Julie Bird


116. “This was an incredible experience overall. From the first shoot meeting until the photos were sent, everyone was incredibly accommodating. Our photographer was amazing and made outstanding suggestions and helped make the day feel even more special.” - Angelo Bilotta

117. "We could not be more happy and grateful for our wonderful session with Ciprian! The photos were just perfect, exactly what we were hoping for, and a wonderful way to capture the memory of our anniversary in Paris. Thank you so much for this great keepsake - we will be sure to use you again and again in future travels!"   -The Bodners

118. "My boyfriend was a little shy, but Flytographer Conie made us both feel so at ease. She took some fantastic shots. I have used Flytographer twice now and am using them again for an upcoming trip to Ireland. It's a great way to capture awesome memories!" - Bryce

119. "We wanted to capture a few moments of our amazing year together as a family. Our Flytographer Marta was fantastic! We feel that she captured our time in Venice and that it reflected many of our experiences throughout the world. My only regret is that we didn't plan a few more Flytographer sessions in other countries... When we hit the road again (which I would do tomorrow) we will definitely include a few Flytographer sessions along the route!" - Jo Ross

120. "Our experience with Flytographer was wonderful, and we are beyond thrilled with our photos!  Mary, our photographer, made us feel at ease immediately, and captured the joy of our vacation exceptionally.  Our photos were scheduled for the same time as the final Eurocup match between France and Portugal, so the city was buzzing with people.  Mary did an excellent job of capturing our pictures in a way that you couldn't see all the hustle and bustle that was happening while we were doing the photoshoot. We are so happy with our pictures, and it was wonderful to have Mary make some great restaurant recommendations when when we told her we were foodies.  She was a pleasure to work with! We can't wait to use Flytographer again for our next family adventure....we are hooked!" - Anita Sahota

121. "Flytographer was amazing at helping me find and book a photographer for my vacation in Italy. They were constantly in touch with me and helping facilitate the process. It was easy, fun and now I finally have family photos to remember our trip. I highly recommend them!" - Mallika Malhotra

122. "Gillian was amazing!! We had so much fun and felt so at ease. We are used to being behind the camera as photographers so it was a lovely change to be in front of it for once. We love the photos!" - Chantal and Scott

123. "Johnny was able to capture our raw emotion in our proposal which is exactly what we wanted. He made both of us feel comfortable to continue with a photo shoot right after meeting for the first time." - Emilee and Benjamin

124. "Flytographer is definitely becoming a must-have in my travel itineraries!" - Raine Lim


125. “This was a truly magical experience. No only was the shoot fun and entertaining, but we didn't realize how nice it was to connect with someone who knew the local scene. We got great tips on how to enjoy the rest of our trip. We loved our experience!” - Brad Kopitz  (Artifact Uprising)  

126. "Booking with Flytographer was one of the highlights of our time in London. Jimmy was friendly, creative, and a joy to spend time with. The photos are beautiful and exactly what we wanted. Also, the customer service and excellent communication from the staff at Flytographer was a pleasant surprise. I would book with Flytographer again and again." - Jennifer

127. "When we booked our photo session in Venice, I knew that our kids wouldn't be excited. So it says a lot about Marta that she was able to get the kids to warm up to her quickly. I love the photos! I'm always the one behind the camera, so it's great to have photos of us as a complete family." - Eric Stoen

128. "Trevor was a fantastic photographer. He was fun, arrived on time, and made sure we got every shot we wanted. His idea to go to Lanai Lookout was awesome. We loved the view and would have never seen that if it wasn't for his recommendation. We had a lot of fun that morning and we completely adore the photos! This was really a highlight of our trip and I'm so glad we have these memories captured. Thank you!" - Kristen

129. "We used Flytographer on our honeymoon in Maui and had the best experience. We laughed and were on cloud nine the whole time. We felt so comfortable we almost forgot the photographer was there!! I would highly recommend this company. We will definitely be using them again in the near future. We already plan to use them for our one year anniversary pictures in Miami. Thank you Flytographer for capturing these once in a lifetime moments!" - Kelsey Smigiel

130. "We were super impressed with how easy the whole process was. From booking, to meeting our photographer, to receiving the final product. And it was wonderful to have us all in the picture for a change! We would do it again. If you are going to pay so much for a vacation, you might as well remember it with pictures." - Travel With Bender

131. "Honza was awesome. Not only did we have a great photo session, but he took us to parts of Prague we wouldn't have seen otherwise. The whole experience was amazing and we can't wait to book our next Flytographer session." - Madeleine Novich

132. "This is my second experience with Flytographer, and it is safe to say this will become a travel staple of mine. I am so grateful to be able to capture incredible pictures of the joy in adventures - instead of having to chase a stranger down the street or sacrifice a member of the group to take the photo. Flytographer not only makes this experience easy, it makes it enjoyable." - Jessica L.

133. "India and New Delhi is an amazing place with colors and views that are unique. The possibility of having some great photos taken there was a unique and wonderful experience made even better by Arjun's ability to make us comfortable and allow us to have these pictures taken in a spontaneous and ever changing market environment. Great, unique experience!" - Vic and Laura Sonnino

134. "We booked a Flytographer session in Paris as part of our European honeymoon. It was our first international trip together and we wanted fun, candid (non-cheesy!) photos to commemorate the occasion. After seeing the beautiful shots Goncalo captured, we’re convinced that there is truly no substitute for a professional photographer’s eye. He put us at ease in front of the camera, and captured images that reflect our individual personalities and dynamic as a couple. We traveled light and the only thing we brought back from Europe was our Flytographer album—which happily turned out to be the only souvenir we needed. We hope to make it back to Europe one day, but in the meantime we’re grateful we can relive our amazing trip through Goncalo’s photos." - Lindsay Tripp

135. “Sean and I went to Santorini as our belated honeymoon, we decided to do a photoshoot on our exact 6 month anniversary while in Santorini. It was perfect and I didn't ever have to stress during my vacation in finding a ‘great shot’ because I knew our flytographer captured the moment perfectly.” - Arielle Brimacombe

136. "I am very pleased with Flytographer! I was in constant communication with Caitlin and our photographer was wonderful!" - Jennifer Schlegel

137. "This was our first trip to Paris with our young daughters, and I wanted some excellent photos as a souvenir. I could not be more pleased with our session with Olga!  Our girls really warmed up to her and the photos are beautiful, she captured them and their personalities.  It was easy to meet up with Olga and she clearly knew the area and where to go. I would use this service again without question." - Angie

138. "Johnny is incredible! He's really friendly and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. My husband and I always feel awkward in any photographic situation but Johnny put us at ease and gave us easy directions. The results are amazing! We absolutely love our photos! Johnny is extremely talented and only wish we booked more time with him. We couldn't be happier with our photos and experience with Johnny. He's also super fast. To get the photos back in a couple days was great.  Thank you so much! We look forward to doing this again in the future. A+++++++ THANK YOU!!!" - Anna Onewein

139. "From the time I inquired about Flytographer's services I was amazed. The detail that Flytographer took to ensure that my experience was the best and that I was prepared for the day of the shoot is beyond words. My fiancé was pleasantly supprised and she loves the pictures. I appreciate  Johnny's detail in ensuring that he captured the best natural looks. He was very instrumental in helping us with poses where it called for them and directing us. Very patient as you can imagine Christina was still taken aback from the proposal. I highly recommend your services to anyone that is looking for a professional non stressful shoot. Thank you once again Jonny for the experience." - John Mbiti

140. “This is our fourth session with Flytographer, and again our experience with Flytographer has exceeded all expectations. For our trip to Montreal, we wanted to explore areas of the city that were a bit less touristy and more like areas we would frequent if we lived here. Vivian was a great tour guide and all-around fun person to hang out with! We learned about areas of Montreal that we never would have experienced if not for Flytographer!” - David Tjhio

141. "Absolutely amazing experience. Danielle was superb.. Put us all, including my 9 year old at complete ease. Loved loved loved it. We'll treasure these photographs for ever. Thank you!" - Suhasini Jain

142. "Me and my friends had so much fun shooting with Johnny on my bachelorette party! He was so accommodating and patient with our big group. The pictures all came out amazing! Thank you so much for all the wonderful memories." - Christina Orfely


143. "Booking a shoot with Flytographer was so easy! They answered all my questions promptly and were so helpful in scheduling a session that worked for us. Falcon delivered the candid photographs I was looking for and she was great to work with! She chatted with my three year old and allowed both boys to be themselves. The half hour flew by and in return we received so many great family pictures!" - Vibhi


144. "Ashley did great in being my covert camera. She blended in very nicely and made the surprise proposal moment happen without a hitch! All of her photos were absolutely gorgeous as well." - John


145. "Lindsey was amazing. I can't wait for all the other Flytographer clients that will have her in the future—they are in for such a beautiful array of work." - Meghan Moore

146. "Danica and Chiara were brilliant from the first point of contact, right through to the end. The video conference service is fantastic and really gave me confidence ahead of the day. On the day I had to make a last second adjustment to where I popped the question (due to a large group in the spot), however Chiara realised what had happened and was still on point to capture the moment beautifully. Once the surprise moment was done Chiara started off the engagement shoot and was so friendly, professional and passionate.  It was an absolute pleasure to have Chiara capture our proposal and I would have no hesitations in recommending her to anyone." - Mike Ide

147. "Marta captured our honeymoon memories perfectly! We booked an afternoon shoot, so we were prepared to have other people in our shots, but she knew so many beautiful off the beaten path places, which gave us a chance to explore more than we would have on our own. We can't thank Marta enough for such amazing souvenirs and memories from our trip." - Caillie Jolley

148. "Absolutely loved my photoshoot with Marta in Venice. She made me feel comfortable and at the end of it, I had gorgeous photographs that are a perfect way for me to remember the magical Venetian holiday I had. Thank you to Flytographer for giving me the opportunity to capture my trip!" - Sophia

149. "Wendy was fantastic. She had great suggestions about time of day and location. She also really 'got' our family so the pictures look natural and very much like us. They are perfect! This is such a great way to ensure that you have captured the spirit and the essence of a meaningful moment in your life." - Melissa

150. "We truly enjoyed our photo shoot in Dubai! Natelee was great she provided us guidance, was fun and easy to work with." - Christina Espree

151. “Our family is overjoyed with the experience and photos! The entire process was setup, organized and executed seamlessly (as always) - and our photographer was an absolute dream. It can be difficult to work with so many people during a photoshoot, but Wendy smiled and laughed throughout the entire thing. We can't thank Flytographer and Wendy enough for the lifetime of memories!” - Emily Burkentine

152. "Thank you for making our Paris trip so special and memorable.  We appreciated Krystal's expertise and professionalism!" - Marcus Martin

153. "It was such a fun experience! Stephanie was amazing and she really took the time to work with us and our 3 year old. Believe me that's not an easy task! It was such a pleasure working with her, I'll definitely book her again on our next Vancouver Island getaway!" - Grace Lanuza

154. "We had a wonderful session in Paris!  Flytographer was so easy to use and made the search for a photographer in an area we weren't familiar with incredibly easy!!  Thank you for helping us to capture our 5-year wedding anniversary with photographic memories that will last a lifetime!" - Jessica and Brent


155.  "We are a very camera shy couple but were looked after perfectly by our photographer. We would highly recommend this service, and will definitely be calling on Flytographer on any future holidays." - Debra Hammond


156. "What a great way to capture an awesome family vacation! We are so pleased with the memories that Dan in London captured for us. We will definitely use Flytographer again." - Stacey Ingol


157. "The whole process was professional, easy and most importantly friendly and responsive. Our shoot concierge took care of all the details and our photographer Naomi, managed to wrangle a couple of of busy boys and capture some treasured photos of our somewhat camera shy family. Thank you!" - Sara S.

158. "From start to finish we had such a positive experience with Flytographer. Liss, our shoot concierge, and our photographer Goncalo were flexible in planning the details which is important when you're traveling. They were both fast to reply to any questions and concerns I had, including changing the time and location of the photo shoot day of due to unpredictable weather! Goncalo makes you feel comfortable and at ease right off the bat so that by the time you've finished shooting with him, you feel like you're with a friend and not just someone you met an hour ago. The turn around to get the photos was fast too, I couldn't believe it! By the time my vacation was over I had these beautiful photos to capture my first trip to Paris. We can't thank Goncalo, Liss, and Flytographer enough!!!" - Lan

159. "Our photographer was absolutely amazing! He made us feel at ease  throughout the shoot and was very patient as we were looking for the perfect location to shoot our anniversary photos. Our pictures are stunning. We will definitely book with Flytographer on our next adventure!" - Mery

160. "Our photos were exactly what we imagined them to be and more! Silvia made sure we had the shots that we specified in our brief to her. The boys were cranky halfway through the shoot, yet she was patient with us and gave us time and space to settle them down. Our first Flytographer experience, and I'm pretty sure it won't be our last!!" - Atiqah

161. “This was an incredible and magical experience! We are so looking forward to displaying these photos at our wedding. We can't thank Cheryl and the Flytographer team enough.” - Rebecca Kaiserman

162. "Our photographer was full of suggestions and made sure we had many different shots. I was super uncomfortable in front of the camera but Goncalo made sure we just had fun and laugh the whole time." - Daniel

163. "We absolutely loved using Wendy. She was so easy to talk with and made sure the shoot included everyone and their special moment. She gave great direction, was accommodating, and made everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. This was my husband and my second time with Flytographer and you guys knocked it out of the park,again. I can't wait to share these! Thank you for these special moments!" - Heather Repp

164. "I would recommend anyone to have this experience and capture their photos through Flytographer.  I would highly recommend Erin. LOVE our photos!!!!" -  Kara and Blair

165. "Armando is amazing - the photos were more beautiful and amazing than we could have imagined. The ease with booking through Flytographer is fantastic. The overall experience is smooth and easy. Details were provided that helped make it as simple as possible." - Will

166. "I just wish I knew about Flytographer before! I absolutely loved every single picture!" - Maham Mansoor

167. "Marta was fabulous! First and most important: she took excellent pictures. She  is friendly and personable and "got" all 3 generations of our family--which is important if you're spending a couple of hours with a photographer.  She tactfully provided very good professional guidance as to compostion, etc, but at the same time was flexible enough to accept preferences we expressed from time to time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, we will never forget our awesome weekend now that we have these beautiful photos!" - Mesha

168. "As a travel agent, I am always looking for the next best thing for my clients... well, I found it! I will always cherish our Paris trip with my girls and mother and now I have them forever!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!" - Betsey Brown

169. "We had a wonderful time with our Flytographer in Dublin! So much so we booked it a few months later for a family trip to Boston. Both photographers were so professional and fun-loving  and matched our personalities perfectly. I would recommend Flytographer to anyone looking to capture a special memory." - Carrie M.

170. “Flytographer is a God-send! I always wanted to engage a photographer for my wedding proposal moment and Flytographer fits the bill perfectly. I didn't have to struggle with coordinating the logistics as Tedi did all the legwork for me and Bayu &Ivony were such a joy to work with. Both my partner and I enjoyed ourselves 100%!” - Lawrence Loh

171. "Flytographer in one word? ... Perfect! Professionalism, assistance, ongoing support and amazing results.
I highly recommend Flytographer!" - Med

172. "Flytographer perfectly captured the fun and summer energy of our girls weekend away together. I can't imagine a better souveneir of our trip than these fun photos and am so so glad we made the effort to book them. Mankica was so lovely and would reccommend her to everyone! The photos are a fantastic and the perfect memory from our weekend together, especially since all 3 of us can print and save them, wherever we are. THANK YOU for a brilliant service will definitely reccommend!" - Carly Hulls


173.  "Oh My Goodness! The pictures are beautiful and amazing. I will definitely be using and referring Flytographer to all my friends. You guys were great from beginning to end!" - Janice Alano

174. "We love using Flytographer to document our family's travels! I only wish they could be in every city we visit!" - Angel and Leah

175. "I loved working with Flytographer! Great images and received them in a timely manner to be able to share them while I was still on location, which is a huge perk for a blogger!" - Shop Dandy

176. "I was very impressed with how easy and painless the process was. From start to finish Flytographer helped plan out every little detail that would ensure that we would have pictures that we will be able to cherish forever." - Adam S.

177. "This is such a great idea, thank you very much for capturing these amazing pictures.  Lucille did a fantastic job and our photo shoot was very fun.  She made every attempt to get us to relax which shows in the pictures.
Would highly recommend this service!" - Alison Roberts

178. "Our experience with Flytographer was incredible from start to finish. From the beginning, our shoot concierge was very communicative, so we knew exactly what to expect when we met up with our Flytographer, Mint. 
It was really fun speaking with Mint and walking around the old city of Chiang Mai. Although I've been to Chiang Mai before, she took us to a few places I'd never visited, and she also gave us some cooking tips for making one of the regional dishes! 
Our photos are beautiful, and it was a fantastic way to commemorate our honeymoon. I would unhesitatingly book another shoot with Flytographer again, and will recommend their services to my friends and family." - Jasmine Welch

179. "Wonderful experience, I am a professional photographer and I know how difficult it is to shoot another. Our photographer was very kind, knowledgeable, carried great equipment, chose great locations and was an overall pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend her and work with her again. Concierge was very responsive and provided great customer service.  So happy that I finally have images of our trip that I am in!" - Shelly Fiorentini

180. "The beautiful photos captured by Flytographer, allows us the gift of being able to unlock and reminisce about our honeymoon in Paris everyday for the rest of our lives. Flytographer was the best decision we made during our honeymoon. Because of you, we will always have our "Honeymoon in Paris". Thank you!" - Taylor Lee Bello


181. "Where to begin? This was such an amazing experience from start to finish! Mary and Maurizo were so fun to work with - they are very professional and knew all of the best spots along the Amalfi Coast to photograph. To be honest - the guys were not thrilled about the idea of a photo shoot but they ended up having so much fun. Even more so once we got the final product - they exceeded our expectations! This is absolutely the best souvenir to bring home & probably the *only* souvenir I plan on bringing back from now on!" - Marina

182. "We will take professional family pictures from Flytographer while on vacation from here on out!!" - Allison Tokar

183. "Book Flytographer if you are over selfies, it's well worth it to capture the memories of your vacation!" - Ammara and Tom St. John

184. "Oh my gosh. We have just had the opportunity to sit back and reflect on the last few days since our Flytographer proposal shoot in the Cinque Terre and cannot be more over the moon by how it all went. From organizing the surprise proposal, to the day of the proposal and shoot to the final images, everything has been perfect. Thank you for making the best day of our lives so easy and beautiful to remember through Gaia's incredible photos. We are so grateful." - Trent H.

185. "Thanks to you and the great photographer Johnny we have unforgettable pictures of our trip, which will always remind us of the great days in New York! THANK YOU!!! I already have and will recommend this great experience to all our friends and will definitely come back to you again. Keep up the good work!" - Stéphanie & Daniel

186. "We decided to give Flytographer a shot after hearing about it from a friend and we were so happy we did! Communication and booking was so easy when making plans before our trip and spending the afternoon with our photographer Louise was lots of fun! Our kids were cranky and tired but Louise somehow managed to get some really great shots. Our family has been to Amsterdam every year for the past three years so we have come to know it as our own. My dad is from Holland so we enjoy living the Dutch life for a week and are hoping to pass on the culture to our children. These pictures will be perfect memories to hang in our home and remind us of our Dutch heritage and our wonderful times in Amsterdam." - Stacey Kelley


187. "Goncalo was a pleasure to work with! He captured some amazing memories in beautiful Lisboa for my best friend and I.  Look forward to using Flytographer again!" - Renee


188. "I had never heard of Flytographer before but found it through a google search. I couldn't be happier with the entire experience. Siza our photographer in Venice was really sweet and professional. She took us on a walk through the small back streets and managed to capture our family just as it is. I am very impressed with some of the moments she has captured. I love how her pictures focus on us as a family and the streets and canals of Venice are the out of focus backgrounds. It's wonderful. Caitlin the concierge has been great too. She has stayed in touch and really done her best to make sure we had an awesome shoot -which we did." - Line

189. "I hired Flytographer to do a surprise proposal photo shoot.  I was worried about 2 things:  1) my girlfriend is basically a detective and if she sees a professional photographer near us on our anniversary (which is when I proposed), she will know IMMEDIATELY that something is up; and 2) how can the photographer, who will be pretty far away from us when I propose, actually get decent shots of the proposal?  But I figured "any picture they could get of the proposal moment would be better than no picture so why not just go for it." Kate (our photographer) hid in plain sight and while Jessica happened to notice Kate at the venue, Kate was so good at acting too busy with other things that Jessica immediately forgot she was there. As for photo quality, I was shocked when I saw the pictures Kate was able to get.  It looked like we set up the photo shoot together and assumed specific poses. It was even raining on the day I proposed and I figured between the umbrella and Jessica's hair, we wouldn't be able to see her face at all in the pictures.  But that was not the case at all and I am so glad I went through with it.  It made an already amazing day (Jessica said yes) into one that we can never forget because we have gorgeous pictures to remind us forever.  I cannot recommend Flytographer and Kate enough." - Mike D.


190. "I am in love with my pictures. Worth every penny. Olga was amazing and talented and we couldn't have ended up with someone better. Flytographer was a great service - easy to use and prompt. Great experience all around!" - Paige Zars

191. "We had a terrific experience with Flytographer!  We booked our shoot very last minute (we were already overseas on holiday) and they were still able to accommodate us.   We love our photos, and will most definitely book with Flytographer again on a future trip!!" - Amy Wyne

192. "Our family had such a wonderful experience with Flytographer.  Our shoot concierge Caitlin took good care of us right from the beginning,  and our photographer Wendy was a delight to work with.  We are already looking forward to another shoot with Flytographer!" - Alena

193. "Our experience with Flytographer and our photographer Wendy was amazing. We had a big group with multiple families and she made sure we had all of our must-haves and combinations. The best part was receiving a sneak peek of our session while still on vacation!" - Sojeva Ortega

194. "The night could not have been any better.  Flytographer took all of the stress out from planning and let me focus and enjoy the day and everything leading un to and after the big proposal.  Tedi and Michael did a wonderful job planing and letting me know exactly what I needed to do. I couldn't have asked for better proposal and engagement pictures." - Drew Budendorf

195. "Rajesh was amazing to work with and I'm so happy we got the opportunity to meet him. He was able to capture our favorite spots in London and my husbands smile, which can be hard to find behind a lens!! Thank you Flytographer!!!" - Amanda DiBuono

196. "A wonderful way to get family photos, especially when travelling alone. Also an easy and efficient service. I highly recommend it and will definitely book again for our next holiday." - Hannah

197. "We had our  shoot with Roberta in Rome. It was absolutely fantastic! Book and communication was excellent and prompt. The shoot itself was relaxed and we all enjoyed it so much! Having 4 children I honestly didn't think we would get much further than 1 location but we did and Roberta caught some really beautiful shots when we were noticing of us just interacting with each other along the way. I would definitely recommend Flytographer and hope we will have as wonderful experience when we visit Asia in the Fall." - Jane Browne

198. "Flytographer was a seamless service which helped us capture our special weekend getaway to Milan!" - Smitha

199. "Johnny and Tedi were very responsive and had great ideas for the proposal. Also Johnny was able to perfectly capture my fiance during the BIG moment! We love the pictures and will be letting our friends know about Flytographer!" - Zyad


200. "The photos are wonderful, and the entire experience was beyond expectations. Rajesh was great to work with, had super ideas, made us comfortable and went well above what we expected. The photos themselves are so good our biggest problem is deciding which to frame and hang! Easily the highlight of this trip. And I would also suggest taking the time to really dress up. It's more difficult, sure, (and it was my wife's idea) but I have to admit now that it really was worth it." - Bob Gore

201. "This was the perfect gift for our bride on her bachelorette party! She LOVED the photos and it created a lasting keepsake on a trip with her best friends. Definitely would use Flytographer again!" - Melissa Johnson

202. "Ioannis was an awesome photographer and would recommend him to anyone who wants photos taken in beautiful Santorini. He took breathtaking photos of us in Santorini, even with cranky kids. These photos are priceless. Liss was awesome and made booking this session so easy. I loved that she kept touch and made sure we were well taken care of. Such an amazing experience! Thank you to Flytophotograher, this was such a great experience and worth every penny." - Jennifer Wong

203. "Great experience! Thank you Flytograher and Gaetan. The service was easy and smooth from the start to the end and our photographer was friendly, professional and his pictures are breathtaking. We will definitely use your service for our future family trips. Thank you!" - Jennifer

204. "We were looking to take some engagement photos in Paris and not knowing the local photography scene, opted for Flytographer on the recommendation of a friend.  We were very happy with Olga who immediately made us feel at ease and who shot some beautiful photos." - Alex

205. "Our photographer Kate was SUCH a trooper.  The weather was horrible, but she came prepared with a fan for the scorching humidity.  She was lugging around all that equipment but never complained, just kept shooting, giving great direction and honored our time to the max.  Also, my plans were a little elaborate so we had to game plan the week before.  Tedi set everything up and made it a special day to remember.  Would DEFINITELY recommend this service to anyone!!" - Chris

206. "The whole process was so easy from booking the photographer, setting up shoot details and organizing actual shoot. We will treasure these pictures for a long time and they will always take us back to the lazy, hazy summer vacation we had in Italy!" - Rose

207. "The whole Flytographer team really made the experience lovely. They listened to what I wanted to get from the photo shoot and they did an amazing job. Danielle was friendly, easy to work with, made me laugh throughout the shoot which put me at ease, and the pictures turned out fantastic!" - Jana


208. "Capturing our time in Positano was an easy and hassle free experience thanks to Flytographer. Service was exceptional and our photos are amazing! We are thankful for such a special keepsake and definitely plan to use Flytographer again!" - Caroline


209. "Flytographer is an amazing company to work with that caters to all of your specific needs. Andrew is a fantastic photographer and did a superb job at capturing mine and my new Fiancé's special surprise proposal moment in Barbados and the value for money is exceptional for the end product that you receive. Without Flytographer & the team, I couldn't have pulled off a once in a lifetime moment in such great style and elegance. Thank you guys x" - Leon Flames


210. "I am a photographer myself so it was hard for me to decide to be behind the camera and I am so happy I did. Naomi did such a great job, my boyfriend and I LOVE our pictures. I will be booking with Flytographer again and will recommend this to anyone who goes on vacation!! Thanks so much!" - Alyssa


211. "From the moment I heard about Flytographer through a friend, I knew I had to try it out! I could not be more thrilled with the helpful concierge, the incredible photographer who made the process seamless, to the phenomenal photos themselves. I know this will not be the last time I use this company, and I am so pleased to pass on the highest of compliments to all of my friends and family as they travel." - Aubyn Evon


212. "From start to finish, everyone was kind, helpful and it could not have worked out any better." - Aaron Skemp


213. "Using Flytographer was the best decision I made concerning my proposal to my fiance. They were very responsive to any concerns I had during the planning stage. More importantly, our photographer, Cassie, did an amazing job capturing this special moment in our lives. She instantly made my fiance and I feel comfortable and captured some amazing shots. I definitely plan to recommend Flytographer to my friends and family!" - Brian McBeth


214. "Using Flytographer was such an easy process! I had this last minute idea to have a family shoot during our vacation in Vancouver and it all worked out - the concierge service is amazing and the photographers Jelger and Tanja were great!" - Fred and Maude


215. "We are so very happy with our pictures!!! And Ernir was terrific to work with: professional and relaxed!" - Elaine Attridge


216. "We had a great experience with Flytographer...everything worked out as planned and we loved working with our photographers ...they made us feel so comfortable and made the 60 minute photo shoot so much fun...even the guys in our family had fun with it...thank you for the lovely experience and beautiful family memories." - Judy, Larry and family


217. "My boyfriend and I traveled to Europe before, but this was our first major couple's trip. We love Venice for its unique architecture, delicious food, and lovely people. I wanted professional pictures that would capture the beauty of Venice that selfies and iPhone pictures taken by strangers could simply not capture. When I first brought up the idea of a professional photo shoot, my boyfriend was hesitant as we had never done something like this before. However, the butterflies flew away as soon as we met Siza, our Flytographer. She was very nice and let me share my ideas for poses and settings. She also brought her knowledge of the town into the pictures. We felt special throughout the session and it really showed through in the final product. This was the perfect souvenir of an amazing trip. The pictures will be treasured for a lifetime!" - Xochilt Pasos


218. "Our experience with Flytographer was wonderful from start to finish. The customer service with Caitlin pre-shoot was impeccable and our actual shoot experience with Krystal in Paris was lots of fun and not awkward at all. She made us feel comfortable and also gave us great tips of places to try during our trip. We are very impressed with the photo quality and speed in delivery. Highly recommend!" - Carly


219. "I thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot in Paris and I will definitely do it again in other cities! I'm a travel advisor and I will be encouraging all my clients to make use of this fun and unique service." - Sue Girardier


220. "Since this was our first trip to Europe together my husband and I wanted something special to remember our trip - our Flytographer pictures were the perfect souvenir! We're already planning our next adventure and we'll definitely be booking a session with Flytographer to capture the memories!" - Danielle Nardi


221. "Thank you for everything! We love the whole concept of Flytographer and are very happy with your service. Everything is very professional, precise and perfect prepared. The shoot concierge was great. We were very happy with our photographer Marta and love the pictures! Thank you very much!" - Hana


222. "I wanted a way to help my best friend capture her bachelorette weekend with all her friends! A photoshoot was the perfect idea and Flytographer made it all happen. The process was easy beginning to end. Tedi, our concierge, was available every step of the way and Paige, our photographer, made it so easy to capture fun and quirky photos! She was funny and easy to work with!! Every special occasion should be captured forever and Flytographer is the place to go for this! Thank you, Flytographer and Paige, for the awesome experience." - Cassandra


223. "We loved our photographer Wendy! The concierge Tedi, who helped us set everything up was so very responsive and helpful!" - Tim Daly


224. "Our photographer Paul got to know us first (along with Tedi the concierge).  He knew the area (we didn't) and picked great locations based on what we like.   He picked up on the relationships among the kids.  The pictures were beautifully composed, and his timing captures some great smiles.   Turned out to be a great family experience." - Tim


225. "We had an awesome experience using Flytographer! Kristy and Vic were two of the nicest people, and their photos were gorgeous! It was exactly what we hoped for. I would highly recommend them if you are in the Ft Lauderdale/Miami area. Not only that, but it only took a couple of days to get ALL of our pictures! Plus, Caitlyn, our concierge, was super helpful in organizing everything. I can't express enough with how pleased we were with everything, from beginning to end. Thanks so much!" - Barbara Peters


226. "Every single person we have shown our pictures to have been in awe of them. Thanks for doing such a great job!" - Lane Hacker


227. "Santi did an amazing job capturing my story through the lens. Communication before the trip was informative and helped me prepare for a smooth shoot. Would definitely recommend Santi as your photographer and Flytographer made the booking process a piece of cake. Thanks for the wonderful photos!" - Beatrice


228. "I could strongly say "You can never go wrong with Flyphotographer!" I'm very happy with the service from the moment of planning throughout the end of recieving the photos! Im very impress with the photographer as well as the planning team, they really make communication very on planed as well as the photographer!" - Duyen Le


229. "This is our second time using Flytographer and we are once again SO happy with the results. We recommend the service to everyone. It's so nice to have our travel memories captured so beautifully." - Miranda


230. "It was wonderful experience getting to work with Flytographer. The people at Flytographer made my proposal an unforgettable moment and captured it beautifully." - Hunter Blair


231. "Very professional and easy to use service. Krystal was great and made us feel very comfortable. Thank you for helping us capture a special movement." - Daniel Gibson


232. "Our photographer was amazing, the actual shoot was so much fun, and the pictures are great keepsakes." - Esther


233. "Johnny captured us in the most romantic and authentic way. They are not just photographs. They are moments in our life full of emotion and will be treasured for a lifetime. From the planning to the shoot to the follow up, I couldn't be happier." - Jack


234. "Booking Flytographer has become a tradition for every single travel we do ever since we got married!
We're now passing the tradition to other beautiful couples!" - Mohammed


235. "Awesome experience, second time we have used Flytographer and yet again they proved amazing. Bozo we outstanding and he was so patient and kind with our large group of 12. The photos were wonderful and will be treasured forever." - Emma Kingscote


236. "We had such a great time with Chelsea! The photos are beautiful and so unique. She was so easy to work with. I have already recommended Flytographer to several friends who will be travelling soon." - Kayce


237. "Amazing experience! Raquel captured our family vacation in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. We will cherish the photos for years to come. She even made my 5 years old nephew smile! I will definitely consider Flytographer for our future trips." - Julie


238. "Great way to mark a holiday well spent!" - Naimi


239. "We are second-time users of Flytographer and cannot recommend them enough. The photos we have will be cherished for a lifetime. The quality of the photos are amazing. It was a fun experience which we will definitely do again on our next vacation!" - Stephany


240. "Wow, this photo shoot was perfect for my proposal. Scott and Chantel were amazing and easy to work with and everything worked out smoothly! I couldn't have asked for a better shoot! Would definitely do this again!" - Kyle Magee


241. "What a terrific concept and I was very happy with the service and pictures and price." - Rupa Kale


242. "Jessica did an amazing job capturing the special moment for my now fiancé and I! She was super nice and was easy to get along with! Before the shoot she answered all my question which made it that much easier for me! Thank you Flytographer for everything!" - Derek Christians


243. "An already wonderful vacation was elevated to magnificent with the inclusion of a Flytographer photo shoot on location in Portland, Oregon. From the beginning, every part of our experience was smooth! Liss was a tremendously helpful, efficient, and kind shoot concierge. We were delighted to see online that one Portland photographer loved to shoot in the Pearl District, one of our favorite spots in the city - and this fab Flytographer, Whitney, was available for us to book! Meeting Whitney was like connecting with an old friend. She came bearing a delicious birthday treat for my husband (we were celebrating his 40th!) and she had quite the touch with our one year old daughter - coaxing giggles and smiles and even capturing several shots of our girl in a precious family heirloom sweater. Whitney knew the best spots and managed to arrange a most beautiful juxtaposition of old and new architecture in Portland, introducing us to hidden gems we were overjoyed to discover. The captures Whitney gave us are photojournalistic beauties: telling a story and preserving the wonder and magic of love, of adventure, of right now - soaking up a getaway in a favorite city. We would recommend Flytographer (a truly brilliant business, in our minds) happily to anyone and everyone hoping to add everlasting magic to a trave experience! Thank you so much!" - Catherine Flores


244. "My husband and I had a trip planned to New York City and it was a few weeks before our 7th wedding anniversary. I thought it would be fun to have portraits taken to commemorate our trip and celebrate our anniversary. After searching on Google, I couldn't find much information about local photographers. A friend had suggested Flytographer. I found the booking process super easy and straightforward, the customer service was top notch - having a client concierge was amazing to ask questions, and our photographer was easy to work with and flexible with the rain in the forecast. We had a great experience and beautiful photos to remember our trip." - Catie Ronquillo Wood


245. "Serena was absolutely amazing. I still can't believe how beautiful all of our photos came out. She was able to capture the exact feeling and mood I was going for. She made my fiancé and myself feel very comfortable in front of the camera. She kept us cool with her positive attitude, reassuring us that even though with the cloudy weather that we will still have beautiful pictures, which we did! We loved that Serena is very familiar with Dorsoduro so she knew the exact hidden alleys, bridges and canals to shoot in. What Serena is able to see through the lens is beautiful and we are happy to have met such a beautiful person. We want her to photograph our wedding for sure. Thank you Serena! The concierge Tedi was extremely helpful. We had a video conference before my trip where we worked out all the kinks and finalized the perfect plan. She was very quick to respond to my emails whenever I had a question. Patient, professional and genuine. What an awesome team." - Denise


246. "Marian is one of the best photographers I have ever worked with and truly captured the essence of our vacation! I am so pleased I decided to invest in professional photography and now I have a keepsake I can be proud to show off to my family and friends. It was an outstanding experience and perfect way to remember our once in a lifetime experience in Italy." - Megan


247. "Me and my daughter had a blast during our shoot in Nice. So laid back and relaxed. I asked for non-posed images, just playful and fun and that´s exactly what we got! From now on, a photo shoot with Flytographer will included in my travelling budgets." - Katrina Lange


248. "My husband and I are rather camera-shy, but wanted some spectacular photos to commemorate our 10th wedding anniversary trip to Paris. Our photographer, Krystal, made the photo shoot so much fun, and we received the pictures we were hoping for, with the amazing Sacre Couer as the backdrop. The entire Flytographer experience was so professional and easy, thanks to our awesome concierge, LIss. I will recommend Flytographer to anyone wanting professional photos to remember a special trip." Amy Swinford


249. "We LOVE our photos. Thank you to Pono at Honolulu for this great souvenir! This is our first but not last time to do photo shoot . Pono was very helpful with tips and instructions. The shoot reflected our trip perfectly. We had fun and now enjoying the photos. Can not wait to share them with family and friends!!! Thanks to everyone at Flytographer for this great way to capture the life memories!!!! Great way to capture you vacation memories and not stress out about taking photos yourself or asking strangers . Do a Flytographer photo shoot! We are going to use them every time we visit a new cool place . Hope every place will have a Flytographer!" - Nataliya and Mike


250. "We are back home by now, and I’m thinking about all the good memories we created while visiting Porto. Vanessa and Ivo made those memories very special with their pictures. They did an amazing job, the pictures are just beautiful!" - Sylvie


251. "We took a Flytographer shoot while we were in Madrid and our photographer Julia, helped us to feel relaxed and comfortable the entire time. She is a really bright person and location was amazing too as in a short time we could cover a lot. We really liked our experience with Flytographer and recommend everyone to try it while travelling." - Joana Pantigoso


252. "Thank you again! This was our first experience with Flytographer and it was truly exceptional!" - Carrie P.


253. "Mary and Maurizio were an absolute pleasure to work with! We have not taken family photographs in years and I could not be happier with the results. I have recommended Flytographer to all my family and friends and will absolutely use them again to capture memories of future travels. An amazing experience from start to finish! Also, many thanks to Danica, our Shoot Conceirge. She made the arrangements a breeze! She was always there with a quick response to any questions or concerns I had." - Candice McCarthy


254. "Photographers make the best tour guides. My Flytographer session in Portland took my Girlfriend Getaway to the next level. Not only do I have great photos of souvenirs of my trip, but the local tips we got rocked and got to explore some parts of the city we wouldn't have known about otherwise. My Flytographer experience in one word-- superfly!" - Jen Pollack Bianco


255. "This is a great idea for people who travel and like to take photos... this is a chance to be IN FRONT of the camera!" - Aubrey


256. "Loved the photos we got. It's an amazing way to remember our trip to Rio De Janeiro!" - Alison B.


257. "Serena was an amazing photographer! She was so warm and friendly and made the 1-hour shoot seem like a breeze, especially to 2 people who had never done photoshoots in our lives! Caitlin, the Flytographer concierge, was amazing and helpful and made the end-to-end service exceptional. Am very pleased with the service all around.We will definitely recommend Flytographer and Serena to all our friends!" - Isobel


258. "We enjoyed a lot the shooting. The morning sunshine was just perfectly beautiful to light us up on the Buda hill. Thank you very much, we are 120% satisfied to have chosen Flytographer!" - Miyuki and Evan


259. "LOVE THE PHOTOS! The team from start to finish have been absolutely great, they have been very responsive and helped me plan my proposal to the T. The Photographer who was Serena in Venice was so nice and helped us capture completely natural shots and also directed us where she saw necessary. It was an amazing experience and highly recommend Flytographer." - Rajan K


260. "We love our pictures and have gotten raves over Facebook and our children have loved them. So glad we had this done to celebrate our 70th birthday and our 48.2 years of marriage! Thank you!!!" - Sandra


261. "Flytographer was one of the easiest things I have ever booked - thrilled with the ease of use, the results - and finally being in some of our family pictures!" - Krista


262. "Great to have some family photos with all of us on vacation!" - Katharine


263. "I did my proposal/engagement shoot with Megan in San Francisco and it was a great experience! My concierge Liss did a great job facilitating our planning for the shoot and Megan was fantastic. She was very personable and made us feel comfortable throughout the shoot. My fiance and I were very impressed with how the photos turned out!" - Austin


264. "Had such a great time taking the photos. Paige did an amazing job and was really nice and understanding. We will use Flytographer again without a doubt!" - Daniel Reamer


265. "Not only did I get to have my picture taken on my vacation, Flytographer gave me the chance to be in some of the best photographs I've ever seen of London because the ones Mairead took are that outstanding." - Amy Pflughaupt


266. "Best gift from Greece was my photo session!" - Teresa Ayon


267. "Flytographer was able to capture the essence of our family and provide us with memories for a lifetime . Can't say enough about our photographer Marta, very personal and yet so professional." - Pauline and Rick Little


268. "Lucas had a sharp eye for beautiful scenes and put us at ease right away. The entire process could not have been easier from start to finish, and the result was a beautiful set of photos that exquisitely captured our time in Kyoto." - Christopher


269. "My husband and I went to Bali to celebrate our 5th Anniversary and really the Honeymoon we never had. Needless to say, this trip was one we both wanted captured. We were married in an apple orchard, so my hope was to capture images in another lush environment, rich with trees and greenery. What better place than Ubud! Scouting a photographer on the other side of the world, in a place I had never been was challenging. I came across Flytographer while searching online. I was instantly sold. The website was so informative and my questions were quickly answered. Caitlin, Thank you. It was a pleasure, your attention to detail is phenomenal! Thank you to Bayu, our photographer! He was great! We were so close to canceling due to the rain.. I'm so glad we didn't. Bayu captured some beautiful images. Some of my favorites of us playing rain and taking taking some spills in the pond. Thank you for including those! I will be in touch soon, for our next family vacation!" - Jessica Meils


270. "We knew that visiting Paris right after we got engaged was a once in a lifetime event, and we wanted to make sure we had beautiful memories to match our amazing experience. Gonçalo and Flytographer were fantastic and made us feel completely at ease. We'll treasure these photos for a long time!" - Chloe Rockow


271. "Greg and I had been together for four years when he proposed to me on Valentine's day 2016. We had already planned our three week trip to America and thought a pre-wedding photo shoot in New York would be the perfect way to mark our engagement and capture fond memories of our trip. As it was our first photo shoot we were a little nervous, but as soon as he arrived Flytographer Armando managed to put us both at ease. We had an amazing time exploring Central Park with a local expert - taking in the iconic Bethesda Fountain and Bow Bridge. But the highlight of our photo shoot had to be our row across the Lake (Armando's idea!) We planned a sunset photo shoot to make the most of the beautiful light and golden skyline. Armando's photos completely exceeded our expectations and now hang proudly in our home. We would definitely use Flytographer again, and recommend it to any holiday goer, whether first time novice or seasoned traveler. Thank you Flytographer!" - Phoebe Horswell


272. "Can't wait to take another vacation, and our next one will probably be our honeymoon and use Flytographer to capture those memories!" - Dany


273. "We are so happy with our Flytographer photos and would recommend them too all of our friends!" - Drew Miller


274. "We met Bozo in Dubrovnik for a photo shoot of our 12 family members! Bozo was fantastic! He made everyone feel comfortable and was great at managing a large group at a busy time in the city. The photos are amazing and a wonderful keepsake of our trip. Thank you Bozo and Flytographer for such a wonderful experience. We will treasure our photos forever." - Nina B.


275. "The photos are so beautiful and exactly what I wanted. Ioannis was fun to work with and gave us a great restaurant recommendation for dinner after our session." - Katherine


276. "Our experience with Flytographer was first rate from start to finish. We couldn't believe that we got all of our photos back within 4 days after the shoot on a holiday no less! Can't wait to use Flytographer on our next family vacation." -Dan Bittner


277. "I can't say enough wonderful things about Flytographer. It was so simple to book, I always got a prompt reply, and our photographer Tracy was a delight! She was punctual and professional and most importantly took the time to listen to our family stories and used that to get a good idea of what we wanted captured in the photos. Oh, and the photos, they were absolutely perfect." - Alisha Anderson


278. "Alberto was such a pleasure to work with. He is personable, flexible, and really cares about his clients. Alberto truly captures the sentiment of the moment. He made the shoot so much fun and did a fantastic job picking out beautiful settings for our Florence shoot. We can't thank him enough !! Overall my experience with Flytogropher has been absolutely wonderful. Liss was amazing and very quickly responded to all my questions. I would highly reccomend Flytogropher to anyone looking for a unique and memorable experience that will last a lifetime!" - Ekta Vohra


279. "We had a wonderful experience for our proposal photoshoot with Flytographer at Varenna, Lake Como. Before the shoot, Tedi, our shoot concierge staff, and Marian, our photographer, were extremely helpful in helping me plan the proposal, including very helpful advice on locations, timing etc. On the day of the shoot, we had an amazing time! We were completely new to photoshoots but Marian was great at making us feel comfortable and at ease. She also knew Varenna inside-out and took us to many stunningly beautiful locations. We absolutely love all the photos!" - Matthew


280. "Our photos were amazing and Gancalo made sure to capture our special day. Every little detail was handled with true professionalism by the Flytographer team. We now have our engagement and our first trip to Paris captured in photographs, that we will always care for the entire of our loves. Thanks again!" - Juan and Susana


281. "Krystal was great at making suggestions with where to get the best shots between the madness of Euro Cup and Bastille Day and reassuring me the weather would clear when I got up to pouring rain morning of. She made us feel comfortable right away and the shoot was so fun we couldn't believe how quickly the time flew." - Lisa


282. "Tracy was the best!! Felt like we were friends for longer than the 1 hour we were together!! Her photos turned out great too!" - Becky Hoglund


283. "Roberta was amazing. She was great with the kids and family and an phenomenal photographer. She has a great artistic eye. The service was easy and organized. Loved how easy it came together and executed especially since this was a vacation photoshoot, I didn't want any extra stress." - Linda P.


284. "Paris is our favorite city in the world. Now we have the precious family photos that capture the joy we experience every time we visit." - Nicole Feliciano


285. "Flytographer is such a wonderful idea for capturing once in a lifetime memories. My partner and I had our babymoon in Italy and our photographer Serena captured our memories exactly how we envisioned them. She is such a sweet person and was an awesome guide for us in Venice for the location to shoot. Her photography vision is amazing! She also gave great direction on poses in photos." - Miya Goodwin


286. "Absolutely worth it. They have thought of everything, and are worth every penny." - Rowan


287. "I loved my Flytographer experience from beginning to end! Booking the photo shoot was so easy and simple. And our photographer, Karin, was fantastic to work with. She had great suggestions and made us feel very comfortable. Can't wait to use Flytographer again on my next trip!" - Rod


288. "This was our first shoot, and Natalee made us feel so comfortable! We had an amazing time shooting in Dubai! The location was amazing! I'm glad we booked with you guys! Thank you for the amazing pictures!" - Patrick and Alexis Pattillo


289. "Since booking until I received my pictures everything worked out perfect, great customer service and very well organized. Everybody loved my pictures, Olga my photographer was punctual and very professional, helped us with poses and we felt very comfortable. I recommend their service 100%." - Vanessa


290. "We had the pleasure of being captured by Johnny and it was one of the best experiences we have ever had. From the beginning; Johnny was professional, friendly, attentive and really easy to work with. The quality of his shots is absolutely amazing and a testament to the love he has for what he does." - Thabo


291. "My now husband and I received a Flytographer shoot from my Maid of Honor as part of our wedding gift. We were so excited to pick the destination on our honeymoon where we would use the shoot, and finally decided on Santorini, Greece. My husband and I had the best time wandering the tiny alleyways of Oia, and our photographer, Ioannis was such a pleasure to work with. Ioannis knew the best spots to get some amazing shots - despite there being lots of people around, it seemed as if we were the only two there. What a great experience, and now we have amazing memories of our honeymoon which we will cherish forever!" - Dana


292. "We landed in Budapest, with lost baggages. We had to re schedule our session and Melinda our photographer was so patient and understanding. We were lucky to have chosen her to take our family photographs. The session was very smooth and we enjoyed every minute of it. Natural posing, some chatting and lots of running after our little girl. Our experience with Flytographer was fabulous. It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip: having some family photographs captured ! Worth framing!" - Racha Hallak


293. "Johnny was amazing! He took the most amazing photos and I felt like I didn't even know he was there. So patient, amazing eye, a wonderful experience!!!" - Ric Rodriguez


294. "We planned our trip to Maui as a 20th Anniversary '2nd Honeymoon' and so we wanted to get a few more photos other than just selfies. Wendy was amazing and managed to capture lots of fun shots, as well as the beautiful gorgeous beach Kapalua Bay. They are memories that we will cherish forever!" - Scarlett


295. "Krystal was wonderful! Her easy-going personality made us feel very comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. The early morning shoot gave us Paris to ourselves, and we had fun recreating some moments from one of my daughter's favorite musicals - 'An American in Paris'. The photos from the shoot are lovely, and we will always cherish our mother-daughter trip." - Lisa


296. "What a great service! After searching on my own for a local photographer while traveling, I came across Flytographer. We had great communication leading up to our trip and they connected us with someone local (who happened to be originally from our home state!)" - Jennifer Vina


297. "This is 3rd time I have used Flytographer and I think it is the best service!! Our shoot concierge is always great at planning and coordinating the shoot. I look forward to our next trip so that we can get some more nice photos!!" - Renee


298. "I encourage all of you to try Flytographer - easy company to deal with and great photographer experience. Reasonable prices for memories that will last a lifetime. We had so much fun! Thanks again." - Gloria


299. "Our whole experience was great. I planned the perfect proposal and it was only possible because of them. I planned this over seas a few weeks before and everything worked out as planned. I would highly recommend Flytographer to anyone, you will not be disappointed. I would highly recommend Flytographer." - Steve


300. “We love our photos so much, and it was great way to capture our last trip before there are three of us! Thank you Flytographer!” - Lauren Silvestre


301. “ Having this photoshoot with Flytographer and Peter has been a wonderful experience.Not only was the service and assistance through the concierge always on-time and accurate, having Peter with his professionalism and good energy as our photographer made everything smooth and enjoyable.” - Ana Rivadeneira


302. "Flytographer was literally the PERFECT service to help me execute my engagement plans overseas. From the excellent customer service (who went absolutely above and beyond to help this amazing life event happen) to the premium staff of photographers, I couldn't have asked for anything better." - Warren


303. "I am really excited to have some vacation photos of my husband and I that aren't just selfies, or pictures of one another. We have NICE pictures, TOGETHER, to tell the story of our trip. While it may not be appropriate for every vacation, it's certainly something I would recommend and consider doing again!" - Amber


304. "I love the idea of this company. What a perfect memory of our trip and anniversary celebration! Our photo shoot was fun, easy, and enjoyable. Michael was very personable, knowledgeable about the city, and most importantly a great photographer. We were amazed at how quickly we received our pictures. They're great - thank you so much!" - Caitlin Spearson


305. "We loved working with Bozo. He was very personable and made the experience pleasurable. We were thrilled with the results." - Brianna


306. "Even when trying to coordinate a surprise (and complicated) proposal half a world away, working with Flytographer turned what could have been an administrative disaster into a seamless, wonderful experience. You guys are the freaking best. My new fiancée and I couldn't be happier with the photos. We wish we could fly Božo back home with us to photograph the wedding itself! Thanks for the incredible memories!" - Adam W.


307. "We really enjoyed working with Pono. We're a bit awkward in front of the camera, but he put us at ease. Thanks so much!" - Ligaya Scaff


308. "My husband and I will not forget this first experience in Seattle with Kelly and Flytographer! In a word, it was AMAZING! The photos are beyond our wildest imagination, the shoot was SO fun and added such a unique experience to our trip! I have told SO many people about Kelly and about Flytographer! I think you should hire me for marketing, press, and as a good will ambassador! I'm SOLD! I absolutely would come work for you in a heartbeat if possible!!!!! Love the concept and everything about it! We will use you again and again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Susan and Colby Thiele


309. "Our photographer, Sara, was amazing. We loved all of our photos and especially loved spending time with Sara. She was kind, sweet, and very informative on traveling tips. Thank you Flytographer for introducing us to such an amazing photographer/human being!" - Tram Lai


310. "Nadine was an absolute professional and joy to work with. Our session was the highlight of our trip! She made us feel so comfortable! Our pictures are beyond beautiful and we've gotten so many compliments for how unique they are. Thank you for making our trip wonderful and thank you for the dinner recommendation. The food was just what we were looking for and we got to see a new side of Amsterdam." - Elyse Turner


311. "Lydia was so sweet and just the perfect photographer! We are so happy everything worked out with our last minute plans. WE LOVE LOVE the photos. Lydia did a great job and we are definitely using Flytographer again when we travel! :)" - Ammy


312. "We loved our photo session and the professional work of Flytographer." - Tannia


313. "Krystal was amazing. She was very professional and made me feel very comfortable throughout my photo session in Paris. The photographs were stunning. I will be using Flytographer in the future!" - Kisha


314. "The entire experience with Flytographer was fantastic, end to end. From the day I started looking at the website for packages, to the day Ernir (our photographer) did the surprise proposal photoshoot, I felt very comfortable and confident with Flytographer. The photos were amazing and captured all our crucial moments; they will be cherished forever." - Paulom Shah


315. "Using Flytographer was so easy and stress free! We got all the information we needed, and Roberta, our photographer was awesome! She was so fun and got some great shots for us. We got the photos quickly and they were beautiful. I can't wait to use this service again! It's awesome!!!" - Courtney Samuel


316. "What can I say other than everything was great! She was totally surprised as planned and the shoot was wonderful! Thank you for everything you did." - Evan K.


317. "We couldn't be happier with our DUMBO shoot in NYC. The Flytographer process fit so well into our quick vacation - it felt like it fit perfectly into our packed agenda. And it was so painless that my husband even enjoyed it. We will definitely book again next time we travel!" - Megan


318. "Our experience was amazing! Conie and Caitlin helped me so much with planning my proposal and keeping it a secret. My fiancé was so surprised! Connie did an amazing job of capturing the moment for us! I couldn't be happier with how the shoot went and how the pictures turned out! I'd definitely recommend Conie and the Flytographer team to anyone!" - Eric Holman


319. "What a wonderful way to capture the beauty of Sorrento. From start to finish Flytographer was an amazing way to capture our memories. The booking process was easy. The photographers were great. The overall experience was top notch!" - Abbe D.


320. "We booked our photos in Paris to have a nice souvenir of our honeymoon. Krystal was our top choice for photographer so we were thrilled that she was available for our shoot! We absolutely loved the locations she recommended and enjoyed wandering the streets of Paris with Krystal to capture our pictures. We couldn't have asked for a better shoot or more perfect souvenir from our honeymoon." - Sarah and David


321. "It was our honeymoon and we wanted our shoot to be special. Kimonas made us comfortable right from the first shot! He also wouldn't hesitate from taking crazy shots...which we loved. He really captured our romance in the beautiful sunset in Fira, Greece, and he gave us pictures we will cherish for a lifetime! We would definitely use Flytographer again to capture our memories around the world!" - Pooja Thaker


322. "We will be coming back next year and want to use you all again. This time with our kids! New Yorkers are some of the nicest people anywhere and we have fallen in love with this wonderful and exciting city! Thank you for capturing our 27th anniversary and leaving us with beautiful shoots of our trip! I can't say enough to emphasize what a wonderful experience this was! A+ in my book! Thank you thank you!" - Michelle Sinclair


323. "Thank you so so much for taking such perfect photos of us in Santorini!! We are very impressed with the results, and are having a hard time picking our favourites to frame! Kimonas is such a talented photographer. So glad we decided to do this photoshoot! Thank you Kimonas and Flytographer!" - Yara Z.


324. "There are honestly not enough words to describe how happy we are with our Flytographer experience!
As this was a proposal shoot, a lot was behind the scenes and Caitlin couldn't have been more professional, informative and helpful. The preparation of the shoot was extremely detailed including the very helpful video call to arrange location and how I was going to propose. I felt very confident knowing exactly how everything would happen. As for the shoot itself, well Olga our photographer was just perfect! Considering I had never done a photo shoot before, I couldn't have felt more comfortable and I know my Fiancée felt exactly the same. She was kind hearted, professional and knew exactly how to make the shoot just perfect.
We are truly over the moon with our Flytographer experience and I will be recommending the company and photographer forever. You made the proposal to my fiancée 100 times easier and more memorable than ever. I am so grateful for everything done. And the photos are just beautiful. Looking at them brings back the unforgettable memories and emotions every time. Thank you so much for making such a magical moment even more memorable." - Ollie Dulley


325. "Flytographer is so simple- from the scheduling/planning to the actual shoot to the delivery of the pictures. Smiles all around!" - Satyam


326. "Armando was great to work with. We have been together since we were 15 years old and these are the best pictures we have ever had taken." - Matthew Markland


327. "Loved working with Flytographer. Liss was amazing to work with, and made the process so easy. Ernir was a fantastic photographer, and was super helpful with the planning of the proposal. Would highly recommend this company. I have no complaints! We will forever treasure our beautiful proposal pictures in Iceland." - Mike Yoson


328. "Santiago, our photographer in Punta Cana, was great! Not only did he help me and my family plan our shoot, he assisted with arranging transportation from our hotel to the shoot site. He made sure he was available to answer any questions and even added additional time to make sure we got the pictures we wanted. I'll use Flytographer again for sure!" - Khalilah Johnson


329. "Flytographer has amazing customer service. They got you all the needed within time, and the photographers are excellent and talented and they deliver on time." - Lina Hursi


330. "Miyuki understood right away the look and backgrounds we were interested in and took us immediately to the best places in Tokyo to achieve it. She put us at ease right away and captured images that we were astonished to see as finished products -- excellent photos that we will always cherish." - Christopher H.


331. "Chelsea in Honolulu is absolutely fantastic! Not only did she take the most stunning family photos of us on vacation, she also made the whole session a ton of fun and was so great with my grandparents and my young children - as if we were with an old friend! Thank you Chelsea, this was the best experience and I am so happy with the results!" - Stacey Segal


332.  Working with Lucille was a pleasure and we would do it again any time! She was great with directions and very comfortable to be around. We received beautiful pictures and will never forget that special trip to Paris as newlyweds. We would book Flyrographer again, it was a really good experience. Merci!" - Sabrina Boehm


333. "Amy was so much fun. She made us all feel comfortable and made us laugh. We wanted her to hang out with us all weekend! The photographs are wonderful and really capture our fun birthday weekend. We will recommend Flytographer to everyone we know. Thanks for being a part of this special weekend!" - Dana Simmons


334. "Roberta was lovely and fantastic to work with! She was flexible with when and where to meet and made sure we hit all the spots we wanted during our shoot! Flytographer was very helpful in setting up 2 shoots for me in 2 different cities. Thank you!We would absolutely recommend her and Flytographer!" - Lauren


335. "Alberto was fantastic! We were thrilled to work with him for our engagement photo shoot in Florence. He was flexible and gave us great recommendations on where we could get the best photos and was willing to go back and forth on plans until we decided on what was perfect! He was also willing to give us restaurant recommendations and told us some history of the city while we walked around during our shoot. Flytographer was very helpful and accommodating in helping us set up 2 photo shoots in both Florence and Rome during our vacation. They also set us up with great, friendly, and talented photographers." - Lauren


336. "We have been planning our trip to Paris to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary for over a year, and the decision to book Flytographer to capture our celebration was the best decision we made. Although it was raining the day of our shoot, we decided to move forward despite the lack of sunshine. We met up with Olga in the early evening and I think the misty rain made the experience and photos even more magical, because Paris is beautiful no matter the weather. We are overjoyed with the stunning photos Olga took of us and our family! They are everything I hoped for and more, and we will treasure them always. Thank you Olga, and Flytographer for offering the gift of memories. From now on, we will book a photo shoot with Flytographer for every vacation." - Marisa


337. "I didn't even know where to start trying to find a local photographer in Italy when I decided to take engagement pictures on our trip. Flytographer provides a valuable service and we had a great experience beginning to end. Our photographers were flexible and understanding as we worried about weather and were willing to reschedule. My fiancé and I will cherish these photos!" - Kelly


338. "This was an amazing experience! We are so excited to have photos from our once in a lifetime trip to Dublin that we can frame! There is only so much we could do with the photos we took with our phones and selfies! Vanessa was so sweet and made us very comfortable. We would use her a million times over because her photos turned out amazing!! The service Flytographer provides is so unique and valuable. Thank you so much for all that you offer!!!" - Shabree


339. "I never like my photos taken...but Mairead did a great job and made me comfortable. She did a great job and this company is the best around for capturing special moments while traveling! I would highly recommend them to everyone!!! My husband said he loves all the pictures because i look natural and not stiff! Thank you for capturing a special moment for my husband and myself." - Joan


340. "Our experience with Flytographer was phenomenal. Our shoot concierge, Liss, was fantastic about keeping in touch while we were trying to get the details worked out. Our Flytographer, Vanessa, was amazing and made us feel incredibly comfortable. We had used Flytographer twice before and this was by far our favorite experience (BUT they were all amazing!)." - Vanessa


341. "Flytographer is extremely prompt with answering emails and sending photos after the shoot is over. They made the entire process easy for me...especially in a foreign country. Tania, my photographer was very skilled as a photographer - she knew exactly where to stand for the right light in pictures. Standing in front of a camera, posing for pictures can get awkward but she made the process more enjoyable. Thank you Caitlin from Flytographer and Tania!" - Sadie Kim


342. "What an excellent way to capture our 10th anniversary! Flytographer has been super accommodating and experienced at every step, be it during the coordination of location to sending a sneak preview photo to keep us on the edge of our seats !! Thank you and it was so worth it !!" - Shamena & Daud


343. "Kimonas was great and made us feel comfortable during our shoot. We are amazed at how great the photos came out! Thanks so much for such a great experience and great pictures." - Chrishana White


344. "Bayu was wonderful! This was our second time using Flytographer and we're so happy with the results! It's such a wonderful way to capture the essence of our travels and now we feel like we can't go anywhere without also booking Flytographer. Thank you for the fun memories!" - Huong


345. "Flytographer was a last-minute decision for me -- I wanted a souvenir that would last a lifetime and represent this awesome moment in my life. I'm so glad I did it! It was definitely worth every penny, and I love knowing I can share these memories with my grandchildren one day. I'm definitely going to book Flytographer again for other trips I take! Krystal, my photographer, was incredible. She was warm and friendly, super knowledgeable, and gave me lots of direction -- which I needed. I generally hate having my photo taken, but she made me feel very relaxed and beautiful -- and I think it shows in the results!" - Elizabeth Friedland


346. "Before having the photoshoot, we were not that sure that everything will be as good as we wanted to. But the session went great and we are very happy that we did take this photoshoot. We are glad that we will have this special "souvenir" from our honeymoon trip." - Krzysztof


347. "Orlando put my reserved husband and son at ease right away, and his knowledge of beautiful and interesting locations to shoot was invaluable. He had a number of fun, creative ideas to help keep my young son entertained -- and burn off some energy -- and those photos are some of our favorites." - Sadie Conway


348. "Flytographer made setting up a photographer thousands of kilometres away very easy and all details were attended to!" - Trevor H.


349. "Our photographer Olga was wonderful with us. We felt at ease instantly with her. She suggested a few different locations for us that worked out better than I anticipated. It was so nice to have a photograph memory that wasn't a selfie." - Amy Schwartz


350. "What I was impressed with the most was that  our photographer Orlando did his research on his own about our hotel and suggested we go up to the terrace to take photos. That individual creativity was great and we wouldn't had thought about it ourselves which resulted in one of the best photos. The photos truly define us and what we love to do." - Ena


351. "This is the second time I've used Vanessa as my Flytographer in Dublin. I cannot tell you enough how amazing she is! She makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed that you almost forget you are in the middle of a session. It's more like having a friend with an expert eye taking pictures. I know I'll be back in Dublin and have no doubts that I'll have her there to capture antics during another adventure! She was wonderful and the photos all turned out beautifully. She's the best!!!" - Bryce


352. "Honestly with the level of professionalism I received from everyone I encountered with Flytographer, I would have never guessed that you were a start-up! You do amazing work & as some that loves traveling and photos, I think this is an amazing concept! I contacted Flytographer when planning our trip to Rome to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. I wanted way to capture our time in this beautiful city. From my very first contact with Flytographer, the planning process was smooth, efficient, and effortless. The shoot concierge, Liss, was responsive, thorough and very helpful; our photographer, Roberta, was personable & we absolutely love the photos! We cannot wait to display them in our home and to use Flytographer again to capture our vacation memories!" - Jennifer Carter


353. "Thanks to Mairead, it was so much fun! And when we received the sneak peek sent by Flytographer, we were super surprised and longed for the rest of our photos! Soon after, our photos were ready and I can't stop sharing these lovely photos with friends!" - Sarah


354. "Thanks to Roberta we had an amazing morning exploring Rome. Flytographer really is leaps and bounds better than coming home with a stack of selfies - we are so grateful to have these incredible moments captured in such a beautiful city!" - Louise


355. "For our 25th wedding anniversary we made a trip to New York and Washington with our children, probably also the last vacation that we made just the four of us together. So to capture this special vacation we booked Flytographer. It was really fun meeting Johnny at Dumbo and Brooklyn Bridge. He is such a nice guy! We asked pictures of the 4 of us and also individual ones of the children and that's exactly what we got! It was very crowded in the district that evening, but you can't see that in the pictures at all! So glad that I found Flytographer before we went to NY! It was a really nice experience :-)" - Francoise


356. "Absolutey amazing! From when Guido first saw us; he was amazing. Took us to amazing spots in Rome and the pictures were stunning. My girlfriend was so surpised and she loves the photos so much. Guido was very knowledgeable and takes fantasic photos. Love everything with Flytographer, from the planning to the video calls. Amazing, aboslutely amazing!!" - Gurjeet Kainth


357. "The experience with Flytographer has been amazing. We really had a great time with Claudia from Lisbon. She really understood what we had been looking for. I have found Flytographer with Instagram and wanted to make beautiful memories of our 15 anniversary we were celebrating in Lisbon and my long time boyfriend has proposed to me while shooting with Claudia at The Palacio da Pena in Sintra. What a suprise! Lucky for me, Claudia was there to captures theses precious memories. Thanks for making it so special and memorable." Elise and Yan


358. "I had a great time with Falcon! She made me relax, and she's just so sweet! Thank you and I really really would like to Flytographer AGAIN!!" - Yuri


359. "Awesome experience from working with the shoot concierge to the photographer! Seamless, professional, and carefree process. Will never forget our experience and the photos were fantastic." - Terry S.


360. "Paige was amazing!!!! So patient with us crazy girls :). I am beyond pleased with the experience start to end and would absolutely use this service again. Thanks again, Paige! The girls LOVED you!" - Allie Piccolo


361. "Roberta was OUTSTANDING! I highly recommend! She was fun to be around, made me feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera, even my husband had a great time (you know how hard it is to make guys smile for the camera! LOL).She was on time, professional, easy-going, and had a lot of information about the area. She had great recommendations on where to eat and sights to see. I cannot say enough good things!" - Ashley LaPrade


362. "Great experience! Highly recommend to anyone wanting some beautiful photos to remember a trip!" - S.T.


363. "Flytographer was a great experience even for me who prefers to be behind the camera not in front of it. Hector made me feel comfortable and my mom loved him! It was her first trip to London and I wanted a special experience and souvenir for her with historic London (i.e. Big Ben) and a bit of fun with present day London via the colorful street art. The photos are great and Hector even captured me behind the camera in my natural state which is one of my favorites!" - Suzanne Wolko


364. "My friends and me have used Flytographer in Prague and Amsterdam and each experience has been unique. A great resource while traveling to make sure you capture those moments and "everyone" gets in the picture." - Stacey Miller


365. "The photographers knowledge of each area is paramount for a successful shoot. As a traveller, you often don't have the time to research the fine details of how busy an area is going to be or what time of day will yield the best lighting." - Elena Murzello


366. "My boyfriend and I booked a babymoon to Italy during my 6th month of pregnancy. I wanted to take maternity photos in a beautiful place and what better place than Italy. We booked an hour shoot with Ramon and Sonia during our time in Cinque Terre. They arranged for us to meet in the most beautiful town at sunset. They were extremely accommodating and easy to work with before meeting as rain was planned for sunset so we moved our shoot to morning. We had such a blast and felt so comfortable! The town was very touristy but our photographer managed to capture just us and do a great job at keeping others out of our shots. My boyfriend planned on proposing during our shoot (which was such a beautiful surprise) and since he and our photographer both spoke Italian, I don't, they were able to plan the perfect moment. Our photographer captured everything perfectly! We are so happy with our photos and experience. It was so beautiful to relive such a special day. Thank you so much to Flytographer and Ramon and Sonia. I hope to plan another shoot with our bundle of joy soon." - Michele


367. "Very happy with the entire process, I was able to book a fantastic photographer in a very short amount of time. The photos turned out great!" - Nick Mane


368. "We have received a Flytographer session as a wedding gift and it was a great idea. Going for the first time to Asia, travelling for the first time as husband and wife, we wanted beatiful pictures that could testify our hapiness and our honeymoon. Our photographer Bayu was very nice, helped us relax and was a great company. It was great fun, and our pictures are just amazing!!" - Renata and Pedro


369. "I absolutely love our photos!!! They are gorgeous!" - Jacqueline


370. "This was my first time hiring a photographer abroad. It was a great experience, Emma was amazing and professional. Will definitely do this again." - Mariam


371. "As repeat Flytographer customers, we can attest that this will be one of your trip's most memorable experiences!" - Jessica Soto


372. "We had a fantastic afternoon with Tom in Bangkok topped off by stunning photos, which will always remind us of our trip. Even on a swelteringly hot day, Tom captured our best side and each picture is special in its own way. We're planning our next trip already and will definitely use Flytographer!" - Kate and Steven


373. "I'm so glad I found Flytographer! Conie was amazing! My husband and I were very camera shy, but Conie made us feel comfortable and gave us a lot of much needed direction. She also asked for our input, which was nice as well. Our photos are beautiful and even my husband (who hates taking pictures), loved them!" - Terria Murray


374. "Fast! Simple! And pain-free! Superb service! It's a great way to get connected with experienced, fun local photographers! I even had a nice reminder from Caitlin, my Shoot Concierge, to look at the weather forecast. :) Loved my photographer, Olga. She was fun, approachable, accommodating and more importantly, took amazing photos of us!" - Conny


375. "Very cool and unique experience in Paris." - John Furey


376. "My experience with Flytographer generally, and Julia specifically, far exceeded my expectations. Coordinating with Flytographer was prompt and efficient. She was on time and an absolute pleasure to work with. She gave the perfect amount of suggestions and structure to the shoot while still capturing the candid playfulness of our young family. She is an absolute professional and an asset to your business. Her knowledge of the area led us to the perfect setting for our shoot. The pictures were delivered promptly and the quality is excellent. I had high expectations for these photographs and she exceeded them by A LOT! I will definitely recommend Flytographer and Julia. Thank you!" - Lauren Dossey


377. "We were surprised by how good the photos are and the entire experience is really enjoyable. The assistance provided prior to the shoot was also extremely helpful in my preparation of the surprise proposal!" Joel and Jean


378. "Kimonas was a delight to work with! Here embraced my ideas of what style I liked and went above and beyond to make it happen. I am so glad I choose Flytographer to capture our memories. From start to finish it was easy and fun!!!" - Kristy Yaukey


379. "Naomi was an amazing photographer. She made everyone feel so comfortable and it shows in the photos! The experience was beyond my expectations. Communication was flawless, especially with the help of the concierge. I could not be happier! Thank you SOOOO much for the beautiful photos!! We will surely cherish them forever." - Tina


380. “When I saw Flytographer for the first time it was love at first sight. A proposal is one of the most important moments in our lives and I had to plan everything to perfection. Thanks to Flytographer, I received valuable advice and information regarding the whole planning. It exceeded my expectations and made everything really easy. Such a wonderful staff (the concierge) and our talented photographer Johnny made my proposal moment one that I will never forget ! And I get to share the moment with everyone!” - Andrei & Ana


381. "We enjoyed shooting with Roberta. She made us feel comfortable being in front other camera. Our photos came out exactly how we wanted, candid and fun. The transitional time to receive the finished photos was quick! We will be using this service again when we travel." - Frank + Nico


382. "We had a great time on our first Flytographer shoot in Tofino! Our photographer, Jenn, was very friendly and made us feel totally at ease in front of the camera. She took us to the most gorgeous bay in Tofino, so we not only got great photos out of the shoot but were also able to do some exploring in a beautiful location. We had a ton of fun and are so happy to have these photos as memories of our trip to such a stunning place." - Allie Cinats


383. "Amazing experience with an expert photographer. Thank you again for the wonderful memories and photos.
Thank you for making our weeding anniversary so unique and special." - Hanouf


384. "Mary & Maurizio were absolutely phenomenal! They made it a fun, comfortable experience with the most memorable, beautiful photos to capture our honeymoon. We'll of course be singing their praises. Also, on an admin note, I was completley impressed with the concierge service: incredibly friendly, kind, organized, and quick to respond. I was impressed that they could book a shoot in the same week!!" - Lauren and Aaron Levinger


385. "One of the best things we did on our recent trip to Italy was our photo shoot with Flytographer photographer Alice. She captured incredible moments for us beyond our selfies and landscapes that we would have returned home with had we not hired their services. We plan to engage the company again on our next family trip to Hawaii and on future vacations. Flytographer is such a brilliant concept that I wish I thought of it first! It's a disservice to your vacation not to capture your memories on film by a professional. " - Nikki Weiss-Goldstein


386. "When I was planning our first trip to England I wanted to book a professional photo shoot but I had no idea how to find a photographer in the area that had a great portfolio. So I missed an opportunity to capture great family memories of my first trip over the pond. I was thrilled when I found Flytographer. It is a local company for me and I was guided wonderfully through the process of booking a shoot for our trip. Our first experience was with Jimmy in London. He was so friendly and made us feel comfortable throughout the shoot. He surpassed our expectations and we were so grateful for the stunning photos. It was an easy decision to book Flytographer for our next vacation in Ireland. Vanessa was amazing, taking us around Temple bar and showing us some great places to explore. We had a family shoot this time, as I explained the importance of having my spouse capture some amazing memories beautifully with her parents. It is a true gift to see the laughter and love shine through. It is amazing that Flytographer has found incredible talent in many parts of the world, welcoming and friendly people who keep dream vacations alive through photographing memories!" - Cheryl


387. "We are so impressed with our photo's from our shoot in Paris, we can not wait to use Flytographer for our next trip and have told everyone about the great service and quality. Everyone is in awe of our beautiful photos from such a special trip! Thanks, Olga & Flytographer!" - Cameron and Natasha Notaro


388. "Absolutely love Siza! She made our engagement that much more special. We couldn't be happier with how everything turned out!" - Jeff G.


389. "We are very pleased with Flytographer for coordinating our amazing engagement photo trip to Paris and specially to our photographer Olga who is an incredible artist as she was able to capture in all its grandeur our emotional engagment moment. She is a very sensible and talented professional that guided us through the difficult task of staging our engagment photos in the vibrant city of Paris while allowing for the natural spontaneous expresions of the moment. She is a superb photogrpher and we'll call on her again. Great job!!!" - Felix Carpio


390. "I can't thank Flytographer and Siza enough for our beautiful pictures. They came out better then I could have imagined! The whole process from start to finish was such an easy and fun process, that I would definitely do again! I highly recommend using Flytographer, even if you are not the most comfortable in front of the camera, it is worth it to have those pictures! I'm so glad we have such great pictures to remember our trip to Venice with!" - Kristine Gagnon


391. "We had a great shoot with Serena! She was very warm and flexible, and we got the most wonderful photos! So great having these photographs to remember our trip rather than just selfies! Thank you!" - Diana


392. "Flytographer is great! We are so happy with our pictures and the whole process was flawless...from being matched with a photographer all they way through receiving our pictures!! Thanks to Mackenzie for delivering gorgeous photos of our family!! :) We had a great time during the shoot!!" - Lindsay


393. "We loved Siza so much! She was so amazing so sweet and so very accommodating! There aren't enough words to describe how much fun we had with her. Our concierge Caitlin was amazing as well. Very responsive, helpful and accommodating! This experience is something I will never forget and will always be special! Thank you so much for everything and we can't wait to book our Christmas shoot in December!" - Diana


394. "The booking process with Flytographer was great - they made it so simple and everything was taken care of. Armando was great - so attentive and got all the right shots. Job well done!" - Marisa Pilato


395. "We had a wonderful experience using Flytographer. Our concierge was very responsive and helpful and our photographers were amazing! We're thrilled with the whole experience and would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for vacation photos abroad!" - Maya


396. "Great experience with Falcon in NYC! I was little hesitant to use Flytographer since I just stumbled upon the website right before our trip but I'm so glad I booked. Our photographer was so friendly & creative. We got some great shots that we will cherish for years to come. Excited to use Flytographer again on future trips!!" - Amy


397. "We wanted to take advantage of amazing backdrops while in Barcelona and arranged a photo session with Orlando to shoot my daughters senior class pictures. The concierge took care of all the arrangements and all we had to do is show up and smile. Having never been to Barcelona or having done a professional photo shoot, Orlando made everything super easy! His talent for finding "light" to make the photos amazing was fantastic. He was easy to work with, asked for feedback to meet our needs. We are already planning on using Flytographer on a future trip, but this time for family photos!" - Tracy Ternberg


398. "Flytographer made the whole experience as accommodating as possible. I couldn't have asked for better customer service. Siza was fantastic, very helpful, and the photos are amazing!!" - Anthony


399. "I had one of the best experiences in my life while taking photos in Santorini by the talented and very friendly photographer Anna. I never regret hiring Flytographer and for me it was a dream came true. Thank you very much for giving me such an amazing professional service for such great memories." - Muzz

400. "I am in amazement of the awesome experience I had with Flytographer! From the moment I browsed the site, to the moment we got our pictures!” - Amanda Khampha


401. "Marta was incredible to work with! She was helpful in making me feel comfortable and took me to places that had beautiful scenery. We did our shoot very late in the day, so we combated crowds, but she made sure to find inventive ways of getting the best photos. I have already recommended Flytographer to many family and friends! I believe that this is the best way to capture vacation photos! So many people don't get good photos of their vacation, and this is a perfect way to remember the trip and not spend a ton of money or time!" - Jennifer Stuart


402. "I cant express enough how grateful we are for Flytographer capturing an unforgettable moment for us." - Dustin Cox


403. "Rajesh was great!:) He made us feel really comfortable during the shoot!:) also helped that we started early to avoid the crowd. Thank you so much Rajesh and Flytographer for the wonderful experience!" - Carl Jatico


404. "I booked Flytographer to capture our proposal. From start to finish they were fantastic - great ideas, brilliant coordination (our shoot concierges Jen and Tedi were fabulous), always responding promptly to even the smallest question. Flytographer could not have made it easier and the end result is more than I (we) could possibly have hoped. A special mention though needs to go to our photographers. Thank you Michelle and Alvin (Singapore) - we could not be happier with the photographs. We will definitely use Flytographer again!" - John-Oliver Dunn


405. "This is already our 2nd time shooting with Flytographer this year. Again, the team exceeded our expectations in so many ways. Time passed by so quickly during the shoot. We were just being ourselves and we had so much fun. Our photographer Olga did a beautiful engagement shoot for us in front of the Eiffel Tower, and it was like a dream come true. Can't wait to work with Flytographer again on our honeymoon!" - Angela


406. "We had a great experience with Flytographer. Having recommended wonderful photographers half way around the world along with a great concierge made for a wonderful experience that I'd definitely use again." - Caitlin


407. "Flytographer was amazing and extremely accommodating! We heard about them 3 days before our trip and got the bookings / confirmation in 3 days. It was definitely last minute but they organized and answered emails over the weekend to get it done! Chelsea our photographer was exactly as the feedback says - just fantastic! Great shoot and would recommend her to all going to Honolulu! Everyone going on vacation should book a shoot with Flytographer!!!" - Kenneth


408. "Very easy and very comfortable. We had a great time and the pics came out GREAT!" - Catherine Menendez


409. "Liss was our shooting concierge and she was prompt in her responses and was great at communicating with our photographer Serena. Serena was very accommodating, meeting us early in the morning and listened to our likes and dislikes. Most importantly, her photos turned out great! Love all the locations, shots and directions. Very natural and she was sure to remind us to be closer or look at each other which I found to be very useful! My mind was blank during the shoot and Serena's directions helps a lot. Serena was also very efficient, we managed to shoot in multiple locations during our 2 hours. We also received our photos very quickly!" - Vitor Sou


410. "Alice made our experience in Florence very memorable! It was our first time in front of a professional camera together, but she was comfortable to work with and helped capture some beautiful shots! We will be using these special photos as our engagement memories :)" - Tamara and Nik


411. "Our experience with Flytographer was amazing! From the beginning, everything was so organized and well planned. Our photographer, Naomi, was awesome, so sweet and made our shoot so much fun! We would definitely book again and would highly recommend Naomi to anyone! Thanks so much, Flytographer!" - Lara Davis


412. "We decided to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary in the wonderful city Venice. Siza is a great photographer. She is very friendly, professional and helpful. We are really happy with the photos :-) Our shoot was absolutely fantastic!" - Jolien and Michael


413.  "Highly recommended Flytographer! Whether you are traveling or just need a professional photographer nearby they are fantastic to work with and you walk away with memories to share!" - Jen Nordine


414. "I've used Flytographer twice so far and the pictures have turned out to be phenomenal. I am so happy I found Flytographer as the photographers we've worked with as well as the customer service all around have been so helpful, kind, and talented." - Yina


415. "My FIANCÉ :-) is normally pretty uncomfortable with having her picture taken, but Simone was amazing! She was able to make both of us feel so comfortable throughout the season. She was laughing and enjoying this huge moment in our lives right along side of us! I also appreciated her experience in both the location and the atmosphere we wanted our photos to portray! She was able to recommend a variety of poses is multiple locations throughout the park and even though the fog had already rolled in, she still found ways to to get the perfect shot! After the shoot Simone even recommended some places to eat that night and even took the time to do it again a few days later which is above and beyond what anyone should expect!" - Dylan Chabot


416. "Everyone knows my boyfriend does not like having his picture taken. This was the best experience, however - Natascha felt like an old friend, and she really took the time to point out cool spots and hidden gems around the city, and I could tell the conversation helped put Paul at ease and make him feel more comfortable. It was much more relaxed than I could have hoped for, and I love the resulting photos. They are so special and really captured the essence of our relationship as well as the surrounding distinctive landmarks of Vienna. I will be booking with Flytographer again for sure - and as far as Natascha, she was absolutely wonderful. If I'm ever in the area again, we will have to make sure we schedule with her again!" - Paris


417. "Caitlin and Liss from Flytographer were super amazing and allowed us to connect with some of the coolest photographers out there!" - John Nguyen


418. "What a priceless memories that Silvia was able to capture for my husband and I while we were on vacation. We are beyond grateful we invested in Flytographer. We are beyond thrilled with the images and plan to use Flytographer on every international trip we take from here forward." - Maree'


419. "A great service for couples or families on vacation and looking for a fun, memorable professional photoshoot! Santiago went above and beyond to make sure he got the right shots for us!" - Tenille


420. "Flytographer, and wonderful photographer, Samantha, did such a good job of capturing a very special mother-son trip with my 11 year old in Anaheim CA. Without Flytographer I wouldn't have had a single decent photo of the two of us, let alone many, many fabulous shots to treasure. This was my 3rd Flytographer shoot, after equally great experiences in Sydney, Australia and Quebec, Canada. We now look forward to Flytographer as part of our holiday experience - loving not just the photos but the time exploring with a fun, knowledgeable local!" - Kristen Telford


421. "Truly one of the most memorable experiences of my life! My boyfriend arranged a photo session in Central Park that was supposed to be in celebration of my birthday however it was a surprise proposal. The photographer did an amazing job of capturing our natural reactions and moments of our engagement. These photos will forever be a part of the beginning of our journey together. Thank you!" - Nate and Cherisse


422. "The multi-generational shoot was brilliant: The pictures are better than we expected and the experience will be remembered by us forever... it has brought us closer together! Teagan, the photographer, was a great match for us.....we are a casual family and her down-to-earth personality and kind-hearted personality was a perfect match for us! Caitlin, our Shoot Concierge was so wonderful, sweet, and went above and beyond to ensure we had the best shoot possible! What a star!" - Theresa Caiger


423. "We are so glad we used Flytographer on our trip to Santorini. The photographer captured the true beauty of our destination. It was nice to not ask strangers or use selfie stick/go pro for pictures of both of us. We are very happy with our pictures. Flytographer was great in putting our photo shoot together and will definitely use them again in future travels." - Melissa


424. "We had an amazing time with Eliska! Plenty of pictures were taken while Eliska took us on a secret route of hers, it's unbelievable how great the pictures turned out and we would definitely recommend her to our friends!" - Sherry


425. "We are absolutely thrilled with the photographs from our recent Ireland trip. The whole experience from start to finish was fantastic. We could not have asked for a better experience. Aoife our photographer was perfect for our family. She was even keeled and patient! We would highly recommend using Flytograper and can't wait until our next trip!" - Christy Luttrell


426. "My husband and I had the best time with our photo shoot in Vienna with Natascha. The process in booking with Flytographer was really easy and straightforward. Liss, the Flytographer Concierge, sent out timely reminders and information as the date got closer. The questions asked to help with planning the session were pretty intuitive as well. We are very happy with our pictures. They are the perfect gift we can give ourselves during our trip as we mark 10 years of marriage. Thank you so much for making this possible and easy!" - Dafny and Stuart


427. "Absolutely loved my photos from Olga! I chose the 30-min session and was concerned that having all of my pictures in one spot might end up boring - but I was so impressed with how Olga was able to get so many unique angles & perspectives in the area we chose. I especially loved her use of the birds to capture an amazing photo in front of the Eiffel Tower that I HAVE to frame. We love having these pictures to remember a very special trip. We definitely plan to use Flytographer for our next big trip and have already told my friends to do the same." - Brittany


428. "We had a very good experience with Flytographer. Booking our photoshoot was easy and convenient. Caitlin, our shoot concierge, was promt in answering emails and made sure that everything is set before our photoshoot. Our photographer, Ioannis, was very professional and he really knows where to take the best photos in Santorini. We did not only enjoy our photoshoot but we also enjoyed the perfect views of Santorini. Overall, we had fun during the photoshoot and best of all we love our Santorini photos." - Darlene Cabunilas


429. "Francisco took beautiful photos of us and really captured our excitement about being in Madrid for our 20th wedding anniversary. Francisco was SO accommodating and helpful. He even walked us to a great restaurant afterward and a few days later we met him and his girlfriend for tapas and drinks. Truly, a fabulous experience from start to finish. We absolutely loved the entire Flytographer experience. This is such a brilliant business with a fantastic end product. Thank you for making our celebration so special! I'm so grateful Google led me to you!" - Kathryn


430. "The photos came back better than I expected. Liz was amazing and very professional. We changed the shoot time at very short notice due to weather changes and Liz was very helpful to accommodate that. Definitely would recommend Liz for anyone wants to shoot beautiful photos in Copenhagen." - Melinda


431. "I have used Flytographer twice now (once in Paris and once in London), and each time has been an absolute pleasure. I appreciate the high level of organization and responsiveness of the concierge team, and the photographers I have worked with have been amazing both in terms of their level of professionalism and the quality of their work." - Sylvia Colella


432. "Caitlin and Liss from Flytopgrapher were a awesome in helping us connect with Daniel from Tokyo and Robert from Seoul to do our honeymoon shoot! It was a no-brainer and easy process to get professional photographers to do our shoot while we did our travelling :)" - John N.


433. "Flytographer helped us capture such an important milestone in our lives: our engagement. The proposal planning experience was smooth, well organized, and fun! Caitlin, our shoot concierge, was very thorough and made sure we had everything covered-- from determining the exact proposal spot to coaching me about how I should kneel. She's amazing and she really knows her stuff! Yukiya ("Coo"), our photographer, was an integral part of the surprise. He agreed to pose as a tour guide to pull the wool over my fiancé's eyes, and he was very convincing! He made us feel at ease during the shoot, and it was as if we were touring the shrine with a friend. We love how he was able to capture the humor and lighthearted spirit that characterize us." - Nic Muncal


434. "AMAZING! More than I had even hoped for!" - Julie Willy


435. "Our time in Lisbon was short, so I am eternally grateful Ana Lucia captured these AMAZING photos at Belem on a picture-perfect morning. Honestly? We will cherish them forever. Not only do we adore the photos, but our entire experience with Flytographer was just fantastic. I don't think I expected to gain a new friend in the process. Thank you for making our 20th anniversary so memorable!" - Kathryn


436. "We had the best experience with Flytographer and our photographer Tania! The booking service was very easy and responsive to all our questions. I was initially hesitant to spend the money on an untested service especially with the chance the photographer wouldn't be what we wanted but the service was great and so was Tania! The concierge was very responsive and he booking and billing was easy and professional. Tania was AWESOME! She met us exactly where she described and we took off from there. She worked with us to get the perfect photos. We are not a family that is very comfortable in front of a camera but Tania gave us great direction and the photos turned out looking natural and easy! We are so pleased to have such nice photos to remember our trip." - Sarah


437. "Lucille was absolutely brilliant for our photoshoot! From the moment we spoke via video conference up until the important moment, everything went as planned as we had plenty of communication before the day of the shoot. Would definitely recommend anyone who needs to take a surprise proposal shoot or going abroad and just want brilliant pictures that will last a life time! Also big thanks to the Flytographer staff Liss who coordinated everything in-between. She was extremely helpful during the whole process." - Gideon


438. "It's the second time we use Flytographer. I'm a big fan of the concept of the company and plan to continue to use it for other trips!" - Maggie Perez-Rivera


439. "The photographer was super friendly and made the right atmosphere, service is great! we have use them twice and the pictures are always amazing!" - Arturo Sanchez


440. "I could not have been happier with the entire experience. From the early planning stages to the final product, it felt as though I never had to lift a finger. The Flytographer team handled everything but still gave me plenty of room for my own creative ideas. An otherwise stressful time was made easy and fun, would definitely book with Flytographer again." - Tim


441. "If you're wondering if the Flytographer experience is worth the investment, the answer is a resounding YES. Yes, we came home with a treasure trove of beautiful photos. Yes, we walked away with fantastic travel tips from our photographers. And yes, we gained some new friends along the way. It's an investment I would make again and again. Honestly, I never expected to love this process from beginning to end, but that's exactly what we did. Brava Flytographer!" - Kathryn


442. "Very happy with the photo shoot and the element of surprise for the proposal." - Andrew


443. "We are both so happy that we decided to book a Flytographer shoot while on our honeymoon in Rome. It was definitely a highlight of our trip. Also we are so grateful that we were placed with Roberta! She was an absolute delight to work with. She did a great job of making us feel comfortable and allowing us to be ourselves, which I think really showed in the pictures. She gave really great direction while still allowing for candid moments to shine through. We loved our photos and we will definitely recommend Flytographer to everyone that we know! And we are looking forward to using Flytographer in the future!" - Orianna Cruz


444. "Sonya helped capture an amazing memory for us in Tuscany. She was so easy to work with and made us feel so comfortable. The pictures turned out so beautiful. We would do this again in a heartbeat!" - Lisa VanWagner


445. "Our pictures turned out awesome, from the point of booking to payment to meeting with the photographer the day of shoot was fantastic, super easy to deal with and a huge thanks to Alvin you were great to work with!!!" - Sarah


446. "This was absolutely the best idea ever. Everyone loves a photo shoot, but to capture our vacation in an exotic locale just made for some incredible pictures. Orlando was so nice and did an amazing job getting some beautiful pictures of us and of the city. I will do this again and again and recommend to everyone I know." - Michelle


447. "Jenn and I cannot express just how both happy we are with our first experience with Flytographer in Rome, Italy . Our shoot concierge Liss was communicative with the booking and scheduling which made my life so much easier as we booked our second photoshoot after seeing our photo set from our first shoot. Roberta, our photographer, was not only professional in our shoot but was vibrant, friendly and easy going which eased our nerves as we both were tense in the beginning. The photos we received at the end can't be described with any other word than exceptional. Thank you Roberta, Liss, and the Flytographer team for making our memories in Rome everlasting." - Nick and Jenn


448. "Flytographer was amazing to work with! They made the process of finding the perfect photographer so simple to capture my engagement. I will definitely use this service again in the future to find photographers to capture special moments in other city!" - Andy B.


449. "As always, a really good experience!" - Ana Silva O'Reilly


450. "We LOVED our experience with Flytographer, and we will cherish the photos for a lifetime. We sent over some inspiration photos before our shoot, and I was very impressed with the way Božo listened to what we were looking for and made sure we received the style photos we requested. We are so unbelievably happy with the images we received, and I will definitely recommend Flytographer and Božo specifically to anyone traveling to Croatia!" - Carlen and David


451. "Very easy to book and coordinate. End result were great photos for my family to remember my time in East Asia! Coo did an amazing job of making the shoot as stress free and fun as could be. I really enjoyed the whole process and would recommend him to other solo travellers like myself. The photos were great and I'm really happy I'm able to have these to remember my year in East Asia!" - Alex


452. "Thank you Cassie for the great job; everyone loves the photos!!! Cassie is sweet and friendly, and guided us patiently with every photo (we had the elder and young kid with us)! This is my second time using Flytographer for the destination photo shoot and the experience is as good as the first time! We will not hesitate to recommend the service to anyone and if you do come to San Francisco, Cassie is undoubtedly your first choice!" - Teyin Chung


453. "Everything was superb! Communication was easy, your website is fantastic, everything was very straight forward, our photographer was punctual, incredibly sweet, and did an amazing job! In love with our photos! Wonderful experience!! :)" - Nicole Johnson


454. "Thank you so much to Flytographer and Marta in Venice. We loved our pictures which make for wonderful memories of our Anniversary trip to Italy. Marta was great to work with and had great suggestions for the location. She was easy to work with when we kept changing our mind. The photos were emailed to us very quickly and are awesome quality. All of our family and friends were very impressed!" - Kelly Clarke Knolhoff


455. "Absolutely fantastic experience from beginning to end. Could not ask for more from an overall process. Our shoot concierge was fabulous in getting us connected/arranging the details of our session and answering all of our questions. Our photographer was awesome in every regard in allowing us to capture our experience in Rome and the pictures turned out be...beyond what we could ever imagine! Flat out fantastic experience and would recommend to all." - Terry and Jennifer S.


456. "At first I wasn't sure how this would be accomplished. I'm really picky about the details when it comes to planning. I decided to let Flytographer take control and tell me how to achieve this amazing moment. To my expectations they went above and beyond to make the proposal so special and magical, listening to my every request. I'm glad I chose them to capture this beautiful moment and the beginning of my new adventure with the person I love. Thank you so much for making these pictures tell our story, our love, and the joy it reflects. I highly recommend Flytographer to anyone around the world." - Jonathan Flores


457. "We loved our honeymoon session on Maui with Wendy! She picked out two unique spots for us to shoot - one was so special and out of this world. When I got the images, they blew me away. It perfectly captured out honeymoon, the closeness we feel for each other and the gorgeous setting of Maui, Hawaii. From booking the session - Caitlin was amazing to answer my questions - to Wendy answering my text the night before the session just to answer a wardrobe question, everyone was kind and helpful. We had a great experience and can't wait to book Flytographer on our next big trip! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Kate Bradley Byars


458. "Orlando was very professional and friendly. We couldn’t believe how many different places he got us to so quickly. He had a great eye for the light and he was very vocal in letting us know exactly where to look and what to do to get the best shot, which really helped us feel comfortable. There were a lot of people around and I normally would have felt nervous and embarrassed, but he wasn't fazed one bit, which also helped to put us at ease. My husband and I were so excited about having our first professional photos taken after 10 years, and it was an even better experience than we anticipated." - Shanna


459. "From the first email to the last Caitlin was amazing coordinating between Michael and I. Not being from Chicago I found myself stuck on where to propose to my fiance who lives in Chicago. Michael and Caitlin were great in understanding what my fiance likes and her style and were awesome in giving me tips and making suggestions. The day of Michael was very patient with the both of us and knew exactly which poses and where to take pictures. The end product was phenomenal!:) Thank you Flytographer for making the day perfect, my fiance loved it all!" - Hisham


460. "Thank you very much to Caitlin and the whole Flytographer team in making this experience better than the last one. There were some challenges with scheduling but Caitlin and Sophia were able to make this shoot possible! I will always cherish these photos of a special time for my son and I!" - Lyn


461. "I am very happy to have choose Flytographer to do the secret proposal photo shoot for my surprise proposal in Amsterdam this year. To be honest, I am quite concerned in the beginning because this is my first time booking a photographer online, and it is such a special moment so I hope everything to be perfect. From the start (the video call), Liss (Concierge) and Silvia (Photographer) has been very accommodating since we have to do the call very early or very late due to our time difference. They really listen to your concern and your need; they share the best ideas, tips and tricks. I can't emphasize enough how happy we are during the photo shoot with Silvia. She really knows Amsterdam well, she knows all the great location to capture our magic moment. We will definitely recommend Flytographer to our friend and family as their service are top notch! Thanks Flytographer!" - Jeff


462. "The experience was great! Samantha made us feel comfortable right away and we are really amazed with what we could fit in in 30 minutes. Thanks Samantha and Shay for a wonderful experience!" - Joe Collins


463. "We loved Silvia and the pictures are amazing. I highly recommend using Flytographer. Thanks for a great service before and after the shoot." - Catalina


464. "I would recommend Flytographer as an elite service. We used them for our engagement and couldn't have been happier with the results. From beginning to end our big day unfolded seamlessly!! Liss streamlined everything, and Johnny, our photographer was so professional, patient, and has an amazing eye. He made us feel like we were working with a close friend, and allowed us to feel comfortable throughout the entire shoot. He also absolutely nailed every moment that we needed to create an amazing permanent memory of the the first day of the rest of our life together!! Thank you both!!!" - Jen and Art


465. "Flytographer exceeded my expectations! Incredible customer service, awesome photographers and beautiful photos that we will cherish for a lifetime. It was so nice not to have to rely on strangers to take our vacation photos and crossing our fingers that they actually turned out. Flytographer took the stress out of getting that perfect vacation shot!" - Monica del Rio


466. "We loved working with Flytographer and our photographer for our honeymoon shoot! We had such a great time exploring Hawaii and we'll treasure these memories forever." - Debbie


467. "Our experience with Francesa & Flytographer was absolutely amazing!! From Caitlin answering any questions I had to our amazing photographer Francesa! She made us feel comfortable & the location she recommended could not have been more perfect!! Thank you Flytographer for an amazing experience! We will definitely be using you all again!!" - Laura G.


468. "Using Flytographer to capture memories of our trip to Paris was such a good idea. I now have amazing photos as an incredible keepsake, and just an overall better way to share my experience with others. Photos are so valuable, and there is nothing better than having professional ones where you look great, and that do a fantastic job at capturing the essence of your destination. I will use these photos in so many ways. I am thrilled to find a service like this that makes it so easy, and is incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. Thank you!!" - Brianna Glenn


469. "Our photographer Alberto was fantastic. Everything went very smoothly from the initial booking through to the last photograph. I've recommended your company to several of my friends. One of them has just booked a shoot in Hawaii! Thanks for everything! We'll be booking another shoot through Flytographer on our next vacation!" - Traci


470. "While visitng gorgeous Santorini, we wanted to capture the beautiful island and our visit. Using Flytographer was a great process from beginning to end. The concierge was very informative and stayed in connection at all times about all the details needed to make this an effortless experience. Our photographer was nice. He definitely knew all the beautiful locations on the Island and the pictures turned out amazing. We would absolutely use Flytographer to capture us on our next big trip. Thank you guys!" - The Millers


471. "I am so glad we booked Flytographer to capture a few photos of us on our birthday vacation. Cheryl was amazing to work with! She was fun and easy-going and totally played along with our goofiness. I really appreciated that Cheryl contacted me a couple days before our shoot about the weather forecast during the time our shoot was scheduled. She was really flexible and worked with us to find another time and location." - Angela


472. "We will cherish the pictures as a memory of a very special vacation!" - Bill Newman


473. "Martina's photographs were exactly what I had hoped for when booking through Flytographer - romantic, beautiful keepsakes of our 10th anniversary and our time in Barcelona. She really went above and beyond to get the perfect shots and she had such an eye for the details and flair that make a photograph truly special. Her enthusiasm for the city really shined through, including in our backgrounds things that were "so Barcelona". Aside from the photos, she was just a pleasure to be around. Martina was so nice; she was a true ray of sunshine on a rainy morning. Her recommendations for coffee shops and restaurants were spot on - we found our favorite coffee shop and dinner spot of the trip through her! Aside from that, she had great things to say about Flytographer - how much she loves the company and how well they treat their clients and photographers, which really made us feel great about our choice." - Shanna


475. "Thank you so much to Siobhan our photographer & Flytographer!!! We are in love with our pictures from Rome!!! It's like a dream come true!!! We live in New Jersey & honeymooned in Italy. You can imagine how nervous we were hiring someone for an overseas photo shoot. You are an amazing photographer Siobhan and we are so happy that we chose Flytographer and especially Siobhan to do our photo shoot!! I'm crying with happy tears they are so beautiful! Siobhan you are truly an artist and a very kind person. I couldn't imagine having anyone else do our photos in Rome. Everything is perfect & beyond our dreams!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our perfect Roma photos!!" - Rosemarie


476. "We had Emma as our photographer who was an amazing photographer, super friendly and helpful! The whole process was easy and they promptly answers all your questions and concerns. Definitely recommend their service to friends and family." - Sam Djunaedi


477. "My sister and I really love our photos. It was interesting being on the other side of the lens and experiencing Flytographer as a customer - and I must say we had a lot of fun. Silvia was very sweet and had all her favourite spots picked out for us. The weather was nice enough that we were able to ditch our jackets and stroll around the city without being too cold. Also, I have been part of photoshoots before and this really didnt feel like one. It was much more organic and relaxed. My sister is more camera shy than I am but even she got into the swing of it. Many of my friends loved the Flytographer concept - so I can see how this would be the perfect word of mouth business. On behalf of Sierra and myself, a big thank you to the Flytographer team. We had a tremendous amount of fun and would definitely consider this for our future travels." - Adam Avrashi


478. "My fiance and I are absolutely blown away by this entire experience! We loved our photo shoot session so much and would highly recommend our photographer Jennifer in Positano, Italy to anyone that has the opportunity to visit this amazing place! Jennifer made our experience very relaxed and natural and she's such an easy person to get along with. We will definitely be using this service again in the future when on other trips! Thanks so much!" - Chris & Ashley


479. "Flytographer was so easy to work with! Santi took amazing photos and was so wonderful with my children! It was a fun experience!" - Kim S.


480. "This shoot was our third time using Flytographer - and it's just amazed us again. The pictures I know will outlive us - they're that good I'm sure our kids and perhaps grandchildren will have copies on their wall when we're long gone. The results are that good - I doubt we'd book a trip without a Flytographer from now on. Bravo team - you're all amazing!" - Alastair and Stephanie


481. "We are super thankful to have photos from our family vacation and will treasure them forever! This was a very special trip for our family, and having photos of all of us is the best souvenir we could have received, hands down! It was a bonus that our photographer was very friendly and made us all feel at ease. I would recommend Flytographer to anyone." - Cristal Walin


482. "A great way to capture special moments! It was very easy communicating with the conceirge and planning the photo shoot. And it was great working with Olga in Paris. Definitely go with her if you want amazing pictures in Paris." - Sonny


483. "We LOVED working with Olga and the Flytographer team. The team provides impeccable customer service, educating you about the process, setting your expectations, and getting you excited! We worked with Olga to align on two locations, and a fun uber ride shoot in between. She was super flexible, and really fun to work with. And guess what? The photos were ready EARLY and she was able to share MORE than the allotted amount. We just shared our album on Facebook and our notifications have gone bonkers - so we're not the only ones that LOVE the work! Thank you for this fabulous experience - we've already recommended you to several friends and family!" - Elena Alexandra

484. "My husband Pedro and I love to travel, and we are really keen on passing this passion of ours on to our daughter, Amalia. We had an opportunity to get away for a few days and thought Paris was the perfect destination! Amalia loved every bit of Parisian life as much as we did, and we are so thrilled to have beautiful mementos from Flytographer to look back on. " - Filipa


485. "This whole concept and business is such an excellent idea. Roberta is lovely and we absolutely love the photos she took of us in Rome. This was our first time in Italy and it was a trip that was many years in the making. We fell in love with Italy and our shoot with Roberta is a treasured highlight." - Julie Baird


486. "This trip to Rio was a big one for us, one we'd been dreaming about for years - to go to the Olympics for our 10 year anniversary! We loved our time with Ana! She captured exactly what I was looking for. I joked with Ana that I was really just looking for ONE good photo to make add to our canvas wall, we ended up printing two because we couldn't choose just one. We get compliments on the photos all the time. I love them! :)" - Britta Shuster


487. "Flytographer helped capture the moment of my proposal perfectly! The process was seamless and the plan was executed perfectly. Thank you for the memories!" - Stephen Vaughan


488. "Matt and I can not can not say enough about how amazing our experience was with Lauren in NYC and our entire experience with Flytographer..... our photos turned out exactly as I imagined and more. Again, It truly was a great 10yr wedding anniversary gift to each other and it was a great way to cap off our amazing trip - an experience I won't forget. The pics are so great that I still can't decide which ones I want to get a canvas of! ;-)" - Maureen Hoard


489. "We loved our experience with Mairead in London! From the moment we met, it was like meeting up with an old friend. She was patient with my husband and I who are extremely awkward and uncomfortable in front of a camera. We love the photos and will definitely use Flytographer on our next adventure!" - Whitney Lyons


490. "Planning the shoot was very simple and done flawlessly considering the fact that I had contacted Flytographer only 4 days before the shoot. I wanted the shoot and proposal to be a surprise for my girlfriend and went out just as planned. Highly recommend Krystal and Flytographer." - Pankaj Bajpai


491. "Absolutely amazing experience! Juan was truly an artist and would highly recommend him. We look forward to creating more memorable experiences and having Flytographer capture them." - Alejandro


492. "We traveled to Italy with "two under two" ...and then attempted a photo shoot. Some might call us crazy..but Marian embraced our family and brought out the best in all of us. She captured our beautiful, chaotic, messy, funny, crazy world perfectly. The images mark a moment in time where we - as a family - took a risk, traveled abroad, and enjoyed each other every moment of the day for a week. She encouraged us to interact in the most natural ways and truly captured our kids' spirits and our love- as we celebrated our wedding anniversary that week. It may sound cheesy, but she really captured us perfectly. I will cherish these images and couldn't ever pick one, not even five, favorites!" - Sarah Morford


493. "We had a very memorable photo shoot with Sarah in Berlin - what a great experience!" - Melissa McEnry


494. "My husband and I love Flytographer! This is our second time using the service and absolutely love having quality pictures of us in some of our favorite places." - Stephanie Jarrell


495. "The experience we had with Flytographer was really smooth, from inquiry to post-shoot. Questions that we had were answered really promptly and liaising process was seamless." - F.H.


496. "Loved working with Flytographer! We have amazing pictures from our honeymoon that we will cherish forever! I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends!" - Jacqueline Shafeei


497. "We had a great Stockholm Flytographer shoot experience. Our photographer, Matilda was wonderful! She was very friendly, professional and easy to work with. She made us feel very comfortable and captured the shots we wanted. Not only did she provide us with amazing photos, but she also gave us a recommendation for a traditional Swedish restaurant, where we had the most amazing Swedish meatballs. I would definitely recommend Matilda and Flytographer to anyone visiting Stockholm!" - Karen C.


498. "My husband and I were on our honeymoon trip and it was important to find someone who could capture our specific visions. Orlando did just that! He was attentive to detail, made us feel at ease, and got on the floor at one point to get the best shots! Thank you, Flytographer for the beautiful pictures!" - Laura Sued


499. "Our photographer helped us ease into the photo shoot by photographing us far away at the beginning and as we got more comfortable, she came closer and interacted well with us. She was sensitive to what we asked for, specific shots and moods that we were going for, and her sense of humor put us both at ease. We love our photos!" - Melody


500. "We did a photoshoot with our group of 9 friends to capture our friendship of over 15 years. We had a great time during the shoot and the chemistry of our relationships that was captured in the pictures is absolutely stunning! Apart from being a great photographer, Ana Lucia also gave us great recommendations of where to go and eat in and around Lisbon! We are so thankful that she captured our story." - Megha


501. "What can I say? AHHHhhmazing! From start to finish, Chelsea was so warm, kind and friendly. My kids also loved her and despite a couple of meltdowns they had during the shoot. She was more than just a photographer, it's as if she was a family friend." - Cherlyn


502. "What a great way to capture our Kauai experience! Brigitte was super easy and fun to work with. I really like how she helped everyone feel comfortable and worked with us to capture our best moments. I've been telling everyone about you! I love love love Flytographer! We couldn't believe how quickly we received our photos (just 2 days) - and there were so many to choose from (a testament to a great photographer!)" - L.G.


503. "An absolutely SENSATIONAL experience working with Guido. He is a true artist and master of his work. Emphasis on Artist! He takes my photos to a whole other level. I never had so much fun playing in puddles and chasing sun light as I did with Guido . The photos were just beyond anything I could have imagined. Thank you the great experience!" - G.H.C.


504. "We had such an amazing experience using Flytographer for our newlywed shoot after our destination wedding ceremony. Our concierge was informative and got back to us right away with any answers we needed. Our photographer did amazing work and was such a pleasure to work with. We got our photos back before we even got home from our honeymoon, which was such a nice treat! We highly recommend Flytographer to any and everyone!!!" - Brittany


505. "These guys/girls are amazing! They are there to help you through every step in the process from selecting a location, time and every step in between. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a surprise engagement or a planned shoot. Michael was great, his knowledge of the local scene really made for some great pictures. He was extremely helpful in getting in position without being noticed!!" - Austin


506. "Flytographer helped me every step of the way in my proposal. They eased my nerves by setting up a comprehensive "Day of" plan that worked out perfectly! The pictures came out beautiful and I cannot say enough about the quality of Jacob and Dannie's work as well as Flytographer. I would highly recommend! Thanks !" - Christopher Balassone


507. "I love your product. I think I love how giving it is. In the end... after a moment, a trip ... when it's over all you have is your memory. Science however, has shown that we don't recall the original memory when we look back, but rather the previous memory of the memory. As such in time it degrades. It becomes a pale recollection or even faulty. The photos keep that memory brighter." - Sonja


508. "I totally enjoyed experience with Flytographer— from booking and contact with my concierge Tedi via e-mail to the shoot with my amazing photographer to the final product — they all were professional, lovely, responsive, and friendly. I booked an hour or so with a very talented French photographer, Lucille. She is AMAZING! The afternoon photography session felt like catching up with an old friend and I felt very at ease with her behind camera. The photo shoot was fun but proof is in the pictures -- I think they are gorgeous. I truly love the all the pictures and I will cherish them for years to to come. They perfectly captured how I felt on the day and are just the right mix of candid and posed pictures." - Mary


509. "Vito was absolutely amazing!! He is an exceptional photographer and our pictures are stunning!!! If you are going to Venice, you should definitely work with Vito! We have been so impressed with every aspect of Flytographer and we can't wait for our next opportunity to use Flytographer again." - Christin Harriman


510. "Sneaking out in the wee hours of the morning was such a fun adventure! It was Sonya's brilliant idea and we couldn't be happier with the way the shoot turned out. Florence was ours before everyone woke up and the pure joy that radiated out of Sonya while shooting made the experience even more enjoyable.It was MAGIC; a true highlight of our honeymoon!" - Annastasia Confrey


511. "It was a wonderful experience overall. The pictures are perfect, Dipan was awesome and very stealth. Once we started on the posed portion, Dipan was very helpful with instruction and fun to work with." - Eli


512. "Ioannis did an amazing job with our pictures in Oia, Santorini. It was a first for us, as the only time we've ever had a photo shoot was during our wedding and Ioannis did everything he could to make us comfortable! The pictures turned out amazing and I can't wait to share them with my family and friends!" - Lisa Olson


513. "The Flytographer service was fantastic! Planning a proposal photo shoot was seamless, even from 13,000km away! Our photographer, Talia, was amazing - super friendly and talented. She knew all the best spots around Disneyland. The moment was captured perfectly and we couldn't be happier. Would highly recommend Flytographer particularly for people travelling to an unfamiliar location." - Adam


514. "We appreciate Flytographer capturing one of the happiest moments of our lives! Our photographer was great." - Chanel Hines


515. "We booked our photo session through Flytographer on a whim, less than a week before our trip to Paris, and we got a response from the team within 24 hours! The booking process was easy and smooth. The instructions on how and where to meet the photographer was clear as well. Olga, our photographer, was beyond amazing! She's warm and friendly but still very professional. Her style is fun yet romantic. She gave us basic directions and let us improvise from there while she snapped away with her camera. One hour flew by so quickly and we're able to cover 3 different locations, all within walking distance. We got our photos after 5 days and we're very pleased with the results! We recommend Flytographer to everyone and if you're ever in Paris, try to book Olga! :)" - Kristy and Chris


516. "Booking a photo session with Flytographer was an extremely easy process. They were able to coordinate the photographer and the meeting time for the session all via email with ease. It was truly a pleasure meeting and working with Olga, our photographer in Paris. She was warm, welcoming and professional at the same time. We absolutely loved our 10 year anniversary photos and felt she captured the essence of the location perfectly! Thank you Olga & Flytographer!" - May and Gregg


517. "We decided to use Flytographer to capture some photos from our honeymoon in New York - Kimberly was fantastic, made us feel really at ease and the final photos are beautiful. So much better than I could have imagined!! :)" - Katherine


518. "Roberta was truly amazing! She was so knowledgeable about Italy and the neighborhoods we explored, she shared many interesting facts about all of the monuments we passed by. She was extremely caring during our shoot, it started to drizzle a bit but that didn't stop her from capturing the most beautiful shots of us on our honeymoon. Thank you Roberta and Caitlin from Flytographer. Everything was perfect!" - Shardonnay


519. "Liss and Lukas at Flytographer were essential in planning the proposal to my now fiancée. Everything went according to plan, she was totally surprised, and we got great pictures in the end. Lukas made the shoot fun and comfortable. I am very glad I chose Flytographer; the proposal would have been completely different otherwise!" - Erik S.


520. "We chose to go to Nami island for the autumn foliage but we were a few days early. Allen, with his sharp photography skills, positioned us at strategic spots and the pictures turned out so well that you would never guess that only a few trees are in full autumn colours. Our girls' outing was full of giggles and silly poses. When I look back at the pictures, I couldn't stop smiling at those wonderful memories. Try it now!" - Jane Ang


521. "Trevor was amazing to work with! My husband and I had a blast shooting with him, he was such a trooper shooting in the rain with us and captured so many great moments. He was so funny and really put us at ease. Flytographer is amazing! I am so glad we booked our honeymoon shoot and the photos will always be a wonderful reminder of our amazing time in Oahu. :)" - Angelica


522. "Our maternity photoshoot with Naomi in Maui was a dream! Booking was a breeze, we had a great time meeting and talking to Naomi who made us feel super comfortable during the shoot, and we absolutely love how our photos came out." - Wendy Polanco


523. "This was our first time using Flytographer and we couldn't be happier! Our photos came out amazing! We are so grateful for Ashley and her photography skills that made us look so good! ;) Thank you Ashley and Flytographer for everything. We will definitely book you guys again!" - Hannah


524. "The entire process was painless and quick. Our concierge Liss was prompt and professional. Anne-Lise, the photographer, made us so comfortable during the shoot. She was very relaxed, yet professional. I highly recommend her, all our photos turned out beautiful!" - Patrick


525. "Natalia from Flytographer was great! We throughly enjoyed the service from first day we booked Flytographer. Natalia not only helped us scout out our engagement shoot locations, but also was the sweetest most personable photographer we ever had. She helped me execute the visioned we had in creating a postcard save the date along with showcasing our love for food and travel in the photoshoot. I wish she was our wedding photographer because she makes us feel so comfortable and at the same time captures the candid moments. She was the sweetest in bringing an extra umbrella to the photoshoot and recommending amazing local foods for us to try. I can't brag enough about her and am in love with her work. Thank you so much Liss and Natalia from Flytographer for capturing such a memorable engagement shoot." - Will and Jamie


526. "From the moment of contact and questions to the delivery of the photos, everything was wonderful. Timely responses, great ideas, understanding and helpful photographer, my family had a great time capturing our memories while on vacation. When booking future trips, I will ALWAYS look for Flytographers in the area. Thanks again Lisa and Johnny, our memories are priceless, thanks for beautiful photos to match." - Rachel Gist-Ward


527. "Flytographer helped me capture a dream proposal and then engagement within a few days in Italy!!! Exceeded my hopes in every way! Thank you so much, forever grateful for Flytographer" - Ryan H.


528. "Cassie was amazing! I felt like she cared about getting perfect shots. She was excellent with our kids...I can't wait to use the images on our Christmas cards. We will be using Flytograpger in the future!" - Shilo Dewitt


529. "We had a blast with our photographer Hannah! She made us feel comfortable and was extremely patient with our tardy family members. It was definitely the highlight of our DC trip. We plan on hiring Flytographer for all our vacations. :)" - Eboni Sawyer-Bullard


530. "Paola was great. She understood what we were looking for in a photos shoot and delivered. We love our photos and the memories of the trip! Everything was organized and communication was excellent." - Paula Matarrese


531. "We loved our photos so much we will be looking for a Flytographer the next time we travel as well." - Cynthia


532. "Our Flytographer experience made our trip! We are so happy with our photos and had lots of fun getting them taken in Camden, London." - Lauren Giggins


533. "Flytographer is an amazing service and Stephanie in Victoria is fantastic. These are our first photos with our new daughter which makes them extra special to me. Even though having a newborn adds a whole other element to taking photos and walking around downtown without a diaper bag was a bit nerve wracking, Stephanie made us feel totally comfortable. We look forward to capturing more family memories with Flytographer!" - Kelly McMillan


534. "Victor was great so nice and friendly and payed attention to detail. He told us where to go we ran with it and the result could not have been more pleasing! Thank you again for making us the happiest couple in the world!" - Scott & Vanessa


535. "We love our photos and are still talking about how much fun we had during our shoot. Sonya recommended we start early in the morning and as a result, we felt like we had the major sights of Florence all to ourselves! We will cherish both the memories of that morning and the pictures for many, many years to come." - Rachel Simone


536. "Our Flytographer, Ana Lucia, had her work cut out for her with 6 adults and 3 children in our group. It was liking herding cats but she managed to not only get some amazing shots but also show us some 'off the beaten track' gems in Lisbon. We loved our session and the pics are such a great souvenir!" - Genevieve


537. "I had a great experience using Flytographer- Liss was very helpful from start to finish. Wendy, our photographer, was wonderful to work with. We had a large group and she was very patient and a lot of fun. The photos turned out amazing and truly captured the love of our family and the beauty of Hawaii. Thank you!!" - Voot Lin


538. "Very happy with the pictures and the photographer. We are not very good with poses but with Lucas' guidance, all is good! He makes sure he captures perfect shot and did not cut off the photoshoot time even though we were late. Thank you Lucas and Flytographer!" - Chynna


539. "A comfortable and laughter-filled photoshoot! We had a very fun experience thanks to Allen! He was very professional and entertaining. We love every bit of our photos - the composition of the pictures, colours, filters etc. They were candid and natural. Really glad that we decided to engage Flytographer and Allen for their services, because now we have these really beautiful memories to look back on. We are looking forward to engage your services in the future. Thank you Allen and Flytographer!" - Yvonne Choo


540. "Our Flytographer shoot in Bali was exactly what we wanted and more!! Our photographers made us feel comfortable and just helped us have a good time. I am so thankful for Flytographer so we could have some great memories captured from our once in a lifetime trip to Bali! Thanks Flytographer!" - Erin Spruell


541. "The entire experience was great. Everything went very smoothly from scheduling to communications to the photo shoot itself. Our photographer, Vito, was great to work with and made us feel very comfortable. The photos turned out fabulous! Thank you for helping to capture our memories" - Bob and Shari


542. "We were looking for a simple photo session to capture our babymoon in Paris, and to use as our maternity announcement. Krystal was wonderful - she was able to capture some great images. We were very pleased with how our photos turned out!" - Amy D'Souza


543. "Vanessa was amazing, I truly love the beautiful photos she captured for my family in Dublin. She is definitely wonderful with children, my youngest was not thrilled in doing the photo shoot, but by the end she was having a blast with Vanessa! Thank you so much for the ever lasting memories for my family Vanessa!" - Noelle Barth


544. "I'm so glad I found and used Flytographer. When you're on vacation, photos are always missing the one person who is taking the picture. Never again with Flytographer!!!! Orlando captured some beautiful moments of our new family in Barcelona." - Denise Daniel


545. "Superb experience with Flytographer and Ioannis! Ioannis was punctual and very patience with us during the photo shoot. The pictures exceeded our expectation and are the best mementos of our Honeymoon in Santorini." - Ken and Estelle


546. "To say Jimmy was amazing would be an understatement! Both my boyfriend and I had a few nerves taking pictures in such busy places, almost as soon as we met Jimmy at the cafe any fear or nerves seemed to disappear! I can not say enough good things about Jimmy, his style of photography, and the way he connects with you. If all of Flytographer's photographers are as amazing as Jimmy.. you have customers for LIFE. We loved every single photo Jimmy. Thank you for capturing these great memories!!" - Chelsea DeSimone


547. "Special thanks to Rakel! We enjoyed our Reykjavik Flytographer experience! Great job by Shay for organizing everything in detail. I will definitely book with Flytographer again and recommend it to friends and family." - Rena Bascuna


548. "Brandon and I had an AMAZING (that may be an understatement, actually) experience with Melanie in Bermuda. The entire booking experience with Flytographer was so painless. The day of our shoot went so smooth, Melanie was extremely professional and friendly! I felt like we were taking pictures with a friend. We were both so comfortable and our pictures came out amazing. Melanie really shared her home, Bermuda, with us and made it feel like our home too! I've already recommended Melanie and Flytographer to my friends!!" - Jackie G.


549. "We had a great photoshoot experience with Kimberley. She was very helpful, friendly and she had some great ideas of local areas to capture some excellent photos. We would highly recommend Kimberley and the Flytographer experience. Thanks again for great service and for making our trip extra special." - Scott


550. "This was my second Flytographer shoot in six weeks and I loved it again. I plan to have them take photographs in every city I go to this year, both in Europe and the U.S. Thank you, Flytographer, why didn't I find you sooner?" - Amy Pflughaupt


551. "I decided to book a photographer last minute and Flytographer was very accommodating and made the process simple for me. Luckily, the photographer I chose was available to capture our special moment. Thank you to Flytographer!" - James


552. "What can I say!! Francesco was one amazing photographer and person. He made us feel comfortable from the start and he was also one great tour guide as he advised us where to go as we walked from one photo spot to another.
We can't thank Francesco enough for his kindness and we are so grateful for his amazing talent and hard work in capturing some of the most beautiful memories in our life." - Metta Booth


553. "Conie was like one of the family! We actually hugged her before she left. She is an amazing photographer and took great care of our memories. We adore her!" - LeAnna


554.  "Krystal was great to work with. She is talented and extremely nice. We would love to see her again if we return to Paris one day. Definitely get a photographer to capture your trip." - Catalina


555. "I first learned of Flytographer through Instagram. My fiancé and I love to travel, so after researching, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate our recent engagement and come away with some photos of the both of us! Setting up the shoot was a breeze and our photographer was so relaxed and friendly." - Emily


556. "We love our photoshooting in Tokyo! We went to Japan because our honeymoon and our friends gave the photoshooting as a wedding present. It was a great idea because with Flytographer we'll have a memory of our honeymoon forever.
Our concierge was very helpful and helped us during all the process! And our photographer, Miyuki, was amazing! She is very friendly and warm. She made the photoshooting so easy and made us feel very comfortable.
Everything was perfect. I would highly recommend!" - Ester and David


557. "What a great way to capture memories! It's super convenient, offering tons of style options and locations - looking forward to making this a travel tradition!" - Deepa Sarkar


558. "We are very convinced about the service from Flytogropher. This is not just snapshots with your smartphone, these are real photos and great memories. It becomes so much more, when you do such a shoot. You have to prepare about it and dealing with this makes the value of such pictures just higher. Over all it is super easy, super friendly and really worth it. This time we had fun with Armando in New York City. Great job! " - Patrick


559. "Pono our photographer went above and beyond to make sure the proposal and photoshoot that followed went as flawlessly as possible. He suggested the perfect beach in Honolulu with breathtaking views and privacy, and then coordinated with me to make sure it would be a complete surprise. He found the perfect angle for when I popped the question, making sure the lighting was as it should be in front of the sunset. For the 1 hour photoshoot, he led me and my fiance through a variety of natural poses that captured the emotions of the moment as we had hoped. We even were lucky enough to capture a rainbow in the background of the sunset photos! Pono was a pleasure to work with and knew what he was doing every step of the way." - Jing Xu


560. "I am so happy with my Flytographer experience! The entire process was very easy. Kris and Sandra were incredible and captured our trip to Kona perfectly. I would definitely recommend Flytographer for your next vacation photos!" - Kelli Huther


561. "We had so much fun on the shoot with Olga. It was our first time in Paris together and Olga suggested the perfect locations to capture exactly what we wanted in our honeymoon photos. She was very sweet and professional and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. Thank-you Olga, and thank-you Flytographer!" - Catherine


562. "This is an amazing company! Liss, our shoot concierge did an amazing job helping me plan my proposal and was very friendly and personable. Eli and his partner were amazing! They had our son smiling the entire time and made this day extremely special for us. They gave us direction but at the same time let us add our flare to it. Couldn't have asked for a better crew." - Kyle Young


563. "Extremely talented photographer as well as very professional. My fiancé and I had an amazing time getting are photos taken, not to mention they all came out beautiful! Couldn't of hired anyone better! Thank you Guido!" - Jacob Robbins


564. "Roberta was extraordinary, she made us feel comfortable and at easy. I had so many amazing comments on my photos. She was beyond my expectations. The best gift you can give for yourself - I can't wait to repeat it all again when in a different destination! Thank you!" - Silvana


565. "We decided that holiday selfies would not do our trip to New York justice so while there we booked Kimberly to meet us for an hour on a cold afternoon and we are so glad we did. Kimberly was fantastic and had our hour timed perfectly to capture the amazing skyline from DUMBO. She was very excited for us that we had gotten engaged that morning and the photo shoot capped off the greatest day." - Andrea


566. "Coo was the man! So knowledgeable and helpful. He knew all the good spots to take pics from to capture the essence of Kyoto. We could not be happier with how the pics turned out! He also provided great recommendations on restaurants and things to see in Kyoto for the rest of our stay. Our session was the highlight of our stay in Kyoto. Thanks Coo!" - Jon


567. "The whole experience was wonderful! I was able to book the time and coordinate with the photographer easily, despite changing weather and communicating internationally! We now have the best souvenir of our honeymoon thanks to Roberta and Flytographer. We will enjoy sharing these photos with generations to come!" - Ben E.


568. "We enjoyed these pictures and are truly grateful to have them. We have an upcoming trip and are definitely going to use Flytographer again!" - Elena Stewart


569. "I chose Flytographer for my honeymoon photos in Maui. I am so glad that I did. Our photo shoot was so much fun. Wendy was our photographer and she made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. It felt like we had known her for years. She made sure to capture the palm trees, ocean, and sunset just like I had requested. My photos are absolutely perfect! I will be using Flytographer again for sure!" - Erika


570. "My new husband and I booked Jason in Puerto Vallarta. He was very knowledgeable, kept in touch so we knew exactly where to meet, and had a lot of great ideas for where to get the best shots - they turned out GREAT. We would definitely recommend both Flytographer and Jason specifically to anyone and everyone!" - Kelly Szalko


571. "I bring my daughters to NY a few times a year, and because it has become such a special place for us to visit, we decided to have pictures taken this time. I chose Armando because I really liked the pictures he had done. I am so very happy I did. We not only got amazing photographs, we also had so much fun during our shoot. Armando was wonderful! I am so happy that I was able to capture my girls in the city we love, our pictures turned out amazing! Thank you, I am thrilled to have found Flytographer!" - Jennifer Sele


572. "Vivian was amazing! She totally put us at ease and even though it was cold, she warmed us up quickly with her warm personality. She brought us around a very scenic route around Old Montreal and the pictures came out beautiful. We love the pictures sent and we enjoyed our shoot with Vivian." - Jocelyn


573. "Goncalo was amazing. The entire Flytographer experience was great, from beginning to end. We couldn't be happier. Thank you!" - Mitch and Alex


574. "From start to finish our experience was exceptional. Krystal gave us a walking tour of Montmartre while taking natural photos of us. We were really trying to avoid the cliché posed engagement pictures, and Krystal achieved just that. The photos wonderfully embody our trip to Paris and we are so thankful for Krystal and Flytographer for giving us such special souvenirs." - Blair Copple


575. "Flytographer made my engagement photos easy. All I did was describe what I want and they helped me figure out the rest! The photos are magnificent - the entire experience was a breeze!" - Anthony W.


576. "Armando was outstanding and better than I could have hoped for. We had to overcome a few obstacles to get what we wanted with the weather being a factor but Armando kept things extremely positive and was a true professional. The photos are amazing!! My fiancée and I are so grateful to have been able to capture such a special moment in our lives and it's all thanks to the team at Flytographer. Thank you Armando and Tedi for all of your help leading up to the big day and making it as stress free as possible." - Vito Carnovale


577. "We are more than thrilled with the photos, everything we hoped they would be. Francis was so kind and fun to work with and his talent captured our family perfectly! Now the only problem is which images we will put on the wall…..we seriously have it narrowed down to 10! LOL. A very good problem to have. :)" - The Henry Family


578. "I wanted to capture the proposal to Amy in a very special way, and as it turns out Flytographer captured this milestone in the most perfect and incredible way. From start to finish, my experience with Flytographer was incredible. Liss was amazing at helping me plan the big day. She kept me informed every step of the way. Johnny Wolf our photographer was an absolute professional and the quality of the photos, and his creative ideas we worth 100x the price we paid. Thanks so much for everything - our experience was perfect!" - Carl Daniels


579. "Michael was an incredibly professional photographer with a true passion for capturing the special moments. My fiancé was so excited to see a photographer during our proposal and the hour photoshoot afterwards really helped share our excitement." - Andrew Bartolotta


580. "My husband and I had a wonderful time with Samantha in California Adventure and Disneyland. She made us both feel comfortable and natural, and it shows in the photos. I am so happy with the results, and cannot wait to get some printed for our house :) I would 110% recommend her again! As well, the customer service we received from Shay via email exchange was superb. All of my questions were answered diligently and my worries about whether or not I could wear my wedding dress in Disney were quickly resolved. I was thrilled that we had such a great result overall and will be using Flytographer again in the future!" - Jessie Bruce


581. "We're so glad to have Bayu as our photographer as his work is simply amazing! The shoot was indeed a wonderful experience for us!" - K.


582. "We had so much fun on our girl's weekend to NYC and Falcon was able to capture the excitement, laughter and friendship perfectly! We are so very pleased with our photos and really enjoyed working with her. I would definitely recommend Flytographer. The shoot with Falcon is one of our favorite memories from our trip and the photos are the perfect souvenir!" - Sherry Pentecost


583. "This was our first time getting professionally photographed, and the pictures turned out amazing! Brigitte was great at giving us directions while still open to our suggestions. We are so glad we decided to take pictures on our trip." - Gaby


584. "I am so happy I found Flytographer for our second honeymoon and first time in Mexico! Arturo in Playa del Carmen was amazing! My husband and I are camera shy but he made us feel relaxed and comfortable during our shoot. Our original meeting spot was crowded but he found an alternative location for us which was way better than I imagined! Our photos are wonderful and I am looking forward to getting them printed and displayed in our home. Tedi, our Shoot Concierge was awesome! She always promptly responded to every question and addressed any concern I had. Overall, the whole experience was just outstanding! I cannot imagine ever traveling again without Flytographer!" - Criselda Ilao


585. "Booking Flytographer to shoot our honeymoon in Rome was the best decision we could have ever made during our time in Italy. Roberta was AMAZING! She even offered to help us around town/ make recommendations/ etc. during our time in her home city." - Chelsea Islin


586. "Flytographer made everything so easy! Coordinating from far away was easy. We were a group of 19, and Diana was so patient and fun. The photos turned out absolutely perfect." - Taylor


587. "Our Flytographer experience was amazing. We wanted some great family photos from our trip and we got them. What we didn't expect was that it would be such a highlight of the trip itself. Our photographer, Kevin in Nashville, put everyone at ease straight away. Our boys loved him! He showed us around the city and captured some awesome memories for us along the way. We would definitely use Flytographer again and highly recommend it." - Jennifer Jacques


588. "What a fantastic experience. This is the only thing you need to book on any holiday. We captured the moment during our family vacation and we will be able to relive it in the years to come...it's priceless. We had such a fun time with Wendy, the hour flew by. That's with a ten month old no less!! My cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling so much as the sun set and the shoot came to a close, my favourite feeling in the world. Already planning my next few trips and we will be using Flytographer, without a doubt." - Shawna Giguere


589. "Flytographer was a great way to capture a memorable souvenir of our first vacation with our close friends. Spencer was an incredible resource as well as taking unbelievable pictures of us all! He was patient and really captured the feel of our trip. I would definitely recommend Flytographer! We did not need to bring back any other souvenir, the photos are a great way to remember our holiday!" - Reesa Vermeulen


590. "From start to finish our experience with Flytographer was nothing short of amazing! The ease of booking our shoot and getting with our photographer just seemed effortless. Such a well organized and friendly company. I am so grateful for all the work that was done to help my family capture such tremendous memories. Our photographer Natalie is so talented and kind and she made us all feel so comfortable that the time just flew by! She takes spectacular photos and is so great at what she does. I am forever grateful for her and her talents and cannot wait to book her with Flytographer next time we are in sunny San Diego again!!" - Danielle Fitzsimmons


591. "We are so incredibly grateful for our images! Wendy did an AMAZING job! Our kiddos were being just wild, and she worked so well with them and was able to shoot such a beautiful balance of candids and portraits. She captured SO many images that we will treasure forever. This was our first trip as a family of four, to one of our favourite places in the world, so having these fabulous photos to capture this special time is truly priceless. Thank you to Wendy and Flytographer. We will definitely be using your services again in the future!" - Kim Kalyn


592. "My daughter arranged for Silvia to meet us in Amsterdam. She captured the character of Amsterdam perfectly. Silvia's skills showed through when looking at the photos. They were taken on a heavy overcast day in dim light while setting up on a very busy little foot bridge with our group of four. The pictures are bright and cheery and she was able to capture the fleeting moments when a break in the crowd would occur. Excellent work Silvia! Well worth the price." - Fraser and Family


593. "Our session with Vanessa was beautiful. She worked so well with everyone, especially the two 8 year olds. The memories that she was able to capture will be cherished for years to come. This is an experience that I will certainly be including for my clients so they can capture the same types of memories on their family vacations. We look forward to more Flytographer shoots on future vacations. Thank you!" - Jennifer Round


594. "I love using Flytographer! My husband and I first used the service for our anniversary photos in Dublin (Vanessa is phenomenal!) and were so happy with the results that we try to get in a session on every big trip we take. We just got our pictures back from our trip to Reykjavik and, once again, we were totally blown away!" - Amanda Morris


595. "My fiancé and my experience with Flytographer was amazing!! Amy made us feel as comfortable as possible posing in the middle of the street in New Orleans and really captured the fun quirky vive we were looking for, for our engagement photos. The entire process of booking Flytogrpaher was easy, which was perfect for how last minute I am! I highly recommend Flytographer, especially Amy if you're ever in New Orleans!" - Amber Kratochvil


596. "Before we even left on our trip we had confidence our photo shoot would be great as it was so well organized. The photos turned out amazing, better than we thought they would and we have had so many compliments on them. We will definitely use Flytographer again and recommend it to anyone who is going on a trip." - Merisa Andulajevic


597. "Very satisfied. Flytographer is so professional. The way they prepare all of pre-shoot until it's finish. Allen, our photograph in Seoul is such amazing person. He is very nice and help us to make the best shoot. Good job, Flytographer." - Jovita Regina


598. "I love being able to capture moments during our travel that are fun and romantic! It's amazing to be able to go to so many countries and be able to find a photographer you trust, view a portfolio and book them. Love it!!" - Christina Hoyer


599. "Oh, we are so thrilled with these wonderful images of our time in New York City! Our Flytographer, Falcon, had so many suggestions and stories to share during our time together. She recommended a great coffee shop for us to meet up in and was so kind and attentive to how we were feeling throughout our wintery shoot. I am so blown away by how quickly we received our images and how AMAZING the entire album looks! We wanted to capture the spirit of the city and its amazing architecture in our photographs and Falcon did exactly that. I've already ordered holiday cards with the pictures and I can't wait to make additional prints for our home! We can't thank Liss, our Concierge, and Falcon enough!! Can't wait for our next trip where we will totally book Flytographer again!" - Cassie Xie


600. "Caitlin from the Concierge team was very helpful with arranging the photography session with our photographer Serena. Prompt reply from her and understood our concern. Serena, our photographer must be the best in Venice! She made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. Though It was raining throughout our session, all photos turned out great, which is beyond our expectation. We love the photos! And will highly recommend Flytographer!" - Rina Rasid


601. "My husband and I absolutely loved working with Simone! She captured our travel wedding photos perfectly and made us feel comfortable and relaxed to capture perfect candid moments! Our photos came out so beautifully and we have received so many compliments on them! Thank you to Simone for capturing such a special day and thank you to Liss for coordinating everything for us!" - Jena Cool


602. "Booking our photo shoot with Flytographer was so simple, and we couldn't be happier with the pictures! Our concierge Tedi was on top of all the logistical details, and photographer Louise had us comfortable and laughing throughout the shoot. I'm extremely impressed with the quality of photos, the quick turnaround and easy downloading, and the overall simplicity of Flytographer!" - Alli Schultz


603. "The entire experience was amazing. I have nothing but positive things to say about the entire Flytographer group. Joe was awesome during our shoot!!! He captured my proposal in such a fantastic way that we will be looking at for the rest of our lives. He was so excited for us and so happy it was incredible. All of our photos came out so well, he capture the pure emotion and happiness of the moment. Special thanks to Liss for bringing everything together and helping to plan out the event!" - David


604. "We loved our Flytographer experience. Our photographer, Brigitte, arrived early and was so easy to work with. Our photos came out great!' - Kerry L.


605. "Taking photos with Lucille was a pleasure! We did a little photo shoot with the intention of using some photos for a wedding invite, but neither of us have ever been professionally photographed before. Lucille made us really comfortable and the final product is amazing and also showcases some of our personality. It was great spending time with her, sharing stories and the turnaround time receiving the photos was great! Highly recommended!" - Mike Martin


606. "The photos are beautiful. The whole experience was great, and so easy..from the setting of the time, date, and photographer - to the final shoot. Katie our photographer was so polite, professional and accommodating. And our concierge Caitlin was always quick with response and great to work with too. Getting the final photos was so fast, just in time to share with our family before we flew home!! I will definitely tell all my clients about this service. Thank you again Flytographer!!" - Lilo Matinas


607. "Before we used Flytographer, we mainly had selfies from all of our travels. Now, we have amazing photos from our trip and it's really the best souvenir of the trip!" - Trish and Dana


608. "It was such a pleasant experience. Both me and my daughters have enjoyed it and would definitely do it again!" - Anfal


609. "What a great way to remember our vacation! I would highly recommend Flytographer. Mairéad was awesome and one of the best in capturing the backgrounds with the proper angles. I am so happy we did this." - Myrenda Takashima


610. "I was really impressed by the whole experience. The concierge worked closely with me prior to my vacation to ensure that my photographer and I would have a successful shoot. She organized all the details such that it was smooth sailing once we were in Mexico! Our photographer, Arturo, was really fabulous. He was patient with my kids and had fun ways to get them to smile (which is hard to do with a dramatic 2 year old little girl!). I was also really happy with the turnaround time. I had my photos less than a week after they were taken. The editing was also really great. I will definitely use Flytographer on my next vacation!" - Jill Szczerbiak


611. "Anne-Lise gave us the fantastic souvenir from our trip to Mauritius. Time that we spent on the session was a great fun and the final results surpassed our expectations:) Thank you very much!" - Aga


612. "It was so easy to book this and communicate with our shoot concierge. We also LOVED Naomi, who was the cutest photographer ever. She was so contagiously bubbly that we couldn't help but smile and laugh and feel comfortable. The photos came back to us within 3 days, which is amazing. It was just the style we wanted and had expected. Love love love! We'll be keeping Flytographer in mind as we continue traveling together as a couple." - Kailen


613. "We had a great experience, and everyone at Flytographer was so helpful and nice. We are very thankful that they made this special moment for us so perfect and now we have the most amazing photographs to remember it. They made this very stressful process for my fiance very easy and we are very happy with the results." - Andrea Gamboa


614. "We wanted to capture our anniversary trip to Ireland with professional photos, when we met with Vanessa she was so warm and friendly--we had the best time! She really captured the spirit of the city and the look we were going for. The customer service and communication from Flytographer was amazing every step of the way. I appreciate how quickly the photos arrived, we received them the day after we got home--which was the perfect way to reflect on our trip abroad." - Cali


615. "Once again, it's been an amazing experience with Flytographer! I impressed with the service from booking, to shooting and finally receiving all the beautiful pictures. Thank you shay and Marta for being part of this! I'm impressed! Marta, thank you for all your time and effort given to this shoot. We are definitely looking forward to book Flytographer again in the near future!" - Nicole


616. "Cece + Caleb are magicians. Our family was honestly a bit awkward at first during our shoot, but they coached us through and our photos are stunning. I am absolutely thrilled with both the experience and the result. These two made our shoot the highlight of our trip!" - Kaitlyn Edie


617. "We love to travel and take pictures using our phones and selfie sticks, but always end up feeling that the pictures are not print & frame worthy. So while planning our trip to Buenos Aires, I googled to see if we could get a photographer to capture some pictures and to my surprise I found Flytographer.com. I was so EXCITED. We booked our session online. Liss, our photo shoot coordinator matched out availability with Amelia, our very cool photographer. Amelia, met us at the photo shoot location, made us super comfortable and clicked some amazing pictures. Now, if only the pictures could print by themselves and get hung on our walls :) Loved the experience and highly recommend it!!" - Sheetal Dube


618. "Coo was fantastic! Our photos are better than we could have imagined- he met us promptly on time and took us to beautiful local spots as we'd never been to Kyoto and weren't sure where to go. He suggested some poses and allowed us to also input some ideas we had. He is friendly and nice to talk to! Coo has an artistic eye for selecting backgrounds and captured very sweet moments of our engagement. As we've never had professional photos of us taken before, we felt a little shy and awkward at first- but Coo got us skipping and laughing which lightened us up and made for much better pictures. Lastly, Coo took extra time to show us around to local spots and tell us about the area. He followed up with us multiple times and we got our pictures back in less than a week! We would definitely highly recommend Coo for any travelers looking for the best photo spots, engagement or travel pictures, and as a great all around local guy to spend the morning with!" - Ingrid and Martin


619. "The entire experience with Ana was exceptional. She had a way of making me feel at ease almost from the very second I saw her. I lie - the best part was actually when I saw the photos three days later. These guys made me look like like Will Smith is all I will say. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK FOLKS!" - Takwana


620. "Awesome! Super customer service, Erin was friendly and open to running around in the rain for pictures. Thanks for doing such a great job!" - Sandy Kallio


621. "Diana was excellent....the process simple....and the photos are keepsakes. Thanks so much for you excellent work." - Tatiana


622. "My daughter, Susanna Lane, and I set to visit New York City for the Thanksgiving holiday and I knew pretty early on that I wanted the experience captured with the quintessential holiday backdrop. I invited my daughter's Daddy and his family to join us as well. Samantha was able to capture so many wonderful shots of my daughter with her Dad and myself. Having divorced parents is not something that my daughter asked for and Samantha captured a trip that had both of her parents with her..... to say Susanna Lane adored it, is an understatement. Thank you Samantha and Flytographer. It was magical and cold.... Brr..." - Quinn Franklin


623. "Krystal was fantastic! It was our first time taking professional photos and Krystal instantly made us feel comfortable, and our pictures turned out amazing. Our experience was Flytographer was great and I would consider using them where ever I travel to next!" - Alyssa


624. "Flytographer was huge help in ensuring our spontaneous proposal went great! The photos were perfect and will serve us well for all of our pre-wedding needs. Would highly recommend them, in particular when you don't know the city well. We really appreciated their wisdom and advice about where to go to get the best personal and unique photos." - Zak


625. "Santi was fantastic. We loved his creativity and patience...making sure we had the right shots in the right places. The whole Flytographer team was great! Would definitely use you again!" - Cory R.


626. "Our entire Flytographer experience was nothing shy of fantastic. Booking and communication was a breeze and our photographer, Rajesh, was AMAZING. Funny, warm, passionate and full of energy. His love for what he does translates into his photos. Our pictures are stunning. I will cherish them forever. Thank you, Flytographer team!" - Andrea


627. "Taking our pictures with Olga was one of the highlights of our trip. She was so friendly and made us feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. We were genuinely smiling the whole time! We are so very happy with how the picture turned out and will treasure them always. This was a perfect way to capture our trip and this time in our lives." - Mary


628. "We had a wonderful experience with Johnny.  His beautiful photos will serve as a wonderful keepsake of our time spent in NYC.  Thank you!" - Suzanne O'Brien


629. "I truly enjoyed your first class service from start to finish. Tedi was excellent and so prompt with replies. It made the whole booking and scheduling process quick & easy. And, I loved that Shay sent us a sneak preview postcard from our shoot while the pictures were being finalized. Such an awesome idea!! I love taking pictures on vacation when everyone is relaxed and having fun. Plus, I love that your service gives us the ability to capture family shots from all over the world- all our photos displayed at home have a story and a memory to go with them. So unique compared to just booking a family session in our home town! I'm so grateful to Flytographer for their service- capturing memories during our travels is a must for our family!!" - Amy Marshall


630. "When I found Flytographer for the first time, I was little concerned as I have never heard of the name. After having an hour of video call with Tedi (coordinator) and Rajesh (photographer and now my friend), I learned that they are truly professional and reliable as they addressed all my concerns and suggested better idea and guidance. Our photographer Rajesh was very kind, highly experienced, and warm/hearted. He did a great job of taking amazing photos of us and we really enjoyed the time with him. I will definitely refer my friends to him in the future.  Thank Flytographer and Tedi/Rajesh again for making us a great memory in London!" - James


631. "The people at Flytographer are amazing and will be with you every step of the way! Our photographer, Johnny, was super friendly and did an awesome job capturing every precious moment for the proposal (even through the chilly weather)! I would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to capture special moments because they will definitely last a lifetime!" - David Weon


632. "This was an amazing experience. Guido was very professional and personable throughout the entire photoshoot. He helped us stay relaxed which allowed us to forget that there was a camera there at all, and we were simply able to enjoy Rome and be ourselves. The photos are beautiful and we are proud and excited to share them with everyone!! I would definitely book Flytographers again! Thank you Guido!" - Mila F.


633. "Absolutely loved our experience working with Flytographer. Mayleen did a phenomenal job. She made my family feel completely at ease throughout our shoot. She gave the perfect amount of direction and was diligent in making sure she captured all of the shots and locations we wanted. She showed incredible attention to detail... even at times smoothing hairs blown awry in an arctic and very breezy Central Park. We couldn't be happier with the way the photos turned out. They are absolutely gorgeous!" - Nathania Oh


634. "Natalia was amazing! It was not easy to be in pictures but she made us feel very comfortable. She knows the city so well and so we got a lot done in a short amount of time! Highly recommend!" - Ruby


635. "Attention to customer service is excellent! I was very impressed with the whole process." - Sharon Turner


636. "I just want to thank everyone at Flytographer for making this process super easy and for helping us capture such a special moment in our lives. Olga out photographer was absolutely amazing, she was patient with us and beyond helpful. Thank you guys again and I will 100% use this again and will recommend it to everyone." - Alberto


637. "I used Flytographer to surprise my now Fiancee with a proposal in New York, I cannot thank our photographer, Samantha or Liss who put us in contact enough and for capturing the moment with sheer perfection. Samantha was friendly, organized, great at keeping me updated and above all superb at capturing both the reaction and giving us an amazing keepsake which alot of people never have the opportunity to have. We are both over the moon with the photographs and will use Flytographer again in the future. I cannot recommend this service highly enough, they have made us a very, very happy couple with their great service." - Matt and Kristina


638. "Goncalo was amazing! For a couple who is very awkward in front of the camera, he did a great job at helping us relax to get the perfect photos." - Shannon


639. "We enjoyed our photo shoot in Maui with Wendy! From the start, she was warm, welcoming, and made our daughters feel comfortable. She captured a great mix of posed and candid photos. She selected a gorgeous location with an uncrowded beach. We will always remember Maui with these special family photos." - Jennifer deBruyn


640. "I'm smiling so big right now! I absolutely love, love, LOVE all of our photos! Michelle F. was absolutely wonderful and we had a great time with her being our photographer. Highly recommend!" - Candis Clark


641. "Tom was fabulous to work with! We were super worried about the rain and humidity but he made it work. We'll forever cherish having photos of us in Bangkok. Such a unique "souvenir" that will last a lifetime." - Mallory


642. "We would like to thank you, first of all for your professionalism and quality of your work. Now that we have access to the result it's hard to choose one single photo, they are all great! Behind the camera you captured our love and happiness, in this special moment of our lives. By the way, your availability was fabulous during the surprise organization. Thank you for being part of our story!" - Celso Pires Ribeiro


643. "Our photographer was perfect. She showed up on time and advised me on perfect placement of my standing and was able to get some excellent candid shots during our party. Additionally although the shoot was at night the lighting was perfect and she used the Las Vegas lights amazingly. Thank you so much for making this moment magical." - Altmann Pannell


644. "Kelly was so easy to work with and captured my proposal perfectly! I couldn't be happier with the results. She exceeded our expectations and I will absolutely book with her again if I'm in Seattle!" - Chad Ritchie


645. "Our photo shoot with Alberto was great! He was able to fit us in on very short notice. We had a lot of fun and the pictures turned out awesome!" - Caitlin


646. "We love the photos Diana took in Puerto Vallarta for us! We had such a great time , she was delightful to work with!
Shay was amazing start to finish, booking with Flytographer was so easy , questions were answered very quickly! It was a seamless process! We are so glad we had Flytographer capture the memories of our honeymoon! Thanks Nicole and your team!" - Michele Molnar


647. "Liss, the shoot concierge was outstanding. She was patient, and she always responded quickly when I had a question. Valeria was a wonderful photographer. She knew where to go and what would look great. We love our photographs. Positive experience from beginning to end." - Rick Dixon


648. "Kristina was amazing. She made our family feel comfortable and did a great job capturing our personalities. I will cherish our photos forever and will be referring my friends and family to Flytographer." - Amber

649. "This was our 3rd time to use Flytographer (Paris, New York City, and Tokyo) and it will NOT be our last!!!" - Amanda de Pingre

650. "Karina was a pleasure to work with and we love our photos! We will definitely use Flytographer again." - Julie


651. "I wanted to hit several destinations in a short time and Erin shot at all of them with time to spare! She navigated the city so well, there was never an uncertain moment even though Bangkok can be very challenging. But most importantly, the pictures are phenomenal! They're stunning and beautiful! I am more than pleased with Flytographer, I am over the moon." -Whitney

652. "We had an amazing shoot in Cabo with Diana. She captured our family perfectly even the unexpected ones!!" - Krissy Cooper

653. "My friend has used Flytographer a few times and so when the opportunity came to use the service on a recent family vacation, I jumped at the chance - the photos came out great and our photographer was awesome in dealing with kids that really didn't want to get their pics taken." - Heather

654. "Our whole Flytographer experience was awesome - our concierge and photographer were so nice and helpful! My family and I absolutely love our photos, we have already told our extended family and friends about Flytographer. We will definitely use Flytographer again on other family trips!" - Jennifer

655. "Our entire experience with Flytographer from start to finish was absolutely wonderful! From the quick informative responses by our "booking concierge" Shay, to the amazing, photos we received from our photographer Brigitte. I am so happy to have found such a wonderful resource to capture all of our families best memories." - Brittany G.

656. "My husband and I were thrilled when we saw we received the gift certificate for flytograoger from our wedding registry. However, we didn't realize what a wonderful gift it was until we got to see the amazing pictures Olga took of us in Paris. I so appreciated her knowledge on how to get the iconic shots without all the other tourists. I will treasure these pictures forever!" - Starr and Pepe

657. "Great service - works flawlessly. We were assigned a photographer in Barcelona. She was lovely to work with. We had to reschedule because of rain and she was very accommodating. We got great photos and I would highly recommend the service." - Madhvi Puri

658. "Erin was so great and flexible. We changed locations the day of the shoot to get a picture perfect sunset, and it was such a beautiful beach sunset shoot. She made us feel relaxed and got some great pictures. Every step of this process was made so easy through Flytographer. I am so grateful to have these precious memories in picture to remember our 20th anniversary trip to Hawaii!" - Christie

659. "We booked Flytographer for the first time during a quick stopover in Prague to visit the European Christmas Markets. It was an absolutely incredible experience. Eliska is very talented and also knew so much about Prague so was able to share the history of the city as well. We will definitely be using her again when we return to Prague and using Flytographer in other cities as well!" - Ashlee

660. "I am so happy that the hotel recommended Flytographer to us!  We had a blast during our shoot and have some great photos to document our trip to Mexico.  It was very easy to set up and will use again and again on future vacations!" - Sheena

661. "We had never done a photoshoot and decided to celebrate our 25th Anniversary in Cabo San Lucas. We are so glad we booked a photo shoot at the beach. The pictures are beautiful! She captured the fun we were having and she captured some precious romantic moments. We love our photos!" - Cecilia Perez

662. "I had such an amazing experience with Flytographer! My proposal couldn't have gone better and the pictures turned out great. Something my fiance and I will always cherish. My photographer (Maria) and coordinator (Liss) helped make my proposal shoot in Paris run very smoothly. I had never been to Paris before, so having some local insight and proposal tips and tricks was very helpful. Day of it was nice to know Maria had my back, she was there early making sure everything was still in place, even ushering a few tourists away from my mark as she saw us approaching. Thanks again, I couldn't be happier with how things turned out!" - Sam Najewicz

663. "Flytographer made this entire process incredibly easy! And Annelise was fantastic! She knew just how to set us up and how to get great shots and smiles out of our toddler! I was amazed at the photos she was able to get just on the grounds of our hotel. We will be using so many of them in our home! I would highly recommend her and Flytographer to anyone who asks!" - Siri B.

664. "Miyuki is a very friendly person and easy to get along with! Her pictures are full of light and clean, which was what we wanted. The Flytographer concierge experience was excellent and everything was seamless! Thumbs up!" - Priscilla Leong-Tay

665. "First off, the service here is very unique, I love every bit of the idea of proposal shoots. Liss did an excellent job of making sure everything ran smoothly and I loved getting to meet our photographer Joe beforehand to go over details. When it came time for the actual day of the shoot everything went so well. Everyone was in position on time and totally out of sight. My fiancée was so surprised when I told her about the photographer and had set up engagement photos right after. Joe was amazing in every way and knew his way around Millennium Park for the best shots! We are more than happy with the photos we received they are everything we could ever want and more! Thanks so much Liss and Joe for making this already memorable experience one for the ages!" - Ronnie and Mikala

666. "I am so excited I discovered Flytographer and can't say enough good things about how well our pictures turned out! Our photographer Krystal was such a joy to work with in planning our marriage proposal. The creative ideas and plans we made to capture the special moment in Paris were above and beyond what I had envisioned and the whole Flytographer team helped keep me relaxed. The photoshoot following the engagement was a blast! Krystal made us feel so comfortable by giving us guidance on how to pose and where to look, yet made us feel like we were just strolling the street of Paris. All of the pictures turned out stunning and will forever be in our family." - Hunter

667. "Flytographer was awesome! Our shoot concierge made it a quick and easy setup and our photographer made us feel comfortable.  Would definitely recommend!!" - Rachel

668. "We couldn't be more pleased with our Flytographer experience. It was a special part of our trip and helped us to create even more magical memories. Siza was awesome to work with and the photos came out even more beautiful than we could have ever imagined!" - Kristina B.

669. "Siza was amazing! We can't say enough good things about our experience with her. From the start, she was responsive to our feedback on what we wanted to get out of the shoot. She did an excellent job capturing us and the photos turned out fantastic. We would highly recommend Siza to anyone looking to get pictures taken in Venice." - Vick Mehrotra

670. "Our experience couldn't have been any better -- from the seamless booking and great customer service to our AWESOME photographer Brigitte to our gorgeous photos, everything was perfect. The shoot with Brigitte was so much fun and she captured our happiness and joy in the most beautiful ways. I will treasure these photos forever. Thank you." - Rachel Roddy

671. "Chantal and Scott were amazing photographers. My family and I felt so comfortable when we were with them. They really captured our trip for us. I loved showing off my photos to my family and friends and hearing them all day "WOW!"" - Stefanie
"This is my 4th Flytographer, and my morning shoot with Rajesh was an incredible experience.  He is a wonderful photographer, full of energy, and he made my 35th birthday shoot very special-and now we have picture perfect photos to remember our trip.  Thank you!!" - Renee Langlois

672. "Maria & the whole Flytographer team were wonderful- I had no idea how to go about getting my proposal photographed, and they made it so smooth & easy. Would absolutely recommend!" - Zachary A. 

673. "We absolutely LOVED our Flytographer experience! This is the best deal/way to get beautiful photos of a trip that you want to always remember! I will always be grateful that I have professional photos of us on our honeymoon." - Suzanne

674. "It was such a fun photo session with Wendy! Wendy was very personable, kind and professional. She captured so many awesome moments of my family, especially my 2 year old son! All the pictures came out so natural, which is how we wanted!! I can't wait to share the pictures with my friends/family. I would recommend Flytographer to anybody who is traveling. Also, I would recommend Wendy to friends/family if they are traveling to Maui!!" - Jamie Yu

675. "From beginning to end you guys were incredible!  Professional and a pleasure to work with.  Armando was super friendly and made the whole experience fun and exciting!  Thank you so much!" - Shaun

676. "We were really glad to have engaged Coo as our photographer for our shoot in Kyoto.  Coo was able to engaged my toddler girl from the start and hence, the photoshoot was breezy and easy.  Kudos to Coo as she warms up almost immediately to him and was happy posing throughout the shoot.  The photos turned out really nice, capturing beautiful memories in Kyoto and the framing/ color were excellent.  We are looking forward to another photoshoot for our next holiday." - Lisa

677. "Great concept and exceptional service." - Radhika Gupta

678. "We are so pleased with our photos! We have always loved family vacations and this one was extra special as we celebrated my parents' 40th anniversary. Brigitte was wonderful to work with & made everyone comfortable/have a good time." - Alyssa

679. "Couldn't be more happy with our experience.  Our photographer Samantha was so great to work with.  And Liss was so easy to communicate with through the whole process that there was no stress on our part." - Melanie Jones

680. "This whole experience was wonderful - our shoot concierge, Tedi, was super sweet and fantastic to work with and our photographer, Goncalo, was amazing! He really made us feel comfortable and was great with our two toddlers. He managed to get beautiful pictures despite one of our boys being on the verge of tears the whole time because he was cold - I'm still not sure how Goncalo got smiles out of him.... I am SO SO happy with our pictures!" - Katie Mannig

681. "Booking a Flytographer shoot in London with Jimmy was the best decision because it turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip!  Believe or not, not only did our photos turned out amazing, it felt like we hung out with an old friend and talked and laughed nonstop!  We had so much fun that the day after the shoot, my mother, sis and I were saying we wish Jimmy our photographer was still hanging out with us. I knew from the moment I discovered Flytographer that this was something I had to do during a trip.  But I had no idea that the experience and the results would be incredible! I will never go on a trip without booking a shoot with Flytographer again!" - Devina

682. "Caitlin, my Flytographer concierge, was super responsive and helpful! And Erin was wonderful – she made our group of 6 feel totally at ease, and we got some fantastic family photos. I'll definitely use Flytographer again!!" - Rachel

683. "We had the easiest time booking with Flytographer. The entire team was responsive and friendly, and Louise really knew the city and had good backgrounds in mind so we could enjoy meandering around Amsterdam and get some great photos in the process." - Monica

684. "Danielle did an amazing job capturing our trip and engagement! We absolutely LOVE our pictures and will recommend her to all of our friends and family if they ever plan a trip to Chicago!" - Sabine

685. "I have been a Flytographer fanatic since I stumbled upon a beautiful post years ago! Pictures to me are the ultimate souvenir and I am over the moon with the way mine turned out. Making Flytographer part of any adventure is a must for everyone!" - Annastasia Duffaney

686. "I highly recommend Flytographer and Trevor. Everyone comments on how great the pictures are and how all the shots look so candid (because Trevor really did capture the candid moments)." - Karl

687. "We love Flytographer!  The booking process, photo shoot and delivery of the photos were flawless.  The photos were perfection!  We couldn't ask for more beautiful, genuine images.  We love it so much that we are going to book again for our next vacation!" - Kerry Duff

688. "In the early planning stages of my proposal, I'd decided on a specific day for the event. When I began booking with Flytographer, I found that Annelise (the photographer for the Phoenix/Scottsdale area) only had the day prior available, and I almost decided to go with another organization. That would've been a huge mistake. Flytographer was incredibly professional, polite, supportive, and almost as excited about my proposal as I was! And my fiancée and I cannot say enough about Annelise. She knew that I was trying to surprise my then girlfriend, and figured out a way to arrange the table set outside the restaurant, set the shades at a perfect height, and take photos from across the street! Under the shades!!Unseen by my fiancée!! I don't know if she worked for an intelligence gathering agency before Flytographer or what, but those photos were amazing. They captured sure an aray of emotion, from her and me, and it looked like she was taking the pictures from the next table over. Flytographer, I was happy to work with you, and look forward to working with you all again!" - Brian

689. "Flytographer was the best decision I made while planning my proposal. Every couple remembers the moment their loved one gets on one knee, but I have the ability to relive this moment everyday for the rest of my life!" - James Leman

690. "Since our amazing Flytographer experience in New York City, I've been telling everyone I know to book a photo shoot on their next vacations! We LOVE our photos and are so grateful for the experience." - Lissa Cullen

691. "An amazing experience from beginning to end.  Caitlin, our Concierge, was just outstanding in making all of the arrangements.  So easy to get in touch with, and had everything handled within a couple of days.  Then there was James.  I can't even begin to explain the fun we had with James.  Super person: fun, creative, and we now have the most beautiful pictures that will last a lifetime." - Amy Shaw

692. "We absolutely loved our experience with Flytographer. They were quick to respond and we received our pictures before the end of our holiday. Wendy our photographer was amazing. Our photographs were like pictures out of magazine! Love them all!!" - Sharon

693. "Our experience was outstanding.  Mary and Maurizio met us in the morning and took us strategically around the best parts of the town that we would have never otherwise seen on our own.  The pictures are amazing and Shay has been phenomenal to work with (lost a hard drive with the pictures on it...Shay sent another link for download).  Would recommend to anyone who's traveling and wants to capture the moment with the eye of a local." - Ryan

694. "I engaged Flytographer to help me connect with a local photographer in San Francisco to capture my engagement proposal to my partner. Flytographer played a key role in orchestrating the special moment and the photographer was lovely to work with. My fiancee and I couldn't be happier with the photos we received. It was a great experience and we wouldn't hesitate to use Flytographer again in the future." - Thomas Pagram

695. "Our experience with Flytographer was nothing short of outstanding! Our photographers Mary and Maurizio were amazing and had lots of great ideas for our shoot, as well as being open and listening to our own ideas too. We felt like Mary and Maurizio knew the area of Ravello like the back of their hand, and the photos themselves are amazing. We would recommend anyone seeking an engagement shoot to use Flytographer, they made our experience easy and straight-forward, and took a lot of the pressure off of my shoulders. Couldn't be happier!" - Daniel Cox

696. "We loved everything about the photo shoot, the pictures were amazing! We'll definitely recommend Flytographer and  Johnny!" - Alin Schiopu

697. "We booked Flytographer Alanna for some family photos while visiting Whistler and were absolutely blown away with the beautiful moments she was able to capture in such a short period. I am already looking to book with Flytographer again for my upcoming trip. Thanks for making it such an easy process!" - Tiffany & Jeff Wilson

698. "I feel so lucky to come across Flytographer when I was searching for a photographer in Paris to shoot my proposal moment. I wanted to give a surprise to my girfriend with unexpected proposal in Paris with quite limited flexibility of my time and it was difficult to plan all timing, meeting point and other planning issues. By the great help of Tedi and Goncalo, my thoughts and unexpected surprise came true. Me and my girlfriend are grateful to them. Photos are amazing and love them a lot." - Umut and İlkem

699. "As a new family with a baby it's almost impossible to get photos of all of us together while on vacation. Our images ended up being wonderful and my expectations were met and exceeded with Flytographer!" - Jordan Griffith

700. "Professional team, and very detailed oriented.  The quality of the service and the experience, and the end the results were simply amazing, and it exceeded my experience." - Amr

701. "My wife and I visited New York City as our Christmas gifts to each other. We love to travel and make memories and we wanted to find a way to commemorate our trip beyond the countless selfies and bad pictures from random people on the street. A friend of ours mentioned that she had booked Flytographer for an upcoming trip, so we looked into it and instantly loved the idea. From the beginning, our concierge, Caitlin, took great care of us. She was responsive, engaged, and did a fantastic job getting the shoot planned. Our photographer, Johnny, was nothing short of spectacular. He was friendly, professional, fun to work with, and very patient with rookie models like us. We had a blast during the shoot and made a friend we will always keep in touch with. When we received our pictures, we were blown away. They were beautiful and captured exactly what we were wanting; our love and an memorable trip to NYC. We have already and will continue to use and recommend Flytographer (and Johnny!) in the future. From concept to creation to final delivery, the entire experience was first class and we are so thankful we found you!" - Matt Crane

702. "Sabine was wonderful and did an amazing job capturing our moment!! (even if it was only 10 degrees outside) Everything went so smoothly, it was uncanny. Liss was also great in coordinating the shoot details. Overall, the experience was perfect and the results were remarkable; truly a moment we will never forget! Thank you so much!" - Mike A.

703. "OMG! I was very anxious about how my photos would go (our shoot included a very opinionated 2 year old) :) and always stress out about photo shoots... Kelly in Seattle was AMAZING and made the entire thing fun, relaxed and my daughter has NEVER been so excited in front of the camera. She didn't make us feel rushed and was so nice. AND - now that I've just gotten our photos - the quality and shots she got are absolutely amazing. Couldn't be happier with the service or the photographer we chose. These will be treasured memories! A million thanks!" - Deanna J.

704. "This was my second time using Flytographer and Eliska was amazing!  She picked out some fun, unique scenes for our shoot  and I highly recommend her.  Many thanks for another great experience!" - Laurie Mitchell

705. "Sarah was such a pleasure to work with! She was engaging, professional, and very sweet. We were at ease with her immediately. We never felt uncomfortable or rushed. She even woke up super early to meet us (and in the cold and drizzling rain!). A BIG thank you to Sarah who went above and beyond to get these great photos and in so many locations! She really maximized our time and had such a good vision for the locations. The photos capture how much fun we had on our anniversary trip to Berlin. We love them! Caitlin with the concierge team was so patient and helpful. I booked close to when was leaving the country and she was such a help in making sure it was booked/confirmed and all the details set up before left town so I didnt have to worry about it when I didnt have email/cell service overseas." - Sarah

706. "Our photographer, Spencer, was fun and professional. He exceeded our expectations and delivered gorgeous photographs that we can't wait to print and hang on the wall. What an amazing way to remember our first holiday with our young daughter! Very happy with the entire experience with Flytographer and we look forward to booking again for our next vacation." - Jamie Angus

707. "This was a fantastic wedding gift from our friends, and we couldn't be happier with the whole experience! The whole day was amazing, we met Emma in Florence and enjoyed a great tour of the beautiful city, as well as finding some beautiful hidden gems. The photos are proof of just how much fun we had, and we would seriously recommend both Emma and Flytographer to anyone who'll listen!" - Charlotte and Robbie Weiss

708. "Melissa was great, we are so happy with the photos and the shoot! She really made us feel relaxed and that shows in the photos. The quality in the photos are also great and she picked up a beautiful beach as background for the photos. Melissa was also very kind and nice so it was just a great experience although we normally don't feel comfortable in front of a camera :)" - Sofie Hulin

709. "We had a big group of 10 in Berlin, so organizing it was a bit of a beast, but Liss at Flytographer helped me out tremendously. This is my second Flytographer experience, and the pictures are everything to us!" - Elizabeth

710. "Bri was fantastic. We have a 2-year-old with a limited attention span and she was great at getting his attention and daring him NOT to show her his teeth, which he fell for every time.  Overall this was a great experience which resulted in pictures we can treasure forever. I highly recommend it if you are looking for great photos to commemorate your trip." - Jeremy Phillips

711. "Our photo shoot with a Whitney was so wonderful! We had some weather and location challenges, but she had so many helpful suggestions and ideas. The experience with my mom and sister was something I will cherish forever. Great service! Can't wait to use it again! Thanks Flytographer!" - Andrea Isabel Rojas

712. "On a whim, I decided to take a trip to Paris to celebrate my 35th Birthday. By chance, I found Flytographer.com and I am so happy that I did! It was an amazing way to document a milestone birthday in one of my favorite places in the world. I loved every moment working with Flytographer from the beautifully designed website to working out the details of my photo session with a super responsive, helpful, and friendly concierge. And finally, it was great getting to meet my photographer, Lucille, who was so personable and sweet. Because the photographers are local, she knew the city very well and knew exactly where to take me to get that amazing shot. She was able to produce amazing photos from this camera-shy client (she's a magician!). She took my requests for a playful, fun, and celebratory shoot with an 'everyday Paris' theme and delivered results beyond expectation. Do yourself a favor and use this amazing service. I can't wait for the opportunity to use Flytographer again and am even trying to to figure out what event I can use them for where I live in NYC!" - Evangeline

713. "We absolutely adored our photographer Marta. She was very accommodating and lovely. Even though I only requested one location, she brought us to some spots in Venice that gave magnificent views of the city. We will look back at our holiday with great joy and we are excited to have these photos to commemorate such a privileged event in our lives. Thank you to Flytographer, especially Marta. We will recommend her and this website to our friends and family traveling to Venice or abroad." - Leisann M.

714. "Another great shoot with Flytographer!  Marta was fun to shoot with and the pictures turned out better than I had hoped.  It was very cold out (46 F) and we were dressed for summer.  Marta was a trooper and carried our jackets in between the shots.   I highly recommend her to anyone contemplating a shoot in Venice." - Thao and Chad

715. "Vivian did an amazing job capturing our experience in Montreal! She was very professional but also made us feel comfortable instantly. Even though Montreal was freezing cold in December, we had a very fun experience thanks to Vivian! And we couldn't be happier with how the photos turned out! Thanks Vivian!" - Jess

716. "Conie was amazing. The kids loved her and she was great with them. The photos turned out great and she captured our personalities perfectly." - Misty Lundstrom

717. "My experience with Flytographer was seamless! It was such a pleasant experience and helped make planning the proposal simple. Our photographer, Silvia, was incredibly friendly and made us feel so comfortable during the shoot. She captured absolutely beautiful and unforgettable moments in breathtaking photos. We are both utterly in love with all of the photos and so grateful she was there with us. We were both so impressed with everything that we have already booked another shoot at our next travel destination! Thank you so much Silvia and Flytographer!!" - Victoria

718. "We had so much fun getting pictures done while on a family vacation in Maui. The pictures Wendy took are gorgeous, wonderful memories!" - Lauren Armstrong

719. "Alicia was just the best! We had a lot of fun and the photos are amazing!!" - Kerstin

720. "Eliska was wonderful and so great with our two young boys in getting them to smile! We absolutely love our family photos that she captured for us! Cant say enough good things about her! Thank you for capturing family memories that will last a lifetime!!" - Monica

721. "Amazing service from start to finish. Everyone was extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire planning process and the day of the shoot. Everything worked out perfectly. Thanks for everything." - Colin and Brooke

722. "Thank you for a great photography session! This was our second time using the Flytographer service (Maui and Kauai) and we love it!  Kazumi was patient, friendly, creative, encouraging and professional. We combined our shoot with my sister and her family, as well as our Mom and her friend. We used the shoot as a Christmas gift to our Mom and will be having the photos printed and framed as part of the gift... It's the gift that keeps on giving! Thank you!" - Julee S. 

723. "What a fantastic experience! Everything was handled professionally and efficiently. Our photographer was wonderful and the photos are great!" - Brenda V.

724. "We are so happy we hired a photographer while traveling to Prague this Christmas. It isn't often that mom is IN the photos so this was a really special experience for us. We will definitely use Flytographer again! Thanks so much." - Sarah Shalley

725. "Thank you so much for catching our special moment with such breathtaking photos." - Luke Hotlham

726. "Absolutely love our photos and loved every bit of the experience.  The process was so easy and everyone was great to work with.  We loved our photographer, Johnny, and we are so thrilled to have these photos to cherish our memories of a family vacation in New York City." - Cayleigh Cummings

727. "We had a family trip scheduled to Nashville. We wanted a large family photo, but since no one is from there we didn't know where to start looking for a photographer. I found Flytographer, and they were amazing. They took care of all the details for me, and connected me with a wonderful photographer. So happy I found Flytographer. We got excellent service and pictures!!" - Amber

728. "Alberto was very funny, friendly and professional during our shoot. He helped us to feel very comfortable and I was very appreciative of that." - Nathan Nguyen

729. "Wendy went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and to get the photos we wanted! Her cheerful and easygoing personality made it feel more like an experience than a service being provided. She was absolutely fantastic!" -Chris Hsieh

730. "We love our photos that Eliska took on our family holiday in Prague! She was so friendly, and worked well with our family.  Her work is beautiful, and I couldn't be more pleased! She is highly recommend for my family!" - Megan

731. "I booked mine and my boyfriend Jordon's Flytographer photos in New York City, as we love to travel and thought the pictures would make for the perfect souvenir to remember our trip. Little did I know, Jordon was going to propose a couple of days before our shoot! We met with our photographer Armando and filled him in on our engagement. He made our session under the Brooklyn Bridge so special, keeping with the romantic theme we wanted and also highlighting my engagement ring. He even supplied us with hot packs to keep us warm, as it was a very cold December day. His direction was fantastic, and it was clear that he knew the DUMBO area very well! We are beyond happy with our photos and will definitely be booking with Flytographer again. Thank you so much Armando & Flytographer staff for organizing such a fun shoot!!" - Ashley

732. "We had the best experience with Flytographer! Our photographer recommended a perfect place for photos, was on time, and the shoot couldn't have gone better!! Alanna was so friendly and gave us great direction for the shoot. She captured our family perfectly and we could not be more pleased with the photographs-  not to mention she got them to us the next day! Also, our coordinator, Liss, was so helpful in setting everything up!  We have, and will continue, to recommend Flytographer to everyone we know!" - Casey Iepley

733. "Nicky was fantastic! She was extremely patient with our large group of 15 people (including 5 little ones), she gave us the perfect amount of direction that we needed, and had such an eye for detail which I sincerely appreciated! I would definitely recommend her to anyone!" - Cierra

734. "Erin, our photographer, was incredible! She was prompt, professional, and terrific at grabbing any available opportunity! We were blessed with lots of rainbows during our shoot and Erin made the best of them! The photos are all gorgeous, but the rainbows stand out in particular, thanks to her diligence. We are truly happy that we picked Erin to do our shoot and recommend anybody that has an available time to shoot with her to do so!" - Frank and Madison

735. "Brigitte was an absolutely pleasure to shoot with! She made my husband and I feel comfortable, confident and provided us with ample direction to capture the best images possible.  Her flexibility with scheduling and timing (due to rain) was much appreciated and our shoot took place on a morning with stunning light! Flytographer is a genius idea to connect travelers with local talent! We had such fun capturing our wonderful Hawaii vacation - highly recommend Flytographer!" - Melissa and Zach

736. "Coming to New York has been a dream of mine for so long and as much as I love selfies I really wanted to capture this experience properly. I'm in a dream city with my dream man and the photos really reflect this. We didn't want awkward or corny poses, just candid lovely shots of us as a couple in this incredible city. We feel Johnny captured just that. He was so easy to deal with and made us feel super comfortable, really is a professional. We got lost in our moments and Johnny was able to capture them xx ps: Thanks for the best pizza tip! We loved it :)" - Bakulia

737. "I planned on proposing to my girlfriend during our trip to Prague last december, and I wanted the moment and the feeling of it to be with us forever. I heard of Flytographer before, and I couldn't be happier of asking Eliska to take pictures of the moment I got on one knee and asked the famous question. Her fotos look AMAZING, and she was very friendly, very sweet during the whole shoot. Shay, the concierge, was great as well, helping me with everything necessary for it to work just perfeclty. More than recommended! Thank you for making this moment even more special!" - Moises Gerhardt

738. "I was intimidated by the prospect of planning a proposal in a place I'd never been and then managing the logistics of finding and arranging for a local photographer to capture the moment. Flytographer did all of the heavy lifting for me. They matched me to an incredible photographer, Michelle F, and they scouted out my proposal site so that I knew what to expect and where to position the proposal. I knew that with Flytographer and Michelle F on the job I didn't have to worry about the details and could relax and enjoy my trip." - Ashley McAlpin

739. "Natalie was amazing!! She was so easy and fun to work with. She managed to capture our love in a pictures and they were amazing. We are so happy with the result. I reccomend Natalie always, she was the best" - Carmen

740. "The Flytographer team was nothing short of incredible. So attentive and proactive with their client care. We shot with Roberta in Tome and she was INCREDIBLE. Fun and lively, like walking with a friend through a beautiful city. Her, my boyfriend and the Flytographer team all secretly worked to turn what I thought was a regular shoot into a proposal! One of the best experiences in my life and the best way to have memories captured from an unforgettable trip." - Sarah

741. "We both loved our time in Paris. Christmas is her favorite time of year and to celebrate this holiday just the two of us with a new experience made this trip very special. We loved every part of Paris and look forward to another visit." - Seung Lee

742. "This was our first experience with Flytographer, but surely it won’t be our last! The concierge service worked really well. Thanks again for always sending us relevant infos for the shoot and getting the photos to us so quickly! We had a wonderful time with our photographer, Božo, who was genuine, fun and great to get to know. Božo made us feel completely at ease and was very open for our ideas and wishes. The atmosphere was laid back throughout the shoot and we are really happy with how the pictures turned out. Our babymoon couldn’t have been nicer." - Dana and Matthias

743. "LySué was amazing! She connected so wonderfully with my nieces and nephew making them feel comfortable and capturing some great pictures of them. The adults all had a great time as well and we LOVE our photos especially since this was our first family shoot. Thank you for capturing the essence of our crazy but loving family!" - Laura

744. "Everything through the booking and planning process was organized, well communicated, and exceeded my expectations.  I'm a travel blogger and to be able to travel and not worry about setting up my own shots (or trusting strangers to take a good photo) has been an amazing experience.  My concierge (Caitlin) and my Flytographer (Christie) were incredible at making sure I got what I wanted.  Will definitely book for my next travel blogging adventure! :)" - Judianne Jayme

745. "Our experience with Flytographer has been phenomenal - to planning out our shoot, answering questions, and getting us our photos. They were quick to answer questions and I felt like I was just talking to a friend. Our photographer, Lucille, was amazing and we had so much doing doing our photoshoot with her in Paris. I look forward to working with Flytographer again during future vacations." - Larissa

746. "When our States-side wedding photographer couldn't do our engagement photos, we wondered if we could find one in Rome where we vacationed over Christmas holiday. Almost immediately I found Flytogarpher, which was the perfect solution. What a great idea! I very much appreciated how Danica connected with us initially and just prior to our photo session so knew exactly what to expect at each step. Our photographer was amazing- she showed experience and also listened to our ideas. I love absolutely every one of the photographs we received and can't wait to share them. I definitely would recommend Flytographer to anyone!" - Erin Thorne

747. "The Flytographer Concierge team made our first experience really easy with constant follow-ups via email. We also loved the fact that we got the photos on the 5th day after the shoot. You guys have managed to overcome the most painful part of conventional photoshoots - the long waiting time! We look forward to more Flytographer shoots and more destinations in the future!" - Janice

748. "This was an amazing experience and I cannot think of a better way to capture the special memories that you will remember for a lifetime. Our photographer, Gonçalo, did a perfect job in helping us bring our vision to life." - Lee and Sherry Alderman

749. "Flytographer has come through yet again! We have used Flytographer three times, and the third is definitely the charm as we are obsessed with the photos! Of course there is a lot to work with in Rio de Janeiro, but our photographer, Carla, went above and beyond to capture some truly amazing shots. I could not recommend Flytographer and Carla enough!" - Alexandra Tripiano

750. "We were impressed with the way our Flytographer, Jeff handled our shoot. We were in Disneyland Anaheim during Christmas, so it was extremely busy, however Jeff put us at ease and the shoots we ended up with were fantastic and intimate even though we were in such a crowded space! He was patient with our kids who were very excited to be in Disneyland. Thanks for the memories!" - Deliah

751. "I was so tired of all my photos from Rome being selfies. When I heard about Flytographer, I booked the same day. I could not be more pleased with the pictures we got and think the world of our photographer Roberta!" - Ashley Evans

752. "My experience with Flytographer was phenominal. They prepared me for multiple scenarios as well as things to think about before and during our surprise session. Our photographer Rajesh was amazing. He made us feel so comfortable and was very creative in the settings he chose for us. I would definitely recommend Flytographer to anyone out there in need." - Cory Tickle

753. "This is my third time to book Flytographer and always thankful I did! Waki was very professional and patient with me, even when I don't know how to pose for a photo. I asked her to take more candid photos and those turned out to be my favorites." - Sarah

754. "Belinda was amazing! She took the time to not only get to know our quirky, unusual family, but was right there in the middle of us making us feel at home! Even though we (Belinda included) were freezing, you can't tell in any of our photos because we are having so much fun. These photos mean the absolute world to me, not only are they our first family photos, but our first entire family photo! Thank you Belinda for making that happen and taking the time to capture each one of our unique spirits! We all loved you and the photos!" - Elea Wade Craig

755. "Jen was amazing. She has great vision and spent a great deal of time with us to make sure that both the shoot and finished product were just what we wanted. Very pleased with our first experience with Flytographer. I am sure we will use them again." - Clint Nelson

756. "Our experience was amazing. I love how our photos turned out. Marie listened to us and guided us as well! Great photoshoot!" - Donna Dinh

757. "Johnny is a fantastic photographer (and on top of that, just a super awesome/easy to talk with guy!). He directed us in a way that was comfortable and was willing to journey down into the Subway to get some awesome "action shots" as the trains rushed by. Our entire appointment was relaxed and lighthearted - and as a result, he gave us the greatest souvenir from our New York City honeymoon! A Flytographer package is a great investment for yourself, and it would make a fantastic wedding gift for a loved one!" - Chaney Barton-Nichols

758. "If you are willing to go to Berlin, you definitely have to book the photoshoot with Sarah! She was so patient and very professional. We love our photos, they are simply fantastic." - Sam

759. "Tedi (organizer) and Esther (photographer) were amazing to work with. They shared the excitement with me and were very helpful in planning this special moment. Both, Tedi and Esther, had great ideas and were very willing to listen to what I had to say to try and incorporate my thoughts and plans. Overall, this was an amazing experience. The photos turned out amazing and the process was stress-free." - Nathan Frohman

760. "I felt such an ease during our whole vacation knowing that we had a Flytographer shoot to look forward to at the end of it! The experience itself was such a blast, our photographer Roberta was really fun and a joy to work with. It's so special having professional pictures to remember our Italian honeymoon by. Thank you so much to the entire Flytographer team, I can't wait to use your services again on my next travel adventure!" - Alicia Winnett

761. "I would highly recommend them as your next choice in photographer.  The intial contact an communication was great and they had excellent answers to all my questions. We got on the video chat and came up with a game plan. Afterwards I was sent an email with the plan, which was excellently detailed. As we got into Paris. I was in contact with the photographer Lucille who was excellent. On the day she played her part perfectly and the proposal went perfectly. I have never been happier and the photos I received were perfect. They truly capture the moment and I will cherish them forever." - James

762. "Flytographer was the best experience we had! We asked the service to memorize our honeymoon in Mauritius and the result couldn't be better! Mayline, our photograper, beside being very professional, was so friendly helping us with the location, weather and time to take the better photos. Now we have more than selfies from this moment, we have amazing photos! Thank you, Mayline! Thank you, Flytographer!" - Rita Galloro

763. "Diana was great! She made it very easy and took charge of the shoot which is exactly what we wanted. Getting these pictures done made our trip to Puerto Vallarta one to remember for years to come. I would definitely recommend Flytographer!" - Jill Fitzgerald

764. "Flytographer was amazing! The experience exceeded my expectations and I would recommend to anybody to use Flytographer. They were the only ones that were available to take my engagement pictures on New Year's Day in the Bahamas." - Melody

765. "Flytographer was such an awesome experience. I always knew my fiance wanted to somehow have her engagement captured and thankfully we had Flytographer available while on vacation in Quebec City. We had Francis as our photographer and he was very professional and fantastic. He really brought out the au natural in us and made us feel very comfortable while infront of the camera. He is super friendly and was so easy to get along with. Half the time we forgot there was a photographer around because we were so happy from our engagement.. and that's when he captured the most amazing photos ever. Turnaround town was amazing and we recieved our photos within 3 days. We will definitely be using Flytographer again!" - Rahul

766. "The whole experience was awesome, from the booking and the concierge support to the actual shot. My kids said they'd never had so much fun having pictures taken. Carla's work was outstanding. I want more Flytographer!" - Gabriela Castro

767. "My photographers Sarah and Stephen were amazing!! They knew all the best places in Sydney which resulted in great photographs. They are very professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend Flytographer to everyone! I had a great time on my photo shoot and I am very happy with my photos! Thank you very much Sarah, Stephen, Danica, and Flytographer! :)" - Katrina

768. "I like everything about Flytographer and it's professionalism. I was guided through the steps of hiring them and any doubts I have were properly answered. For a first experience os a photo session, it was awesome." - Elisa

769. "A once in a lifetime moment, captured by the industry's leading professional photographers. Derek and I are so pleased with Flytographer. As a business owner, I admire a company that takes their customer service to the next level. Can't wait for our next shoot :)" - Mitchell Jackson

770. "We are so unbelievably happy with our photos! If you dream of candid in the moment memories being captured, this is the place to book! Our Flytographer Liz not only captured the moment, but really got our essence and the pictures really show that!" - Benjamin McGill

771. "Honza was amazing! I was hesitant hiring a photographer I never met before, but Honza was very professional and incredibly easy to work with. We are so happy with our pictures and would recommend him to all our friends!" - Linda Wang

772. "Thank you so much Jen, Roberta & Flytographer! We love our photos and enjoyed the experience in Rome very much. The entire process from booking to receiving our photos was professional, yet friendly. Exploring Trastevere with Roberta was one of the highlights of our trip!" - Chloe and Ryan

773. "We had an amazing experience with Flytographer and can't thank Rajesh enough for the beautiful pictures.
 We have struggled to take good pictures during our travel as a couple and Flytographer has been the perfect solution.
 Rajesh was extremely friendly and made us feel very comfortable. Taking pictures in public can be awkward but we did not feel it because of Rajesh's friendly and casual demeanor. Overall we would highly recommend Flytographer to our family and friends given our wonderful experience." - Fariha

774. "I wasn't sure how the photoshoot would turn out as I had tried numerous times to photography my family and I always failed to capture everyone at their best (especially with the kids!). Lauren did such a great job and made everyone comfortable and at ease. It turned out much easier than expected, we didn't feel awkward and the hour just went by so fast. We're really happy with the results and I can't wait to print out these photos on canvas and frame them up! Thank you Lauren for the beautiful shots, you captured our family trip perfectly!" - Nellie Huang

775. "I am so happy we booked our Flytographer shoot with Naomi. It was a fantastic experience right from booking through to receiving our photos. The Flytophrapher team is extremely professional and friendly, and Naomi was so great with the kids and made the shoot easy and fun. And, she took so many amazing photos! Thank you for capturing this moment in time of our family!" - Rachel Purdy

776. "Using Flytographer was an overall great experience. Diana was great to work! Lots of great shots and memories captured!" - Shalene Trester

777. "I've used Flytographer in Palm Springs (Daniel) for family photos for 2 years. It's a great way to not only remember our vacation but we also get great photos of our family. The kids are much better behaved for the photographer than they would be for just me!" - Shawna

778. "Our overall experience with Flytographer was amazing! Our photographer in Venice, Serena, was so easy to work with and made us feel extremely comfortable. The beautiful images she captured are my most treasured souvenirs from our vacation in Italy. These treasured memories now hang on our walls in our home where we can see them and relive our trip to Venice on a daily basis. Our customer service rep, Tedi, provided exceptional service from arranging the session, to providing key details on the meeting time and place of the actual shoot. Again, customer service was hands down one of the best I have encountered! Kudos to everyone involved! Thank You!" - Carissa P.

779. "My husband, who is a professional photographer, was at first very hesitant to do this. He said, "I'll bring the tripod." So we did our shoot our first full day there. Aiofe was absolutely wonderful. Half way through our trip I asked my husband what his favorite spot was in Ireland. His reply, "our photoshoot." I love the fact that after 7 years of being married we have some beautiful memories from our vacation. Our vacation pictures normally look like we just changed the backdrop behind us. And guess what? My very picky photographer husband loved the pictures too. He can normally pick apart pictures. But he didn't have anything negative to say. I also greatly appreciate that Flytographer sorts through the pictures and picks the pictures for you. They did an incredible job with picking some from each place we took pictures at. It was a wonderful assortment of our hour. And an hour was a perfect amount of time. Thanks again for the wonderful experience and the wonderful memories. Can't wait to use Flytographer on our next vacation. It will be the first thing I book after booking the trip." - Michelle Buttitta

780. "Izumi our photographer was great about communicating prior to our meed, she was on time and took a ton of photographs and we really liked the location she helped us pick. She was friendly and very helpful with advice of places to go and things to see in Tokyo. Thank you Flytographer!!" - Nicole Myers

781. "Sarah and Steven were wonderful working with Megan and us. They went out of their way to be helpful as well as professional in their dealings. The photos are great, captured Meg's personality and such a fun memory." - Bobby Erbey

782. "Keith met us right on time and gave us great guidance throughout the shoot. We had a lot of fun, and the pictures are so magical! Friends and family keep complimenting us on them and are amazed at the concept of Flytographer. Keith has so much experience--we feel very lucky to have had him take our photos for such a memorable part of our lives. I just can't thank you enough for making finding a photographer in another country so easy! I couldn't have done it without you." - Jessica Rodgers

783. "This is the best way to capture your perfect romantic moments together abroad." - Rasheeda and Nathan

784. "I am so glad I found you guys via GlobeTotting's blog - what a wonderful creation of a company! Allen was absolutely wonderful. He was professional, kind, and very attentive. He made both my daughter and I very comfortable! We truly enjoyed the experience and even more so the final pictures! Again, so glad to have found you all! Cant wait to use another Flytographer again :)" - Marisol L.

785. "My husband and I spent a few months apart before meeting in Dubai. When we finally got to reunite, we were ecstatic! Natalee listened to our ideas, captured our energy and absolutely NAILED the shoot. We LOVE the photos! Flytographer made the whole process easy. I would recommend it to anyone traveling abroad!" - Nina N.

786. "The online communication with the Flytographer people who help you set up all the details, was absolutely phenomenal. I dealt with Tedi and he was so timely, efficient and helpful all at the same time. I was extremely impressed. I would definitely use Flytographer again, because of their impressive customer service." - Kaitlynn Robinson

787. "Jessica was a lot of fun, and her knowledge of the local area meant that our pictures had a great backdrop. Our big group was extremely happy with all the pictures, and the variety of fun 'poses'. The challenge will be deciding which ones to blow up and frame - I don't have enough wall space for all of them! Thanks Jessica and Flytographer!" - Terry Bell

788. "I used Flytographer to capture my proposal to my girlfriend in the beautiful city of Prague. From start to finish the experience couldn't have gone smoother. Tedi with Flytographer was great, she walked me through every step, was extremely patient when I missed video conferences and gave extremely helpful advice on things such as how to get the ring through security at the airports. Honza, our photographer in Prague was great, he was very helpful leading up to the shoot and, our pictures came out amazing. My now Fiance was blown away by the surprise of having the moment captured and the pictures are wonderful. It's a moment we will never forget and it was all captured by Honza. Thank you to Tedi, Honza and Flytographer!" - Ryan and Jaclyn

789. "Flytographer took away all the pressure of making sure we got quality photos of ourselves on our honeymoon. Handing off your iPhone or dslr is such a gamble, and the photos rarely turn out decent, but thankfully we had Roberta. She did such a great job! We love our photos and have already recommended Flytographer to friends of ours who are getting married!" - Justina Kopp

790. "If you have the option to book a Flytographer for what ever the occasion may be it is totally worth it. Lucile in Paris, France was amazing and friendly and i'm so glad I had her as my photographer to capture my Paris proposal." - Cody TerMeer

791. "From booking to the actual day of shooting our Flytographer experience exceeded our expectations! Communication was prompt and constant as shoot day approached. Erin our photographer was energetic, patient (we have an almost 4 yr old!) and captured our personalities & the surroundings exactly as we had hoped. Love, love, love all of the pictures we've received! They are treasured memories in our mind and now print!" - Jeneen Harrison

792. "The proposal was a complete surprise to me and I could not have been more ecstatic with how the pictures turned out! Dipan did a great job at capturing my face when I saw my fiancé get down on one knee and propose. I love that I will always have these pictures from this important milestone in life to always cherish and look back on." - Laura

793. "What an unbelievably perfect experience from start to finish! Both Tedi and Cheryl were absolutely incredible and helped to execute our surprise engagement seamlessly. Kelly fell right into the surprise (even having Cheryl take some photos of us before she knew the photographer was there for US!) and Cheryl made it absolutely flawless. I didn't think I could be more impressed with the whole Flytographer experience - until we got our photos back, and we were absolutely blown away!!! We are both very particular in our photography style, and Cheryl perfectly captured one of the best days of our lives. We can't say thank you enough!!" - Jay Berndt

794. "Flytographer is a great service, I am more than happy that i have found them! the photographer who took our pictures (Abbi) was amazing, flexible, nice, and made us feel like we have been friends for a long time. The quality of pictures is stunning, so professional, clean, and just what we asked for. They arrived on time and they even sent us a few extras. We love Flytographer, and we are so glad we used the service. Thank you." - Alya Almaddah

795. "We booked Flytographer for our trip to New Zealand to spend Christmas with our New Zealand family. We have not done a lot of professional family portraits over the years as we prefer candid shots. However, we wanted to give the grandparents a special christmas present - pictures of our three daughters as they live far way. We love to travel and it's a big part of our lives, and with our eldest daughter away at university this seemed like the perfect opportunity to capture this time in our lives. Jessica was fantastic - we were all pretty shy about being photographed and she really put us at ease. By the end of the shoot we were having so much fun and we loved the beach location. She listened to what we were looking for and really took her time. She even gave us a ride to our second location as we didn't have transportation. Love love love the photos of our three daughters." - Caroline Liebenberg

796. "We booked Flyphotography to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in Maui, on December 28th. It turned into a great experience. Erin, our photographer picked a wonderful location and worked really well with all of us ( eight strong willed individuals, a challenge in itself). The shoot was fun and very relaxed and the end product was outstanding. Some wonderful photographs and a great experience. Everybody talked about how much fun it was. It is our second time with Flytographer and we are looking forward to the next event to capture." - Mike Peacock

797. "It was so much fun to capture some special moments from our trip to Portugal. Ivo and Vanessa were awesome - super fun, upbeat, great energy, and made us very comfortable to just be ourselves and have a great time with the experience. They also went above and beyond in every way. We shot in Ponte de Lima (about 40 minutes from Porto) and as one of the oldest towns in Portugal, it offered some incredible backdrops and locations. Having two photogs for the price of one was such a huge bonus because they were able to get both closeups and wide angle shots at the same time. Also, we had to reschedule the shoot and location a couple times (once due to rain) and they were incredibly flexible to make sure we had the best lighting and location." - Lindsay Taub

798. "The set-up was sneaky and ultra-cool, the (now) fiancee was totally surprised, and the shoot was everything we wanted it to be and more. Both Tedi at Flytographer's home base and Johnny, our New York photog, were professional, accommodating, and excited to make our moment happen just as I'd envisioned. Thanks to everyone involved for creating such a fantastic, lifelong memory for us!!" - Reece Cantelon

799. "We had such a great time at our photo shoot. Vivian, our photographer from Montreal, snapped photos of us with the beautiful backdrop of the Montreal winter. I loved how she captured a range of images that included soft and intimate, while others were fun and energetic. Vivian understood our vision and gave us a good balance of posed and candid photos. We can't wait to use Flytographer again on our next trip." - Six Vu

800. "We were thrilled with all aspects of our experience with your company! From the ease of booking and your quick responses to our questions, to the meeting of our lovely photographer... Our family (of 15!) had so much fun and loved the experience! The photos are beautiful! We will definitely be using you again!" - Leanne Goodwyn

801. "I had such a wonderful experience! Photos are a timeless keepsake, and the fact that there are photographers from around the world willing to capture those moments for travelers makes Flytographer worth it." - Ressa

802. "What a great experience and such fantastic memories of our visit to Mauritius!  I will definitely spread the word about Flytographer and recommend your photographers to all my friends!" - Dawn Greensides

803. "Having our pictures taken by a local photographer, Nadine, was a highlight of our trip to Amsterdam. She knew the perfect locations and made us feel like naturals in front of the camera. We are thrilled with the images we received from our shoot-- Nadine perfectly captured our personalities and the love my husband and I have for each other. We will always treasure our time with her and the memories we made in such a fun city!" - Bailie Roscow

804. "Nikos was so friendly, and creative too. He made us feel comfortable, and captured some excellent photos of our son. Santorini is one of our favorite places in the world. We will cherish our pictures and the memories forever! Thank you!" - Jessica


805. "Thank you to Alberto from Flytographer, he was a great guy, really friendly, put us at ease and delivered amazing pictures! It was definitely worth it!" - Peggy

806. "I surprised my girlfriend with the shoot and she was a little nervous since she didn't know exactly what to expect. Stephen and Sarah arrived on time and we were immediately put at ease. I couldn't have imagined it going any better than it did.They were amazing to talk to, had great locations for us and really made the experience special. Since it happened on our last full day in Australia, it was the best way to wrap up our trip. Not only do I highly recommend Stephen and Sarah, I would without hesitation use Flytographer again since it is the best way to get great pictures on a vacation." - Matthew Mullen

807. "Photographs have always been my favorite souvenir - when I heard about Flytographer last year I knew this would be something that we'd be sure to use! The first item on my list after we booked our winter vacation to Maui was to book our Flytographer shoot. Erin was awesome & our kids LOVED her...she was able to find out what made each kid "tick" (cartwheels to running to hula dancing) & used that to get the perfect pics of our babies!" - Tiffany Tollefson

808. "Thank you so much, Johnny and Flytographer, for being there to capture our special moment! I was so surprised when my now-fiancé proposed to me in Central Park. :) We had a photo session afterwards with Johnny, who was very professional the entire time. He let us be our natural selves and offered suggestions for poses where appropriate. We went to different spots around the park and got really lucky because it started snowing. The photos are beautiful and I can't thank Johnny enough!" - Amy

809. "We LOVED our experience with Flytographer! There were 18 of us girls, celebrating my bachelorette, and the photos turned out perfectly! I definitely recommend it for a bachelorette party activity - everyone loved it." - Stacy

810. "Pono was a great photographer. He was in time for the shoot, and he totally helped me with the whole plan. He was really helpful to make it happen. The pictures were great, some of them even exceeded our expectations. The moment was beautifully captured on those pictures forever. Totally worth it!" - Victor Cervantes

811. "Flytographer did it once again! We are thrilled with how our photos turned out. Naomi perfectly encapsulated the magical, ethereal feel that we wanted in our pictures. She made us feel so comfortable and our shoot was an absolute blast. Flytographer photos are the perfect souvenir for any trip and we can't wait to frame our photos from our Maui babymoon vacation. My husband joked that he wants to start a fund so that we can use Flytographer every time we travel. I think we might have to do just that." - Tawny Clark

812. "I was very satisfied with the services of Flytographer. Tedi was very professional, and had excellent ideas. Julien, the photographer was really great. The pictures turned out amazing. But also he had a pleasant personality, and it was very easy to work with him." - Janos Ferencz

813. "After years of never being in my family holiday snaps I am so happy to not only be in them but to also LOVE them. I usually hate photos of myself but our lovely photographer made us feel so happy and relaxed. Our photos look so natural and the lighting and location was perfect. Getting up at 6am was a struggle for our early shoot but it was so worth it - I'd definitely recommend a sunrise shoot!" - Monica

814. "Using Flytographer was a wonderful experience. Everything was very well organized and Danica from the concierge was quick to email back any questions I had as well as kept us up to date with the photo location details. Our photographer, Martina, in San Diego picked the perfect spot for our photos- she was very friendly and captured our family vacation photos on the beach perfectly! We'll definitely book Flytographer again on our next family adventure! Thanks again!!!" - Christina Garcia

815. "The photographer selected was really excellent, making the shoot itself a fun experience, plus you get a photo record that is a thousand times better than what you'd get doing it yourself. Also, it's great to outsource the stress of trying to 'capture the moment', so you can just get on with enjoying your vacation." - Edwin Grummitt

816. "I had no idea how to prepare an engagement, so hiring a photographer in an unknown city was a very last minute decision. After endlessly searching for photographers, packages, staging, etc just hours prior to leaving for vacation, I felt most comfortable with Flytographer. With a simple inquiry, you guys took all the planning off my hands and guided me every step of the way AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE! I couldn't be anymore grateful for being walked through the process step by step with quick responses and detailed instructions. As nervous as I was, I knew the "plan" was one thing I did not have to worry about. :) Samantha was very patient with our shyness and lack of creativity, directing us in a way that made us more comfortable! The moment was captured perfectly; we've received so many compliments on our story of emotions. THANK YOU for everything!" - Jordan

817. "Flytographer is a great way to enjoy the cities you visit and get those pictures that you always wish you had taken on vacation." - Andy Fundinger


818. "Working with Flytographer was amazing! Jen kept in constant contact with us and when there were scheduling conflicts (it was Christmas) she worked to find a solution. Our photographer Chelsea is one of the kindest, most sincere and talented people I've met. Her welcoming smile and excitement put us all at ease immediately. To see Chelsea work with children is incredible and it shows in the shots she captured. Because Chelsea was genuinely happy and smiling it made us all smile our real smiles. I highly recommend Jen and Chelsea and the Flytographer brand to anyone seeking a stress free way to capture those vacation memories." - Jules


819. "Nadine was great! She was fun and kind and even recommended a few places to eat and they were great too! She was the best! I felt like I've known her for years :)" - Patty

820. "As a professional photographer, I'm always creating images for others and I rarely have quality images of myself. I value great photography and I know how important it is for saving your memories and creating stories about your experiences. It was important to me to make sure that this awesome week in Mexico was captured and as a Flytographer Photographer myself, I knew that Flytographer could be trusted to do an amazing job." - Lauren L.

821. "We really enjoyed our experience with Flytographer and our photographer Cassie. The shoot was extremely comfortable and we have already begun sharing our experience with others and recommending the service!" - Ariana

822. "Our Flytographer photoshoot with Goncalo was the perfect way to capture this amazing vacation with photos that aren't selfies. We love sharing them and looking back at this wonderful souviner." - Rachel

823. "So grateful we had Flytographer to beautifully capture that unforgettable moment in San Francisco! Our photographer was so sweet and did such an amazing job. Thank you, we will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives." - Christina Seyfi

824. "Our daughter booked this package as a gift for our 30th anniversary. We were a little hesitant but just went along with it. We had a super great time and were surprised at how tired we were after an hour of being "on". Lots and lots of fun and we would definitely do it again." - Linda and Randy Stimac

825. "When a business trip took me to Europe, my husband and I decided to check off a "bucket list" trip to Paris. In the planning phases, I kept thinking about how special photographs are and REALLY did not want a book full of selfies (hello, awkward angles & double chins!). Flytographer far exceeded our expectations & on the 9 hour flight home my husband and I agreed that it was one of our most favorite experiences of the trip!" - Tania Richardson

826. "The photos came out amazing! Bayu and Vony really helped capture our honeymoon glow and gave us a lot of direction which was really helpful. They were so nice to us that it made us feel comfortable in front of the camera and not at all shy which was reflected in the photos! Thank you so much for being part of our honeymoon and for capturing those incredible moments! It was truly a wonderful experience!" - Brenda

827. "I have always said that in life it is a gift if you do for work what you love. Our photographer, Kelly, does just that! The results of the photos say that in each and everyone.. Thank you for giving us this gift!" - Janet Willbanks

828. "Great service, love that they provided suggestion on places for pictures and time the pictures should be done to get the best light for the pictures. Super helpful for us since it was the first time to Maui and we have no frame of reference on where is the best place for our shoot. Our photographer Naomi, was great with our kids as well and we have some awesome shots of the kids. :)" - EeVin

829. "I have been wanting to get some maternity photos done, and so when a friend recommended this site, it was perfect since we were planning our babymoon at that time anyway! Our photographer, Cheryl, was better than I could have ever imagined. She was so flexible with our busy vacation schedule and guided us into the most flattering poses (not always easy when you feel like a balloon). I couldn't have asked for more and the photos came out better than I dreamed." - Jennifer

830. "Everything about this company was flawless. According to my boyfriend - whoops! now fiancé - everything ran smoothly. From photography to editing. And I absolutely ADORE the final product, I can't stop staring and sharing ! Incredible." - Mariam

831. "Flytographer provided the absolute best experience for my proposal to my now fiance. From the initial step of emailing with the concierge, Tedi, to the last photos taken with Johnny, the entire experience was seamless and enjoyable. Tedi, our concierge was very helpful in answering all my questions (and concerns) from the beginning and was so helpful in coordinating between the photographer, Johnny and me. Johnny, was as gracious and supportive throughout the process. He was an excellent photographer and even recommended how to propose and in what fashion. It was rather cold that day of proposal - the coldest it has been in the last decade - and Johnny was so friendly and professional, and was enjoying the moment as much as Amanda and I did. The photos came out outstanding which really made this day memorable for the rest of our lives! Thank you!" - Nicholas

832. "I was thrilled about booking with Flytographer for a photoshoot for my bachelorette weekend! We arrived to the shoot location on time, and Daniel and his assistant were there waiting for us. We were a group of 7 girls, and he made the photoshoot extremely fun. He gave incredible direction, and also listened to my ideas. I am incredibly picky and detailed oriented, and I can genuinely say, I'd use Daniel again and Flytographer. Overall, we had a blast and our photos show that!" - Alisa Benz

833. "This is our first time using Flytographer. We are very happy with the way everything turned out. It was our first family vacation since the birth of our twin boys and was captured well. Daniel our Flytographer, and Jen our concierge, was very communicable and explained everything. The setting was perfect along the beach in South Beach. We highly recommend Flytographer to capture any vacation photos wherever you travel to :)"  - Joan and Giancarlo

834. "Using Flytographer was the perfect souvenir from our vacation in New York City. What better way to not only remember the beauty of the city, but to capture the beauty of our love for each other.   We don't look at our experience with Flytographer as an investment in portraits, we look at our experience with Flytographer as our way to freeze a very special moment in our lives, forever." - Renae Burt

835. "Hands down the best investment you can make on any trip. If you're trying to decide where to splurge with your travel budget (4-star, 5-star, nice restaurant, etc.), save it for the shoot. 1 month/1 year/10 years from now you might not remember where you stayed or where you ate, but you will remember these photos. Your children, their children, and future generations will thank you for it. I will without a doubt be booking a Flytographer shoot for every family and client vacation going forward. Capture your souvenir! I promise you won't regret it. :)" - Crystal Warner

836. "I booked Flytographer for my sister's bachelorette party of 10 girls in Scottsdale, AZ. The entire process from start to finish was so easy & seamless. The turn around time from the photoshoot to receiving the high res pics was incredible!!!! Our photographer, Elena, was fantastic and provided us such a fun experience. We'll treasure these photos forever and everyone who has seen them so far is so impressed. For the price & quality - it is just outstanding!" - Jen Van Buskirk

837. "Siobhan was FANTASTIC ! We had a large group (11) consisting of three generations not an easy group to photographer under the best studio conditions, let alone adverse weather, outdoors with lots of other people and distractions for the kids. Great results. The concierge concept used by Flytographer permits one central point of contact and greatly simplified the process. Danica was most effective in simplifying the entire process." - J.B.P.

838. "Amazing photos, Amazing photographer and an Amazing experience, could not of asked for anything more. I would recommend Flytographer to anyone, done more than i could of expected and am very thankful for that." - Kev Dony

839. "Flytographer was easy to work with leading up to our trip and seamlessly executed on our shoot date. She captured candid moments of our large group, allowing us to live in the moment and set our phones/cameras aside." -Danielle Robertson

840. "Awesome service! They did a great job coordinating and following through on the plans. I would recommend them to anyone!" - Zachary Barnes

841. "Beginning to end, this process was wonderful. From doing research on the website to reaching out to see if our photographer was available for our date preference, booking and confirmation, Tedi was in communication with me every step of the way.  I have, and will continue, to recommend Flytographer to everyone I know!" - Vita

842. "This was our second time using Flytographer (our first was with Lauren in NYC in 2014). My parents are newly retired, and wanted to take everyone to Maui for vacation! We couldn't have thought of a better way to document our memories of being together. The bonus? Everyone, yes everyone, is in the pictures--including the moms who are usually behind the camera. Erin, our Flytographer, was extra accommodating when we made a last-minute location change due to traffic...and she got soaked by the waves right along with us!" - Molly Loneman

843. "Flytographer was exactly what I was looking for! The photographer we had, Cheryl, was outstanding. I received the photos within just a few days. Working through Flytographer was super simple and they were always very quick to respond, thank you Tedi. Couldn't be more pleased with my experience!" - Christen

844. "This is the ideal solution for vacation photos. The beauty of it is that when your children are older they will actually see you in some of the photos !!" - Susan T.

845. "Always a fun experience.. I will look for Flytographer wherever I travel!" - Ziad Al-Duaij

846. "Flytographer is an amazing service. Everything went perfectly and my fiancé and I are thrilled with the results. In the days leading up to the big moment, it was clear that I was in good hands. Both the photographer and the concierge took great care to make everything go off without a hitch. Traveling to Mexico to pop the question, it would have been completely impossible to capture the moment with such high quality photos while keeping the element of surprise without Flytographer. I have no regrets. Money well spent!! Thank you guys for capturing a lifetime of memories!" - Mike Horton

847. "Wow!!! Excellent pictures! and the postcard is lovely!!! Thank you so much, we had a great time during the shoot. I think it was very original to be able to do it while raining and although I was a bit hesitant because of the weather, the pictures turned out great. Louise pulled out an umbrella and it made the shooting fun, original, with contrasts and most of all she captured perfectly what Amsterdam looks and feels like, even when it is a bit cold and rainy it is still fun and beautiful. Louise did a great job, the colors, the backgrounds and the moments that she captured are wonderful. Tedi was great also, extremely helpful and accommodating. The overall experience was worth it, I have already recommended Flytographer to a lot of people back home in Mexico, in the Netherlands and USA!" - Erika Juarez

848. "Fun and seamlessly easy service!! Would definitely recommend to all!" - Harveer Randhawa

849. "We couldn't have had a better engagement shoot thanks to the incomparable Rajesh. From his artistic vision for our shoot to his technical skills to his knowledge of London, Rajesh was absolutely indispensable in capturing the moment. Also importantly, I was at ease the entire day thanks to the prior coordination between me, Rajesh, and our shoot concierge, Jen. We covered every detail, and the incredible photos clearly reflect the results having a shared vision. Terrific experience; not a single complaint." - Dave Kelm

850. "We had a wonderful experience with Jenn in Palm Springs. Loved our photos. Would highly recommend using Flytographer to capture some unique shots on your next holiday. We will book again for our next vacation." - Patti Koenig

851. "As a solo traveler who doesn't like taking selfies, I barely have any photos of myself on the road. Thanks to Flytographer I now have a fun visual souvenir from my time in Berlin. Plus, I met the wonderful Sarah who immediately put me at ease and somehow managed to make me look natural on photos!" - Sofie Couwenbergh

852. "Thank you again for making this whole process so easy. We were blown away by your attention to detail and will cherish these photos forever." - Amanda B. 

853. "Nicole and I absolutely LOVE our photos!! Our photographer was Mayleen, and she was amazing in every sense of the word! From the planning stage, to the execution, to the post photo shoot she was there every step of the way to help with any question I possibly had. We couldn't be more pleased with how things turned out and her attention to us a couple. We felt more like friends than a client and that was GREAT!!!!! If you want a personal touch on a professional photo shoot, request Mayleen!" - Justin M.

854. "I was surprised with a proposal in Montreal and my (now) fiancé enlisted the services of Flytographer to capture it all. Ariel was amazing! She was easy to work with, made good suggestions for positioning and found the best lighting on a cloudy day. I absolutely the photos! Thank you!" - Sabrina

855. "Our Flytographer experience really was such a highlight of our trip--from interactions with Tedi, to meeting with Goncalo, and back to interactions with Tedi, it was just so delightful. I was just telling my friend that if you opened up an office in Boston, this would be a company I'd want to work for :)" - Kristi G.

856. "I had a wonderful experience using Flytographer in Rome to capture my surprise engagement. Everything from the planning session to the actually photography session was exceptional. Photographer even went out of her way to adjust date of shoot due to weather issues. Would highly recommend Flytographer to anyone!" - Michael

857. "Once again, Flytographer did not disappoint!! Our photographer on the Big Island captured the essence of our trip- Family Fun!! Kris allowed our kids to be themselves and as a result he captured images of our children that showcases their personalities. We can't wait to show our friends our amazing family pictures!!" - Colette

858. "This was our second vacation where we included Flytographer, and are ecstatic with the results. What a treat to come home to after a fabulous vacation...a beautiful collection of photo memories to last a life-time found in our in-box. My husband (who hates getting his picture taken) commented on how impressed he was with our photographer and her ability to capture great photos in the midst of a busy beach, windy day, and a 7yo boy who also did not want to cooperate. Thank you Conie and thank you Flytographer!!!!" - Julie Roles

859. "I don't have the words to describe how amazing it felt when I opened the online gallery and saw the photos of our family. The wonderful images Jenn created will bring back memories of our extended family vacation in Tofino for many, many years. Tedi, our shoot concierge, was so thorough, professional and caring, we really felt like we were in good hands through the whole experience. Jenn, our photographer was lovely! She made our whole family feel at ease. She knew the best angles at the location, she had so many great ideas and she made the shoot so much fun! Thank you!!!" - Elizabeth

860. "I recommend Flytographer to everyone I know when they take a big vacation. There's no souvenir I'd rather have! My husband and I used Flytographer for the first time in 2013, in London, on a trip where we visited London and Dublin. It was a two-hour session, and we had a fantastic time. Our photographer (Emiliano) acted as part photographer and part tour guide. We enjoyed him so much that we still keep in touch. My only regret from that trip is not also using Flytographer in Dublin. We have amazing London photos, and the only Dublin photos we have are selfies. Later, when my parents took our family on our (first ever!) family vacation to Cabo, Mexico, we did a 30-minute Flytographer session. We got the best family photos we've ever had. Finally, I went on a trip with my sister to London and Paris this past November. We used Flytographer again on that trip, and I couldn't be happier. It's a great investment every time. I love the freedom of knowing I don't have to find the perfect souvenir to remember my trip, because I know I'm going to have memories preserved in photographs. Flytographer will always be a line item on my travel budget!" - Amy Jo Johnson

861. "What a wonderful experience!! We eloped and wanted some great photos of us in lieu of wedding photos. We couldn't have asked for a better photographer (talented and fun!), and the photos capture our love and joy just how we had hoped. We will absolutely be using Flytographer on future travels!" - Sarah W.

862. "I've used Flytographer in the past and I'll use them again in the future. An easy, no-hassle way to get some awesome memories captured during special times. Solo, together, with friends, or pets, Flytographer will help 'ya out!" - Aaron D.

863. "We were extremely happy with everything about our Flytographer experience - from booking to shoot to receipt of images - and will most definitely book with you again to capture our next adventure. Well done to you on both the administrative and creative side." - Claire McIntyre

864. "We loved our shoot! This was the best gift my husband has ever gotten me!! Olga was fabulous. She chose a beautiful location and paid such attention to detail!! She really was fantastic! There are not words to describe how happy I am and how much we love the pictures!!" - Pam Begue

865. "We wanted photos from a family trip to South Beach commemorating Grandpa's 70th birthday. Daniel was perfect and we love the photos. It was a very windy day and he managed to pose us all perfectly to deal with the high winds. I would highly recommend Daniel and the Flytographer service." - Libby

866. "On a whim we thought it would be a wonderful idea to take our yearly family photos in NYC, where we visit each year just after Thanksgiving. It was a very last minute request and Flytographer was able to secure us a session at exactly the time we had hoped. Natalie was wonderful and despite a chilly day captured amazing shits of our family, but most importantly kept out two girls (8 and 9) entertained and smiling the whole time. I'm pretty sure they felt like celebrities. We continue to get compliments on our photos and have recommended Flytographer a few times to others already." - Erika Graff

867. "My experience with Flytographer set the tone for my two week trip through South Africa and Swaziland. The photo shoot kicked off a trip that was beyond beautiful, exciting, peaceful, fun, colorful, and energetic." - Cherelle Mattox

868. "I really don't like getting my picture taken but wanted my family's photos taken while we were in Mexico. I was surprised at how happy I was at the pictures. She did exactly what we wanted. Flytographer was on time, easy to work with and we loved our family photos. Would definitely use them again!!" - Christine

869. "We loved our experience with Flytographer! Kevin was friendly, professional and easy to work with. We would definitely recommend this to our friends!" - Katie

870. "The Flytographer experience was top notch throughout the entire process. Extremely organized making for a perfect experience. Thank you!" - Aaron Epstein

871. "Our family was so excited to get the chance to use Flytographer. We first learned about the company right after returning from a family trip to Argentina, and were so disappointed that we didn't hear about it sooner, as we have no good family photos from that trip. This summer, when planning a road trip to the Atlantic provinces, we reached out to Flytographer. They told us they did not have any photographers in Nova Scotia or Newfoundland, but would do their best to recruit one for us. And boy are we glad that they did! Heather was a total joy to work with. She was energetic and enthusiastic, and our kids - who normally hate posing for pictures - completed hammed it up for her. Heather had great ideas about locations that were both scenic and fun, and we love our photos. Friends and family rave about the pictures, and we are so grateful that Flytographer took the time to find Heather for us!" - Naomi

872. "Michael did a great job making me and fiancé feel comfortable in front of the camera and kept the photo shoot upbeat and fun. I am the guy who doesn't like taking pictures and Michael did a great job making the shoot fun." - Adel M.

873. "Loved everything about working with Flytographer -- Tedi was wonderful and was a great help with scheduling and suggestions. Cheryl is an amazing photographer and was so fun and easy to work with. Look forward to working with again." - Angela Winther

874. "We couldn't have asked for a better experience with Flytographer! Honza was the absolute best. He took extra time leading us around Prague -- showing us several sites and taking gorgeous photos at the same time. Our pictures are some of our favorite mementos from our trip, and we have received so many compliments on them from friends and family. We will definitely be using Flytographer again soon!" - Jennifer Olson

875. "I am so glad I discovered Flytographer! We LOVE how the photos turned out and Esther was so great! She did such an amazing job with my family and they're a rowdy bunch! Thank you for giving everyone such a great experience during my sister's family bachelorette weekend in Dallas!" - Kristina

876. "My first experience with Flytographer was amazing. The concierge service was so helpful and accommodating. And our photographer, Johnny had some great ideas as to how to work with the space we had and the number of women to maximize the photo shoot. The pictures turned out amazing! It was a great experience and I know my sister (the bride) treasures these photos as her take home gift." - Meredith

877. "We have used Flytographer before and will whole heartedly recommend their services to all. I feel a vacation photographer is akin to having a wedding photographer as holidays provide some of the most memorable experiences in ones life. We are a family of 4 with two young children and my children hate taking pictures, especially on vacations, because they have so much distractions. Having a professional photographer makes them feel like it's a holiday activity and we explore landmarks. It helps build a connection to our travel destinations. Abbi was a superb host and made us feel comfortable taking pictures in the most incredible locations. These memories we will cherish for the rest of our lives with the help of these photos. If your going on vacation, I urge everyone to hire a Flytographer." - Shahab Ali

878. "I think it is so easy to book a Flytographer anytime to capture a quick memorable holiday pics of the entire family. We have used Flytographer twice and we love the different poses/capturing that moment in time." - Kristi

879. "Using Flytographer was a fantastic decision! The photos are gorgeous, and a wonderful momento from our family vacation!" - Katie M.

880. "We had a great experience. Thank you! We will be booking with Flytographer again soon!" - Maggie

881. "Working with Flytographer in New Orleans was fantastic. We now have wonderful photos and during our photoshoot walking in the French Quarter we also had a local guide! What an amazing combination. Thank you for a great day!" - Lisa Niver

882. "The perfect gift - the gift of memories! What a fabulous way to capture special moments." - Jenny

883. "Vanessa and Tedi were a pleasure to work with. They were both extremely helpful, sincere, and invested in our special day. Thank you!" - Jason

884. "Rakel was absolutely amazing! She was so kind and creative, helped me overcome my shyness, and she made the most of our hour together. She truly made our experience into the memory of a lifetime. I could not recommend Flytographer more." - Katy Shackelford

885. "We are so happy that we used Flytographer and found Jacob and Dannie to capture these moments for us! The pictures are amazing, and we will be able to look back on them forever and remember what a magical time we had." - Becky I.

886. "Can't imagine any other way to capture our memories! Chelsea was amazing to work with. She made us feel at ease, as though we had known her for years. Her energy is contagious and her style, well, speaks for itself. I don't like being photographed but it was a fun shoot. Thank you again Flytographer! Nicole, you rock as always ;)" - SuAnn Bell

887. "This is our second time using Flytographer and once again we were delighted with our photos! Emma, our photographer, was fantastic and a joy to work with. We couldn't have been happier with the results!" - Katja Gaskell

888. "The experience and photos could not have come out better! We have begun sharing the photos with our friends and family and the feedback has been tremendous." - A.J. Rizzo

889. "Krystal was wonderful - made us feel comfortable right away and took some beautiful pictures of our mother and daughter Paris trip. This is my second time using Flytographer and I am hooked!" - Veronica Crha

890. "Planning a surprise proposal is a very difficult task. Living in New York and trying to arrange something in Hawaii seemed near impossible to me but thanks to Flytographer I was able to pull it off. Thank you very much Danica for putting everything together. Thank you Chelsea for the amazing photos, we love them all. My Fiancé and I couldn't be happier !! :)" - Maykol Alarcon


891. "We had the BEST time! Our photographer made us feel very comfortable and truly captured our love for each other and Pairs. I will definitely use Flytographer again on future travels." - Emily F.

892. "One word - Awesome! The entire experience was awesome. To be honest, it is a little uncomfortable to be posing romantically in a public place, but, our photographer made us absolutely comfortable." - Saraswarthi Nambi-Prabhal

893. "We booked Flytographer for our 1st honeymoon stop in Venice. Marta was AMAZING! She went above and beyond to get great shots, knew her way around the city (born and raised in Venice), and even walked us back to our hotel after so we wouldn't get lost. Then we received the pictures quickly and they were GORGEOUS. We will definitely book again!" - Vanessa

894. "Our photoshoot at my bachelorette was a highlight of our trip. We had so much fun with Cheryl and were blown away by how amazing the photos were. I'm actually planning to use them as part of a gift for my bridesmaids!" - Natalie

895. "I have followed Flytographer on instagram for some time now. When mom and I booked our impromptu trip to Europe I knew immediately that I wanted photos taken. From booking, to the actual shoot, to getting our photos everything was seamless. Krystal, our photographer, was wonderful! My mom and I have been telling everyone about how amazing our personal photographer was. As soon as she saw my mom she helped fix her scarf and kept directing us to get the best possible shot. She guided us and gave us directions on where to look, how to pose, etc. Krystal was such a highlight of our trip because she became a friend by the end of the shoot. When she left she told us that we could text her if we needed anything while in Paris. To top everything off, our photos came out perfect! We have already been recommending Flytographer to everyone. Thank you!" - Lendl

896. "We had a great time and love our pictures! The process was so easy and fun and I can't wait to use your service again!!" - Sana Mohammed

897. "Flytographer was amazing. It is really hard to plan a proposal on its own. Extremely harder to try to plan one on a continent you've never visited. Flytographer made it so much easier. They where with me throughout the whole process. Jen, helped me with everything and Sonya, my photographer went above and beyond to make sure the location was perfect. Thank you Flytographer and everyone involved for making a perfect day for my now fiancé and me." - Israel A. Hernandez

898. "We really think this is a genius idea and we had a fabulous experience. Our memories have been captured in a way that feels genuine and fun and authentic. Michelle was personable and warm and put us all at ease, it never felt contrived. We really feel like she was able to capture the vibe of our family and we are really grateful for her talent. Thank you!" - Mia Toth

899. "Our shoot absolutely exceeded all of our expectations. Jackie was fantastic and made the whole shot fun and comfortable. It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip, and we now have so many awesome pictures to treasure forever. I want to use Flytographer for every vacation from now on. Absolutely amazing!" - April

900. "Flytographer is such a great idea. Ernir did an amazing job capturing my proposal. The other pictures came out great as well. He was very friendly and has a great eye. My only issue with the photo session was that I didn't have any cash on me for a tip :( I literally might start booking Flytographers for every vacation I'm on." - Jeff Hyun

901. "From the very first communication right up to when we got to see our beautiful photos, it was obvious that the people at Flytographer were genuinely excited to help immortalize a very special moment in our lives. After we took one look at our photos, it was abundantly clear that they have the skill, attention to detail, and whimsical spirit to bring beautiful moments to life, to capture them for posterity, and ultimately to bring us joy for many years to come." - Jonathan Bright

902. "We're always the ones taking photos of one another- it was such a treat to have such a talented photographer take photos of us together. Conie was delightful to work with, and made us feel so comfortable in front of her camera. We would be delighted to use her again, and will definitely recommend her to friends who visit Tulum." - Jackie Greaney

903. "Flytographer has been with me and my wife in every single trip ever since we first tried it out in our honeymoon!" - Mohammed

904. "I used Flytographer to help photograph and plan my proposal. Shoot Concierge, Tedi, did a great job coordinating the shoot logistics and solidifying the game plan. The photographer, Hannah, was such a pleasure to work with...a real professional who captured amazing shots and expertly executed our gam. My girlfriend (now fiancé) had no idea and was completely surprised! I would absolutely recommend Flytographer to anyone looking to capture their special moment." - Ned Daryoush

905. "Flytographer was an awesome experience! The shoot concierge made it super easy to connect with our photographer, and the photographer did an excellent job capturing the perfect scenes from our vacation. The photos were beautiful, high quality, and we we didn't have to worry about taking lower quality selfies at all during the trip!" - Liz Appelt

906. "Flytographer was so easy to deal with from the booking to completion. Our photographer Caitlin from Honolulu was so talented. We loved every single image we received. I would definitely use Flytographer again." - Tram Lai

907. "The Flytographer team was extremely professional, very helpful and super responsive. They coordinated for us a photo shoot in Venice and the outcome exceeded our expectations. Marta, our photographer was a lot of fun to work with. She captured a perfect mix of candid and posed moments. She made great recommendations and was very flexible with our requests. The photos turned out great and we're hoping we'll be able to work with her again in the future.Thank you for the fun photo shoot, the interesting conversations and the amazing photos!" - Nadine & Amin

908. "Michelle was super amazing to work with. She made me feel super comfortable and was able to grab some great shots. After years of traveling with me behind the camera, it was great to have photos of me in front of the camera." - Lisa T.

909. "We had a great time doing the shoot. Our photographer Waki was very flexible and she easily pinpointed the best locations for our shoot. Thanks so much for helping us to make our once in a lifetime trip to Japan so memorable." - The Stalder Family

910. "It was such an amazing experience! Virginie and Samuel were such fantastic people to get to know and they made the experience so easy. Both my husband and I are not the most comfortable infront of a camera but they were still able to capture the moments for us and the beautiful scenery as well! Thanks so much for making this trip memorable for us! A definite win for us and a definite yes for us to use Flytographer again on our next trip!" - Bonny Lee

911. "I booked Flytographer for my soon to be sister-in-law during her bachelorette weekend in Miami on 4/7/16 and I must say that I am SO glad I did! The pictures are truly amazing!! We are all so in love with them! I truly couldn't be more happy and neither can the bride!! The entire process was awesome and so easy!! My concierge, Danica, was very timely in answering all of my questions and concerns and set me up with our photographer Cheryl. Cheryl was so great as well and was really fun and easy to work with. She was professional and gave us photo-virgins such great advice and direction during the shoot! It took just four days for our pictures to come back, so the turnover time was pretty fast. Danica was also kind enough to provide me with a copyright form so that I could print our pictures at the local Walgreens store.
912. "I really, really loved every second of it and I can't stop saying how glad I am that I booked! Our photo shoot was for nine girls and we had a 60 minute package which I think was just enough! I am an INSTANT Flytographer fan and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!! If anyone is hesitant to book (because I will admit, I was in the beginning as a new customer), please don't be! There's no way you will be disappointed! LOVE! Now my mom wants to book! Haha! Thanks Flytographer!!" - Erika

913. "Jackie was so AMAZING to work with! This trip to London was the first stop on my first International Solo Trip. I was also celebrating my birthday. Jackie captured the happiness and joy that I was experiencing on this trip! The entire Flytographer experience was fantastic! I highly recommend to any to take advantage of working with Flytographer...you will not be disappointed!!" - Erika

914. "I have been telling ALL of my friends about Flytographer.com! My husband and I are so glad we found Flytographer! Our family travels internationally a couple times each year, and my biggest regret is that we've never before had very many decent pictures that include our whole little family of four. FINALLY, I found Flytographer, so I can now be included in the awesome pictures from our vacation! I finally have an awesome Christmas card picture from a family vacation! I am thrilled with every picture we received. Lucas did a wonderful job meeting with us, and capturing my little family in an efficient and entertaining manner, which was critical given we have a 3 yr old and a 5 yr old. He got the kids to show their natural expressions (which this mom loves to have captured, of course!!), and he got the kids to enjoy the experience so that we were all relaxed and having fun with the photo shoot. I will forever treasure these pictures! I was very impressed with the timeliness of getting the pictures back so quickly... It's great to have a sneak peek so soon after the photo shoot and then the full pics shortly thereafter. I've enjoyed having the low res thumbnails link that I can share with close friends and family while it's all still fresh... What a special treat to be able to share those pics with our families and friends while we were still on our vacation! As we already have started planning our next vacation, Flytographer was the first website I looked at to make sure you have a photographer in the locations we're considering. All future family vacations for us now have a line item for our Flytographer photo shoot souvenir. I can't thank you enough!!!! I am one happy mom!! Some of the best family pictures I've ever had of my little family of four, and how special that it's on a family vacation where we're making memories." - Debra

915. "We expected good photos, but we were blown away with how much we love them! Monica was so sweet and professional. The communication was fabulous, as well. We are already recommending you to friends on Facebook. Thanks again for a great experience! ❤️" - Ashley McDonald

916. "I would strongly recommend Flytographer to all. Ditch the selfie stick and get some high quality photos of your vacation." - Donna P.

917. "The thought of trying to capture great photos of ourselves on our honeymoon was daunting! Amelia made our trip even more special than we could have hoped -- providing insider information as we traveled throughout the city. We won't hesitate to seek out Flytographer again on our next big adventure and will certainly recommend to others!" - Erin C.

918. "We had a fantastic experience with Flytographer! There are always lots of fun photos and memories you capture on your own but the ones taken of our family by Chelsea are the ones you actually hang in your home! She was a pleasure to work with and kept my little ones smiling and giggling the whole time. Awesome job and we will definitely be booking another session on our next vacation!" - Mary

919. "We couldn't be happier! I wanted photos to remind us of our amazing time in Iceland and Rakel went above and beyond. She planned out some amazing scenic backdrops and was very easy to work with. We're really thankful that we have these photos to look back on :)" - Brittany and Danny

920. "Vivian is amazing! One of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met. She was so understanding and accommodating to our large group! She is an amazing photographer, the best, the best! I cannot say enough positive stuff about her. I would book with her, and Flytographer again in a heart beat! I have been raving about the shoot since we returned from Montreal! Love, love, love! Thank you so much, it truly added to our festive weekend!" - Amina

921. "Our Flytographer session was a highlight of our trip to Paris! We really enjoyed meeting Olga. She was very kind, professional, and made our session so easy and fun. She captured so many views and sights of Paris that we loved. We are so glad we invested in a session - our photos turned out more beautiful than we expected and we have a special keepsake of our time together in Paris! Merci beaucoup, Olga and Flytographer!" - Christna

922. "The service was amazing! Lots of communication and extremely fast responses, even before having booked the shot and all the way to after the pictures arrived! The photographer executed perfectly and was super fun to work with, my (now) fiancée didn't suspect a thing! :) Additionally the pictures were beautiful and arrived really quickly, within the same week they were taken!" - Luis Torres

923. "Capturing all of our friends on a once and a life time bachelorette party was absolutely one of the highlights of our trip! We had so much fun during the shoot and will have these photos for the rest of our lives. I can't wait to be somewhere where I can use Flytographer again! XOXO" - Katie Phillips

924. "I have been a fan of Flytographer for a few years, and am lucky to have four Flytographer shoots under my belt. Flytographer helps to capture the special moments of a vacation/holiday/trip and a shoot with them is the best 'souvenir' you can buy. I received so many compliments on the photos from my shoots, so not only do I have happy memories, you manage to make me look my best too! I enjoy seeing all the Flytographer pictures on your blog. It inspires me to travel and create my own memories in the many beautiful cities around the world!" - Kiera Reilly

925. "Our shoot concierge, Jen was very helpful in being the liaison between the photographer and I before the shoot - keeping me updated and sending reminders as I was swamped in planning many other details of our long overseas trip. Our photographer listened to what we wanted and gave great suggestions on places where to shoot and what outfits would go with each location since we had more than one location booked. Overall, I had a great experience, and have friends who have seen them are already asking me about it as well!" - Elsa

926. "This was our 3rd time using Flytographer and as per usual the service and the quality of the photos were outstanding." - C. Mirus

927. "Flytographer was amazing! We scheduled a shoot with them and requested a specific photographer and after having some last minute scheduling conflicts with the photographer, they were able to rearrange a new photographer for us within hours. They were so helpful and the customer service was amazing. They kept us in touch and made suggestions on what to wear, the time for the best light, and where we could rent bikes (seeing as we wanted some bike shots for our pictures). Our photographer Tania in Amsterdam was great. She and I communicated via text prior to meeting and she was super personable and easy to work with. My partner and I were nervous and are not the most comfortable in front of the camera, but Tania knew how to make us relaxed. She even texted us a list of restaurants in the area after we were done so that we could have some good eats during the remainder of our trip. Our pictures turned out great. We are beyond pleased and would recommend Flytographer and Tania to everyone." - Mehtab and Jesse

928. "We are so thankful for this chance to have some amazing photos taken in the city where we were engaged and even finding the spot 13 years later. Lucille was amazing - made us feel very comfortable and gave great direction. Absolutely the best!" - Stephanie

929. "I had the best experience with Flytographer and its photographer. We went to Bali and wanted unique family photos to show we were there, with ME (mom) in the photos! I was so happy with the photos we got. What a great photographer. He was so kind and so so good!! We loved entire experience from start to finish. Our photos came back so so so fast too, which was even more amazing!! I HIGHLY recommend Flytographer and its photographers!!!" - The James Family

930. "I am extremely happy with my Flytographer experience. Working with Julia and Danica was straightforward, easy and fun. Julia offered great suggestions before the shoot and perfectly captured our proposal. Exactly what i was looking for. I highly recommend Flytographer." - Scott


931. “Arranging a surprise proposal in Venice is not easy. But WOW, it was a breeze setting up the photo shoot through Flytographer. Our friends and family cannot stop talking about how beautiful the photos are. Long story short, these are photos my fiancée and I will treasure for a lifetime.” - Jake Mahowald


932. “Wow! What a great experience.  We had Wendy from Maui do a shoot to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary.  It was the best decision we made.  Now we have memories that will last a lifetime.” - Gwen De La Costa


933. "We went on this trip as a late anniversary trip to Paris. For a couple who is very awkward in front of the camera, Gonçalo did a great job at helping us relax to get the perfect photos." - Shannon Oneill

“From the beginning Flytographer made it such an easy process. They set me up with the photographer of my choice, and contacted me to set everything up for the surprise proposal. Sydney (my now fiancé) was completely in love with all of the photos taken of our special moment. We have already scheduled our engagement photos in Santorini using Flytographer! We love this company!” - Lon Beverage

935. “Flytographer and Goncalo B. made a very special moment even better. The images are superb and he really captured the spirit of the afternoon. Goncalo also managed to be present with us but not in anyway intrusive. The images allow us to enjoy the moment forever.” - Julian Mount


936. “This was our second shoot with Flytographer. We had so much fun working with Alanna and are thrilled to have a collection of pictures to remember our time in Whistler. We are so grateful that Flytographer exists and will continue to use it for all of our adventures!” - Jenn Stemmler


937. “This was my first time using Flytographer, so I didn't know what to expect. I was also slightly nervous about making an international booking.  But, I have to say that the experience was pretty amazing!  The booking process was easy and the concierge support was extremely responsive during the whole process.  The best part of the shoot was LIZ!  She was truly excellent. We laughed and had a great time as she captured some amazing shots. Thanks for making my 40th Birthday memorable!” - Yolanda Lewis


938. “Silvia and Liss from Flytographer made this experience one that will be cherished for the rest of our lives. We LOVE the photos and the process was so much easier than I would have imagined. Silvia was able to capture our emotions perfectly and has a great eye for backgrounds. Such a great experience!” - Brennon Sessions


939. “I am so glad I found Flytographer. A photo shoot with a toddler and infant wasn't easy, but Claudia was able to make our time with her fun and playful- a must for our babies. I love the photos, especially the candid shots. We’re so happy we have all these photos to look back on and remember our first vacation as a family of four.” - Myra Salonga


940. “From start to finish this was a flawless experience. I was really nervous about proposing with a photographer around. Would it be awkward? What if something went wrong? But Liss and Manali helped me pick an amazing location, then the pictures turned out better than we could have imagined. Thanks heaps Flytographer!” - Jonathan Fox


941. “Everything about the process with Flytographer was amazing.  The fact that I was able to ship a message-in-a-bottle to the photographer in Grand Cayman ahead of our trip and have her plant it in the sand at the beach was unbelievable.  Our photographer (Rebecca) was spectacular!  The photos were perfect and the whole experience was amazing :)”  - Danny Brown


942. “Literally perfect. When I received the gallery of photos I was with my now fiancé and we quickly looked through them and both shed some tears because of how amazing they turned out. Thank you again!” - Scott Andreen


943. “I am so glad I booked the photoshoot through Flytographer. The photos turned out amazing and out photographer George was really good. He immediately made us comfortable and his knowledge of local area in Mexico helped us choose the best locations for our photos. Highly recommended.” - Setu Desai


944. “I am really excited to have some vacation photos of my husband and I that aren't just selfies, or pictures of one another. We have NICE pictures, TOGETHER, to tell the story of our trip.” - Amber Tho


945. "Flytographer Anthony helped us capture some beautiful family memories in Quebec. We will treasure them. The whole experience was easy and fun, and our 9 year old had a blast. Thank you so much for these family treasures!" - Laurie Bianchi


946. “It was such a joy to see the photos that Flytographer Vito captured! A selfie just is not the same as a professional photographer's photo - Venice was more fun because of you Vito - and now we have a cherished memory - Grazie Mille!!” - Annie Rybka


947. “The whole Flytographer experience from our initial booking with our concierge, to receiving the photos was so easy and smooth. We were a bit nervous at first but with Johnny's guidance, we felt completely comfortable, relaxed and natural really quickly. He captured the real us, and our personalities, while ensuring the photos really showed off beautiful NYC. “ - Emily Bressington


948. "We had such a wonderful time during our photo shoot in Vienna with Natascha. She took our short inspiration description of 'modern, playful, urban', and completely nailed it! She was really so easy and fun to work with, and the photos are incredible. We are thrilled!" - Emily Schlemmer & Ralph Robinson


949. “Without question, this was the best souvenir from our trip and I look forward to future Flytographer shoots!” - Sarah Coban


950. "Our photographer Serena was amazing, she engaged our tired toddler well by being patient and kind with him. I have never had so many photos I love come out of one gallery. It will be so hard to choose one or two to put on the wall!" - Hannah


951. “This is our second time working with Flytographer. I think it is safe to say we are now officially addicted...and hoping we are able to spoil ourselves again on future vacations.” - Miko Palo


952."We had a wonderful time shooting with Mankica in Ljubljana. She was so friendly and welcoming, and loved showing her city to us. It shows in the photos- she took us to some beautiful spots!"  - Emily S.


953. “I keep coming back to Flytographer because you make everything about the process of booking a photographer so easy! I've loved the pictures every time, and it's just such a great way to capture a memory.” - Brittany Halterman

954. “I was a bit reluctant at first, but these people are absolutely amazing. The process is so simple, and the outcome is so amazing! I cannot thank you enough for a life long memory I can share and the professionalism was amazing and yet so down to earth and not like a service!” - Brett Chazel 


955. “Blown away!!! Not only is this a photography booking site but Liss was essentially my proposal consultant. She helped me iron out details I would have never thought of. And don't even get me started with Orlando... he's a top notch photographer that helped me execute the final details of my plan.” - Lenny Michalski


956. "The Flytographer team was nothing short of incredible. So attentive and proactive with their client care. We shot with Roberta in Rome and she was INCREDIBLE. She, my boyfriend and the Flytographer team all secretly worked to turn what I thought was a regular shoot into a proposal! One of the best experiences in my life and the best way to have memories captured from an unforgettable trip.” - Sarah Spindler


957."Flytographer Aoife was amazing to work with- so fun and terrific with my girls! Her ideas for candid photos were perfect for us and resulted in some absolutely incredible shots!" - Jody Halsted


958. “Our photos are incredible and beyond what we could have hoped for. Our family and friends were impressed and wanted to work with the photographer. We are thrilled with our photos and will cherish them as it so beautifully captures a milestone in our lives.Thank you flytographer for linking us to Olga who is a truly gifted photographer and artist.” - Min Lee


959. "Amazing experience!  So easy, and Hector was the best! We love our pictures!" - Kristie Kessler


960. "I am so pleased I decided to invest in professional photography and now I have a keepsake I can be proud to show off to my family and friends. I would work with Marian again in a heartbeat. Not only is she a phenomenal photographer, she also had wonderful suggestions about the area that made our trip even more memorable! It was an outstanding experience and perfect way to remember our once-in-a-lifetime experience in Italy." - Megan Lewczyk


961. "I surprised my wife with a photo shoot in Central Park as a wedding gift and she was thrilled. The whole experience was exactly how we imagined it. We were very happy with the picture quality and the service we received. We would definitely use Flytographer again and have already told our friends and family about the wonderful service!" - Matt & Ashley Black


962. "Flytographer Naomi was fantastic to work with, even with our large group and less than cooperative small children.  The pictures are gorgeous and I would highly recommend the service." - Robin Adams


963. "Flytographer was such an easy experience to book photos. The process was simple and communication was easy." - Tamika


964.  "Flytographer Alessio was amazing to work with! He was friendly, enthusiastic, and his passion for photography was evident.The lavender fields in Valensole are amazing and we are lucky to have Alessio capture a bit of our time there." - Thao and Chad


965.  "I flew from Vancouver to New York to surprise my longtime girlfriend while she was on a work trip. She loves New York City so I had the idea of proposing to her in Central Park. With Johnny's excellent knowledge of the area, he helped me pick out the perfect spot for the proposal. He was incredibly supportive throughout the entire process and my fiance and I completely forgot that he was even there! The pictures turned out absolutely great and I could not be more pleased. I have, and will continue to recommend Flytographer to all my friends and family. Thank you  Flytographer team for helping make our engagement so perfect." - Praneil Kainth


966. “Flytographer's services are very professional and make it easy on the customers who book them.” - Ceamantha Francisco


967. “Booking online was easy. Liss, the concierge was very available, responsive and provided welcomed suggestions. Our photographer, Amy was kind, energetic, accommodating and took great photos. It was a great experience and I will do it again! It was helpful to know that our photographer had experience with kids. It made a big difference.” - Hannah Swartz


968. “We received our Flytographer session as a wedding gift and we loved it. Our photos are our favorite souvenir from our visit to Paris. It was the perfect way to commemorator our first wedding anniversary!” - Scott Schneider


969. “Flytographer's employees replied very quickly with any questions we had about our shoot. They also provided all the details and bookings with our photographer which made it very smooth and relieved the stress of us from booking.” - Brennan Martin


970. “From booking the shoot online, to setting it up on a video conference, all the way to capturing our moment with our photographer, I could not be more happy and impressed with my flytographer experience. Personal, thoughtful and knowledgable. I knew when I went to my knee that I couldn't have been more prepared. My fiancee and I are obsessed with the photos and have nothing but beautiful memories from the day.” - Charlie Mattingly 


971. “Flytographer really brings world-class service to their operation. They treated me like their most important customer and organized a flawless photo shoot. Even more important, they helped craft the engagement itself into something truly special. The team (Shay and Tania) are top-notch professionals. I can't wait to recommend Flytographer to everyone I know!” - Theodore Ellis 


972. “The process was absolutely seemless and our pictures were beyond amazing. Thank you to Flytographer and our photographer Wendy for the ability to capture these special moments in our lives.” - Jenna Crittenden


973. “The whole experience was amazing. Our photographer, Whitney, was incredible and made the photo shoot comfortable and natural.” - Evan Forell


974. "The photos are gorgeous and the entire process was effortless. Incredible!" - Livia & Gage


975. “I am very happy doing business with Flytographer team. They are professional and polite. Allen did an awesome job during my proposal in Seoul.The photos are superb.” - Michael Frias 


976. “Dana, our photographer, and the concierge are helpful. The whole photoshoot experience was smooth; especially since we were not familiar with Budapest. The final photos are great! Although, it was a cloudy day. But it turns out the photos are awesome!” - Andrew Ou


977. “ My partner is an avid photographer but many times most of our pictures never have both of us in them. Flytographer gave us the chance to capture our recent engagement in a way that shows our love of travel. Amelia was so welcoming and made the experience so much fun. The best part is she treated us more like a friend than a client - she spent time after showing us around the local bars and restaurants. I highly recommend this service!” - Katherine Chartier


978. "Our Flytographer experience was end-to-end wonderful. Before our shoot they took the time to get to know us and help us find locations to match our personality in a city 2,000 miles away. Our Flytographer Cassie was up-beat and enthusiastic, an our pictures were more beautiful than expected!" -Amy Higgins


979. "We had a fantastic time on our shoot with Lauren, she made us feel really relaxed, we laughed the whole time on the shoot and the photos were exactly what we had hoped for." - Claire Shek


980. “ The customer service we received from Flytographer as we sought to schedule this shoot was absolutely excellent. We love the memories captured during our vacation to Singapore.” - Kayla Howe


981. “This was my second time experience and I must say I am delighted. Amsterdam to me was my dream destination and when you actually got there, it was nothing but a dream come true. The shots Flytographer captured are the best part which happened in the trip. Thank you so much” - Anand Soundarya


982. “To be able to capture the beauty and sincerity of a surprise engagement proposal was all that I had wished when I booked my Flytographer engagement shoot, and what I had received exceeded all my expectations. Shay our Shoot Concierge and Juan Felipe our photographer went above and beyond to help plan and execute a proposal that neither I or my partner will ever forget. Cartagena will now forever hold a special place in our hearts.” - Lou. S


983. “Getting family photos taken was the best Christmas gift we could have given to our parents -the photos are beautiful, the experience was seamless, and the memories are locked-in and ready to hang on the wall!” - Sarah Schoenthaler 


984. “A fantastic experience, start to finish. Flytographer was extremely helpful throughout the entire process.” - Jack Gibbons


985. “This is our third shoot with Flytographer and we love it every time. We did our first shoot 3 years ago when the company was still quite new and it’s amazing to see how far it has come in such a short space of time. Our photographer was -as ever- very easy to work with!” - Sophie Squillacioti


986. "Goncalo was one of the best photographers I've shot with. He was so kind, patient and made the experience amazing.  His work speaks for himself and I can't wait to use him and Flytographer again!!" - Halle Reum


987. “I am so thankful we captured this special vacation and moment in time with our little family. These are memories we now have captured on film forever...thank you Wendy! The whole Flytography team, especially Wendy, were so great to deal with and we definitely will be recommending in the future...In fact I already have!” - Christina Wilson


988. "I booked a "capture the moment" proposal session. The Flytographer team and photographer was great and allowed me to focus on the more important details. Aubrie's great photos will allow us to relive this awesome moment in our lives in a way that most people have to do so through memory." - Julian


989. “It was a pleasure working with Dipan. From the planning of the proposal shoot to the engagement photo session afterwards the entire experience was exceptionally well thought out and executed. We could not be more happy with how the pictures turned out!” - Matt Leung


990. "Michael was awesome! He took amazing pictures and was easy to talk to. The proposal consult was quick and easy too. Overall, great experience with Flytographer!" - Dustin F.


991. “We instantly felt a connection with our flytographer photographer. Our shoot was easily a highpoint of our NYC New Years Eve trip. I was blown away with how fast paced the shoot was and how many different shots we received from such a short amount of time. We look forward to our next destination flytographer experience!” - Dustin Harrison


992. “We wanted to have nice vacation photos and we did this just for the fun of it . Coo put us at ease right from the start of the experience. There was no communication barriers as and he spoke very good English . We wanted our photos fun, spontaneous and natural, nothing ‘posey’ and Coo managed to capture those moments for us . We enjoyed the experience thoroughly!” - Sheryl Ho


993. “Flytographer made it very easy for me to plan the special moment on the special day. I had several ideas of where I wanted to propose to my now fiancée. Shay from Flytographer was beyond helpful in helping me get the right photographer and the right time and place for the special moment.” - Philip Leite


994. “Words cannot express how much we love the photos! We are so ecstatic and grateful that Armando was able to beautifully capture our special moment. Every time we look at the photos, we can relive that precious moment. Thank you!” - Brian Milankovic


995. “Starting from the moment I booked with Flytographer the whole process was incredibly easy and it was the best customer service/experience I have ever received. The whole process was delivered with such class, ease and I would recommend anyone to use Flytographer. “ - Jas Riar


996. “Flytographer was the perfect way to surprise our best friend on her Bachelorette Party! We had so much fun and felt so comfortable with Connie. Absolutely love our photos and can't wait for our next excuse to book.” - Molly Goldberg


997. “I love how Flytographer makes my life as a solo traveller so much easier! I get to have amazing photos as the best souvenirs from my trips, without having to awkwardly ask strangers to take them for me.” - Kathleen Torres 


998. “We had received a gift certificate for the flytographer photo shoot as a wedding gift and decided to use it in Dubai. With such a limited time in the Dubai it gave us the opportunity to see experience life away from the commercial areas. We received our finished photos quickly and we love them!" - Daniel Hassan 


999.“I'm enamored with the service that Flytographer offers to travelers!  Like many, I discovered their unique concept on social media, and was immediately obsessed. What really gave me the 'warm & fuzzies' was the clear passion their team has for the creative process.  When you work with Flytographer, it doesn't feel like a business transaction, it's like more chatting with a friend.  It's evident that they are fully invested in the complete experience of capturing your vacation memories.” - Kayla Douglas “We love our photos so much, and it was great way to capture our last trip before there are three of us! Thank you Flytographer!” - Lauren Silvestre


1000. "I am a luxury travel adviser, and trust me when I say, I will recommend to all my clients & friends. Exceptional experience because when a trip is over it's over. But, not with Flytographer." - Gay Gillen