Luxury Travel in Dubai

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We have done several shoots with the elegant Kim-Marie of Luxury Travel Mom, but her most recent in Dubai is a real standout. Arriving in the city to do a travel video, she met up with Flytographer Chloe in the lobby of the stunning Four Seasons Dubai where they shot a few photos before heading to the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. The two lovely women hit it off immediately, and could not have more glowing praise for each other!

Chloe: "I arrived at the Four Seasons, one of the more hidden of Dubai's Five Star gems and the meeting place for the start of our shoot. As I waited, I soaked in the beauty and calm, then Kim-Marie appeared. Her energy was amazing and from the moment we said hi, we didn't stop chatting, sharing stories and exploring the different locations I took her to. The beach attendants loved watching us laugh and shoot on the sand. The doorman charmed us into a taxi and then we arrived at the Burj Khalifa, which was alive with visitors and locals alike. One waitress approached us, asking if perhaps Kim-Marie was Shakira, and we soon realised we were causing a bit of a stir. Then the fountains began, and all eyes transfixed on nothing else. It was a great sunshine-filled shoot; I think we has as much fun as the other capturing some perfect memories of Kim-Marie's visit to Dubai."

Kim-Marie: "Chloe is far and away my favorite photographer I’ve worked with. She has an amazing eye and is great at directing. There is NOTHING more awkward than being alone on a photo shoot - I never know what to do! 
Also, I had just come off an overnight flight and somehow she made me look SO much better than I felt. Seriously, she is AMAZE BALLS. She can see a great shot, she tells you where to walk, look, etc. And she’s fun and funny and easy to talk to. I cannot say enough good things apparently….
Her ability to see the photograph is amazing, she don’t just capture what’s in front of her - she can move you two feet and get a shot that you would never have imagined. I am NOT that glamorous. She is good!"

Flytographer: Chloe Lodge

Beautiful photos, Kim-Marie & Chloe! It seems you two were a perfect match. :)