Your Vacation Photographer in Sydney: Meet Lenise

Meet Lenise

I am multi-disciplinary 'creative-type' from New Zealand currently based in Sydney, Australia. I'm a natural light portrait and editorial photographer freelancing for different platforms as well as running my own business. I would describe my style as honest, emotive, timeless and intentional. I like to produce work that is beautifully curated and accurately represents people and their story.

Three Things

  1. I'm interested in culture and creativity, so I spend a lot of time visiting galleries, museums and online editorials.
  2. I couldn't live without kindness.
  3. I studied Music at university, and spent a lot of time composing, playing in bands and teaching. My musical tastes are very eclectic, and I’m always looking for something new to listen to!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Sydney
Manly Beach, Gordon’s Bay, Paddington, Woolahra

Languages Spoken

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Customer Love for Lenise...

"Lenise has a gift for taking ordinary situations and giving them artistic yet authentic flair. Thank you, Lenise!" - AA

"Lenise did a brilliant job!" - Paul