Your Vacation Photographer in Rome: Meet Francesco

Francesco available for shoots around Rome for 60 minutes minimum, as well as 2 hour minimum bookings in Castelli Romani Area

Meet Francesco

A photographer, a surfer, a dreamer... that's me! I love traveling to catch the cocktail of cultures, traditions, venues! And with me my faithful camera, my every-page-full passport and my surfboard! I have been a photographer since I was eighteen. I worked in the fashion field, sport magazines, for a stock agency and weddings! I also founded Framelines, a wedding photography society. I have a documentary approach: I love dynamic pictures, where I could catch your natural emotions, your laughs, your soul. I don't like posed pictures unless there's a good light condition or an incredible venue. In this case the pose becomes a creative, artistic image.

Three Things

  1. I love to surf. When I have some free time I'm always at the seaside looking for the best wave! It's a very interesting way to travel and discover new places.
  2. On a desert island surely I will carry with me my surfboard!
  3. My pictures arouse curiosity. I could never show them without telling the secret story behind them!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Rome
I love Garbatella

Languages Spoken

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Customer Love for Francesco...

"A BIG thank you to Francesco...he went above and beyond to get these great photos and in so many locations!"  -Maria

"Francesco and Francesca were amazing! They were so kind, and clearly gifted at their craft. What a wonderful service. Thank you for making our Rome memories eternal." -Sara

"Francesco was amazing with my family!  He had creative ideas and captured fabulous moments between our family. Can't wait to go back!" -Sarah

"Francesco was an absolute delight to work with! We had so much fun with him! You could feel his passion through his work, and he also gave us lots of tips on how to pose. We laughed so much throughout the photoshoot and the photos turned out absolutely gorgeous! We love each and every one of them! You could really see our emotions through each picture. It is truly a memory we will cherish forever! " - Vicky

"We had a great shoot with Francesco! He did his best to make us feel comfortable, and he knew all the right spots to take great pictures!" - Mari

"Francesco was one amazing photographer and person. He made us feel comfortable from the start and he was also one great tour guide as he advised us where to go as we walked from one photo spot to another. We can't thank Francesco enough for his kindness and we are so grateful for his amazing talent and hard work in capturing some of the most beautiful memories in our life." - Metta