Your Vacation Photographer in Munich: Meet Gloria

Meet Gloria

Your Vacation Photographer in Munich: Meet Gloria

Gloria is available for all shoots in Munich as well as 2 hour minimum bookings at Castle Neuschwanstein.

First of all, I am a happy person, so being around and meeting happy people is the best I can wish for. I am also quite nostalgic so memories are very important for me, and I could not be happier that my job and passion is to capture these for people. My style is very natural, emotional and warm. It is all about having a good time together and making the sweetest memories.

Three Things

  1. Travelling is my favourite thing to do. It combines meeting people with new experiences. Luckily my job has that too, so consider me a very happy girl!
  2. I couldn't live without laughing! Or Spätzle, which is German noodles - it's so delicious!
  3. I love musicals, so in dramatic or super funny moments, it can happen that I am going on full Barbara Streisand, which I think is funny. 

Favourite Place to Shoot in Munich
City Center in the mornings

Languages Spoken
English & German