Your Vacation Photographer in London: Meet Rajesh

Your Vacation Photographer in London: Meet Rajesh

Rajesh is available for minimum 60 minute shoots all over London

Meet Rajesh

My style is Lifestyle and Reportage. I shoot predominantly in natural light. I look for connection, storytelling and candid but decisive moments. I've won a few awards along the way, shot campaigns for Hackett of London, Nigel Hall and Bolongaro Trevor fashion brands. I've covered Jimmy Choo for the Malaysian Trade Ministry. (My mother was upset I didn't get paid in shoes though.)

Three Things

  1. When not shooting (and editing), I spend time with my family, go to photo exhibitions and stay up-to-date with the London Tech startup crowd. I'm big on podcasts and am a bookworm. 
  2. One thing I can't live without is my family. Although the feeling I get when I open the fridge and it's full of food is, frankly, very satisfying.
  3. My friends tell me I could sit the London Taxi exam. It's great knowing the streets of Central but I couldn't sit down all day for a living. (Guess who's the designated driver on nights out though?!)

Favourite Place to Shoot in London
Mayfair, Shoreditch, Buckingham Palace, The Mall, Westminster Bridge, Big Ben, Notting Hill, Portobello Market and Regents Park

Languages Spoken

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Customer Love for Rajesh...

"My husband and I are very camera-shy, but we both wanted to capture the memories of our honeymoon in London. We were nervous to do this, but Rajesh's energy and enthusiasm put us right at ease. He was extremely reassuring and so easy-going that this experience ended up being one of our favorite memories of our trip. Now, we have some AMAZING shots as keepsakes!" - Heather

"Thanks for Rajesh from London, the polite and nice person full of passion who got us lots of fabulous pictures; we chat happily and have some drinks after we finish work. He is so good that I can't find words to describe how thankful we are!" - Mickey & Thea (see amazing pre-wedding shoot here)

"Rajesh was able to capture moments of love that we often feel but don't always show. He was professional, took his time with every photo and even went above what was expected of him. He is truly amazing." - Kathlene

"Rajesh was amazing. He made us feel so comfortable and was very creative in the settings he chose for us. I can't really speak any higher about him. The pictures speak for themselves." - Cory

"Rajesh did an awesome job! He is really dedicated to getting the perfect shot despite our problems (London weather and kids). I hope all the other photographers are as good, patient and easy to work with as Rajesh." - Mabel

"Rajesh was extremely friendly and made us feel very comfortable. Taking pictures in public can be awkward, but we did not feel it because of Rajesh's friendly and casual demeanor." - Fariha

"Rajesh was an awesome photographer and professional to work with. He brought his unique creativity and comfortability with him that allowed both Lyndsay and me to create an unforgettable experience." - Michael

"Hands down!!!!! Rajesh our photographer went well above and beyond his call of duty during our surprise engagement photo shoot and proposal shot in London. He had great ideas of well-known spots based on his expertise, locations which made it convenient for us." - Takumi

"There are not enough words to describe how incredible Rajesh was before, during, and after our photoshoot. He made my fiance and I feel very comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation as we are not used to being part of a photoshoot. He took time to ensure that we got a lot of shots after the proposal and he delivered amazing results. He is very passionate about photography and it shows in his work. We could not have asked for a better photographer for our shoot." - Amrit

"We couldn't have had a better engagement shoot thanks to the incomparable Rajesh. From his artistic vision for our shoot to his technical skills to his knowledge of London, Rajesh was absolutely indispensable in capturing the moment." - Dave

"It is fantastic choosing Raj as our photographer, Raj is absolutely the best photographer in the world! Choosing Raj as our photographer is the best decision we made. Raj's professionalism and humour made it a lot of fun, and gave us amazing photos." - Yushin

"Rajesh was absolutely wonderful from start to finish!  He was so enthusiastic and came up with a photoshoot plan/route within minutes.  He was so welcoming, kind, and made everyone feel extra comfortable.  His level of professionalism and care is top notch." - Venus

"Rajesh is beyond wonderful and amazing. He is the nicest person ever and so easy and fun to work with!  All of us felt comfortable immediately with him - which says a lot if you knew my camera-shy husband!" - Sarah 

"Rajesh was wonderful. He put the entire family at ease with his laid-back professional style. He was excellent about communicating the set up and when it came time to shoot he had loads of great ideas. We couldn't be more thrilled with the photos." - Nicole

"Rajesh is an amazing photographer! I'm sure asking a photographer to capture a proposal is intimidating, but Rajesh did a great job. He made us feel extremely comfortable from the beginning and had great ideas for the photos. He went above and beyond to make sure we received all of the different shots we wanted." - Lindsay & Von

"Rajesh is a true professional and super guy. He went out of his way to ensure we had a great photo shoot. He was beyond our expectations; he is one of the elite. Very talented and genuine." - RC

"Rajesh is just truly a wonderful photographer and we have some awesome photos! He was very good with my young kids - they were laughing and smiling all the time around him - and he made everyone comfortable with the session. He tried to make it as creative as possible and yet very natural as well." - Princess

"The photos are wonderful, and the entire experience was beyond expectations. Rajesh was great to work with, had super ideas, made us comfortable and went well above what we expected. The photos themselves are so good our biggest problem is deciding which to frame and hang! Easily the highlight of this trip." - Bob

"Rajesh was amazing to work with and I'm so happy we got the opportunity to meet him. He was able to capture our favorite spots in London and my husband's smile, which can be hard to find behind a lens!" - Amanda

"Rajesh was great! He made us feel really comfortable during the shoot! It also helped that we started early to avoid the crowd. It was so great for Rajesh to capture our vacation:)" -Carl