Your Vacation Photographer in Lisbon: Meet Ana Lucia

Meet Ana Lucia

I'm Ana: architect, photographer, storyteller, dreamer! My camera is a part of me - an extension of my hands, but especially of my dreams and my heart. I try really hard to make sure my clients can have relaxed and funny pictures but also portraits that almost look like pieces of art. My photography sessions are truly beyond photography itself - it's all about love, sharing... and creating an unique and unbeatable experience!

Three Things

  1. I love music, books, and museums but I'm also a beach-addict. 
  2. I also love never-ending DIY projects... but most of all, I love photography!
  3. I love popcorn & my favourite colour is yellow.

Favourite Place to Shoot near Lisbon
I love to photograph in the old & historic parts of Lisbon, such as the amazing parks of Sintra or in downtown Cascais.

Languages Spoken
Portuguese, English & Spanish 

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Customer Love for Ana Lucia...

"We absolutely LOVED our Flytographer photo session! Ana Lucia [was] so amazing in the moment. [She] captured the proposal perfectly, without me even knowing she was there. Now we have stunning photos and unforgettable memories! Thank you, Flytographer and Ana Lucia!— Nisha (check out more photos from this stunning proposal shoot)

"Ana Lucia and Sergio have a highly sensitive artistic look, they are able to find beauty everywhere and transform each photo in a unique and unforgettable record, full of creativity and emotion. They are truly amazing photographers and also great guides!  They showed us beautiful places for pictures, gave several tips and told us cool stories about the city. We love to talk to them, because besides amazing pictures we had a great time." - Tatiana & Márcia

"Ana Lucia made us feel comfortable throughout our entire photo shoot. We could tell that Ana was putting forth her best effort in attempting to get the perfect lighting for our pictures." - Sonia

"Ana Lucia was excellent and she made the experience very comfortable and fun." - Adrienne & Wes

"Our time in Lisbon was short, so I am eternally grateful Ana Lucia captured these AMAZING photos at Belem on a picture-perfect morning. We will cherish them forever. I don't think I expected to gain a new friend in the process. Thank you for making our 20th anniversary so memorable!" - Kathryn