Your Vacation Photographer in Johannesburg: Meet Alon

Meet Alon

Your Vacation Photographer in Johannesburg: Meet Alon

Alon is available for shoots in & around Johannesburg, as well as 2 hour minimum bookings in the surrounding areas (Hartebeespoort Dam, the Cradle of Human Kind, game farms outside Johannesburg, etc)

I love capturing the real moments for real people, moments that when you see them make you stop and breath. Moments that will hopefully send a shiver down your spine. Moments that are beauty in themselves. I mainly shoot coverage for marketing events, but I'm now shooting more weddings and events of emotional significance, because I want to spend my time capturing moments that will make people smile, and stand the test of time.

Three Things

  1. I love spending time with my wife in beautiful places, under blue skies and above green grass, sipping on a cold drink and having picnics. 
  2. I am a self-taught musician on both the piano and the guitar, and try my hand at anything else I come across as well.
  3. My friends tell me that I resemble a meerkat! (Ha ha!)

Favourite Place to Shoot in Johannesburg
The inner city of Johannesburg - Maboneng

Languages Spoken
English and a tiny bit of Afrikaans