Your Vacation Photographer in Barcelona: Meet Orlando

Your Vacation Photographer in Barcelona: Meet Orlando

Orlando is available for shoots all over Barcelona, as well as Sitges and Tarragona for longer bookings.

Meet Orlando

Being able to talk about yourself is always difficult, but in order to talk about myself, I need to talk a bit about my photography. Not as my pictures are, but instead as I feel.
I am inspired by the true stories of people who love what they do, how they feel about what they do and show who they are.
I put on top my family, love of people and the things we do with the heart.
I feel something magical in the connection we can have with some people, things or moments, a painting, a song, a smile, a photograph; that feeling you can have in seconds is something that moves me.

Three Things

  1. Like a good Barça fan, I love sports and everything soccer.
  2. I couldn't live without books, they can take me wherever they want.
  3. As a Peruvian I'm in love with food. I cook and try new recipes from around the world.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Barcelona
Gracia, Montjuic, Forum, Old Quarter, Barceloneta, Born and Tibidabo where you have amazing views from the top of the city.

Languages Spoken
English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese and a little bit of Italian and French

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Customer Love for Orlando...

"Orlando was absolutely AMAZING!!! My fiance and I had never done a photo shoot & we had never been to Barcelona... so we were very nervous. However, Orlando made us feel like old friends meeting at our second home within the first 5 minutes. I highly recommend him!" - Noel

"Orlando was extremely sweet and we both loved his creative flair. He has an excellent eye for really interesting visuals and is extremely knowledgeable about Barcelona. I would absolutely work with him again!" - Sol

"From the start, Orlando was so warm and friendly and an absolute pleasure to shoot with. Despite it being a rainy day, he helped us to capture beautiful shots in the rain, and at the end, he recommended delightful tapas bars to us and even left us with a honeymoon gift! What a special guy." - Kelly 

"Orlando was such a pro, moving quickly, getting us to great locations easily, and really captured our love of urban cycling. It is a tribute to Orlando's skill that he got so many great shots in ONLY 30 minutes!" - Rose

"We had the absolute best experience with Orlando and could not be happier with our photos! It really did feel like having a friend in Barcelona take us on a terrific walking tour!" - Ann Louise

"Orlando in Barcelona was fantastic.  He was patient, creative, and incredibly attentive." - Nancy

"This was our first time at doing any sort of photo shoot and Orlando made us at ease by providing instructions and direction. We had a great time and the photos captured our love in an amazing backdrop perfectly. Thanks, Orlando!" - Adrian

"Orlando was great. Very enthusiastic and clearly wanted us to walk away with as many photos as possible." - Adam

"Orlando was very nice and friendly, easy to work with." - Jana

"Orlando was very friendly and personable, and made us feel like good friends after only a few minutes!" - Ran

"Orlando was a dream to work with. He was so warm and friendly, it was as if we'd known him for years, not minutes. He took us to the most magical spots in the city and our time with him was so special. Thank you for capturing such beautiful images of our family ... they are priceless!" - Amy

"We had such a wonderful experience with Orlando in Barcelona.  He is very friendly, creative and talented. What more can you ask for? My fiancé and I are usually not too comfortable about being photographed, but Orlando made us feel relaxed. We ended up having a really good time, and we are very pleased with the final result." - IV

"Orlando was fantastic! Not only did we get wonderful photographs of our visit to Barcelona, he also was so helpful with suggestions for places to visit, and most importantly, places to eat like a local! We will cherish these amazing photographs for years to come." - Molly

"Orlando was very easy to get a hold of and communicate with from the moment we landed in Barcelona. He was very friendly and personable, and made the experience so fun. Thank you Orlando for making our honeymoon so memorable!" - Stephanie

"Orlando was very professional and friendly. We couldn’t believe how many different places he got us to so quickly. He had a great eye for the light and he was very vocal in letting us know exactly where to look and what to do to get the best shot, which really helped us feel comfortable." - Shanna

"Orlando put my reserved husband and son at ease right away, and his knowledge of beautiful and interesting locations to shoot was invaluable. He had a number of fun, creative ideas to help keep my young son entertained (and burn off some energy) and those photos are some of our favourites." - Sadie

"Having never been to Barcelona or having done a professional photo shoot, Orlando made everything super easy!   His talent for finding 'light' to make the photos amazing was fantastic. He was easy to  work with, asked for feedback to meet our needs." - Tracy  

"Orlando did a fabulous job capturing our night out on the town.  After getting drinks he suggested a perfect restaurant for paella which made for the perfect last dinner in Barcelona." - Whitney

"Orlando is the best! He made us feel at home, he was fun to be with and we had a great time with him. The photos he took are priceless, thank you very much! If we have the chance, we would definitely do this again with Orlando and would definitely recommend him to our friends. Thank you!" - MC

"Orlando was great. He showed up on time and was self-sufficient. He listened to what we wanted and our preferences. What I was impressed with the most was that Orlando did his research on his own about our hotel and suggested we go up to the terrace to take photos. That individual creativity was great and we wouldn't had thought about it ourselves which resulted in one of the best photos.  The photos turned out so urban and it truly defines us and what we love to do." - Ena