Hello professional photographers! We'd love to get to know you better...

Join our global network of over 200 photographers across six continents. We look for five core things when partnering with photographers:

  1.   Awesome human beings (kind, cool, fun, connect easily/quickly with people … we’d want to grab a drink with you after a shoot).
  2.   Amazing talent and modern, fresh style (your work speaks for itself, and your images move us).
  3.   Professional work ethic (you arrive on time, you deliver results, you get the importance of an incredible “customer experience’).
  4.   Unbending passion (you love your job & like us, are passionate about changing the way people remember their vacations).
  5.   You truly love your city (you are excited to show it off to travellers, and share your local "insider" tips)

Our Photographers
Our global community of seasoned professional photographers have mega talent and have shot for major newspapers, magazines, and websites including: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, LA Times, Vogue, Newsweek, Time Magazine, and Getty Images, As well they shoot rock stars/movie stars and models during Paris Fashion Week! Some even teach photography at NYC, Columbia and UCLA. They all work full time, and wrap Flytographer shoots around their own work. They love how creative and easy our shoots are, showing visitors their favourite parts of the city and meeting people from all over the world. It’s just FUN. 

Currently recruiting in:  Hawaii, Paris, London, Sandestin, Oslo, Manila, Dubrovnik, Beijing, Shanghai and multiple places in the Caribbean. However we accept applications from anywhere! Seriously. Talented, awesome people are always welcome. Apply below.


"In my job, I'm very alone doing everything: contacting people, setting up the shoot, and everything afterwards. You have NO IDEA how very thankful I am to Flytographer for those bookings you're giving me. Everything feels so smooth, I can just concentrate on SHOOTING, and that's really great. Also in my own work, I'm very, very "alone" in everything, and Flytographer provides me the feeling of not being totally alone (but at the same time I keep my freedom). So just want to say THANKS for that, for making everything easy and smooth and at the same time very straight forward."  - Lucille 

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