Take your photos from “ok” to “WOW!” with a little magic from Flytographer.

Pack of 6 Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Desktop

Easily turn your photos into something special - with only a few clicks!

Camel picture before and after 'Flytographer Love' preset

Coffee and yogurt breakfast before and after 'Flytographer Urban' preset

Picture of a building before and after 'Flytographer Journal' preset

Santorini buildings before and after 'Flytographer Fresh' preset

Picture of a donkey before and after 'Flytographer Slate' preset

Picture of a desert plant before and after 'Flytographer Nature' preset

Make Each Memory Shine

Transform your iPhone photos into magical memories with just a few clicks. Create stunning layouts for your walls and Instagram feed using the new Flytographer Collection Lightroom Presets.


Edit your photos in a few
clicks on mobile or desktop.


Choose from 4 colour and
2 black and white presets.


Created by our community of
professional photographers.



Get the Lightroom mobile app (free) or the desktop version.

Save presets to your device and upload to Lightroom.

Apply the presets to your photos in a few clicks!


Travel photos framed on a wall


How to beautifully
edit and share your photos

Learn our best tricks for creating stunning layouts for your dream gallery wall and Instagram feed.



What is a preset?

A preset is a bundled set of adjustments meant to save time when editing your photos. Presets apply predetermined adjustments to photos with one click; tweaks can be made after that to get your photo just right!

How are presets different than filters I might use on Instagram or other photo apps?

Filters are also a bundled set of adjustments but they are not customizable, whereas presets are. Presets are used in Adobe’s photo editing software, Lightroom, which is available for desktop and mobile. Filters are found in image-sharing apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok, which are meant more for sharing photos for fun than in any kind of professional or serious way.

Why should I purchase a license for Flytographer’s presets?

Flytographer has a global roster of professional photographers who share the brand’s passion for beautiful images that help you capture your memories. We have tapped the expertise of our photographers to build a perfect set of presets to take your photos from “ok” to “wow!” in only a few clicks.

Who can use these presets? What kind of software do I need?

Anyone from beginner photographers to pro, as long as you have Adobe Lightroom installed on your desktop or mobile. The desktop version is more powerful and charges a small monthly fee; the mobile app is free to use. The presets themselves are easy to install and use. A little bit of time spent playing with them will have you up to speed in no time! Note: the Lightroom Desktop files are XMP and are compatible with Lightroom Classic 7.3 and higher, Lightroom CC and Camera Raw.

The presets don’t look the same on my photos as your samples. What’s going on?

A preset will look different on every photo — it depends on the light and other elements in your original photo. The trick is knowing which tones you would like and choosing the preset that will match it most closely. From there, you will need to customize by making other small adjustments to get your photo just right. The reason presets come in a pack is that we recognize that one preset won’t suit every photo or every taste — you will probably find that you love some of them and use those ones over and over while not so much for others in the pack.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to offer refunds and all sales are final. Please make sure you save your presets in a folder on an external hard drive or in the cloud as a backup in case you lose your phone, change computers, etc. Please ensure you have the correct Lightroom desktop version (see #4) and/or can install Lightroom mobile on your device before purchase.

Can I share these presets with someone else?

No, you have purchased a license only for one user. It is important to note that you do not own the presets; you have purchased a license to use them. It is illegal to share, distribute, copy, transfer, sell or re-license any of our products. You are also not allowed to modify or alter any product that you license and then resell it as your own product. If your friend/partner/family member would like to use our presets, they will need to purchase their own license.

What is included with my license purchase?

You will receive the pack of Flytographer Collection Lightroom Presets which includes 4 colour presets and 2 black-and-white. Once you have purchased, the link will appear in your confirmation screen as well as delivered to you via email for digital download. (The link can be used only twice to download — we suggest downloading once with your desktop and the second time using your mobile device so you have presets directly added to each.) The collection contains a set of .DMG files for mobile and a set of .XMP files for desktop. Please be sure you install the correct presets into the correct program. You will also receive a PDF with download instructions.

Can I purchase licenses for the presets separately? I only want to use them on mobile.

The presets cannot be separated as they come in a bundle. Even if you only want the .DNG presets for mobile, we encourage you to download both sets and keep them safe on your external hard drive or in the cloud not only as a backup but also in case you ever change your mind and want to start using them on desktop!

What kind of file formats can these presets be used on?

Flytographer’s presets can be used on raw and jpg files. They have been tested and developed on various raw files from Canon, Nikon, Fuji and Olympus as well as jpg. Note that raw files can only be taken with a professional camera (not your phone) and processed on the desktop version of Lightroom; any files on your mobile device will be in jpg format. (If you are interested in finding out more about different file formats, this article is helpful.)

I need help!

We are always happy to help! Please email our Customer Experience team at and we will answer you as soon as we can.

Desert flower photo before and after preset


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