Photo Uploading Guide

Hurray! You’ve finished your shoot and it’s now time to submit your work. Please upload the high-resolution edited photos within 48 hours. Contact your Shoot Concierge as soon as possible if photos may be late.

Click to Download our exporting preset for all the Flytographer settings in Lightroom!

How to Upload Customer Photos: Getting Started

Log in to your Flytographer dashboard and enter your associated email address and password.

(If you cannot remember your password, click on “I’ve forgotten my password” to reset it. Note that the new link will go to the email address associated with your account.)

<- Fun fact! The image for the login page is by Natalia in Barcelona, taken on a Flytographer shoot in beautiful Parc Guell.

Step 1: Find the Booking

Click into your Bookings tab. Find the correct booking name and then select “Choose Photos.”

Step 2: Choose Files

Choose the photo files you wish to upload. Be sure they meet specifications or they will fail to upload.

Photo Specifications [unless otherwise requested by the customer]:

  • RGB
  • 3300 by 2200px / 2200 by 3300px
  • 300 DPI
  • No larger than 10 MB per file
  • Please triple check that you have removed ALL of your personal metadata (e.g. tags, copyright or watermarks)
  • Use the file naming convention y/m/d_clientfirstname_4 digit-image number
    e.g. 130519_sarah_0001.jpg
Please upload photos within the quantity range listed below. If you have extras that you would like to include, please do – we always tell the customer it is a little bonus gift from you! (That said, please limit your bonus photos to no more than twice the top end of the range.)

  • 30 minute shoot: 15 – 25 photos
  • 60 minute shoot: 30 – 40 photos
  • 90 minute shoot: 45 – 60 photos
  • 2 hour shoot: 60 – 80 photos
  • 3 hour shoot: 90 – 120 photos
The photos you have selected for upload will appear in a thumbnail gallery. To add more photos, simply click on “Choose More Photos” button. Note that photos are not uploaded to Flytographer at this point; they are just placed in the “holding pen” awaiting upload (see Step 3).

Also note that you will be able to add more photos again (and remove them) after the upload process, so this is not your only chance.

Step 3: Uploading Photos

When you have finished selected your files, click “Upload Photos.” Your files will start the process of uploading. Now is a good time to take a little coffee break or play with the cat.
Note: As the files upload, a green border will appear indicating they have successfully uploaded; others might have a red border indicating there are errors. Please wait until upload is complete before attempting any changes.

When the the green bar is full, your upload is complete. Uploaded photos will appear behind the uploader window.

Important note: If the uploader window closes but you cannot see your photos, please wait 10-15 minutes and then refresh the page before attempting to upload again. Sometimes our system just needs a bit of extra time to update!

If any photos did not upload, they will show up in the window with an explanation of why they failed. Please make necessary adjustments to file and click “Choose More Photos” to try again.
After the uploader window closes and you can see your uploaded photos in the thumbnail gallery, you can either:

  • select more photos for upload (Step 2)
  • remove any you no longer want in gallery (Step 4)
  • finish and submit (Step 5)

Step 4: Removing Photos

Once the upload is complete, you can now remove any photos from the gallery. To do so, hover over the photo and click on the little blue “X” in the bottom right-hand corner.
All deleted photos will appear greyed out in your view, but neither the concierge nor the customer will see them on their end. If you decide that, in fact, you want to keep that photo after all, simply click back on the little “X” to put it back in the gallery; no need to re-upload it.

Step 5: Complete

Final step: click on “Finish and Submit Photos.” A little pop-up window will appear for you to leave a nice personal note for your customers and voilĂ ! You are done.

Header photo by Alicia in Cape Town

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