Photo Sharing Policies

Q: I’ve just finished a shoot. Can I publish the photos?

A: Yes, provided the customers have sent their written permission to Flytographer (it cannot come verbally or via text to you). We will send you their feedback as soon as we receive it so you know what they’ve said. If they say no to sharing, Flytographer and photographers cannot share anywhere. If they say yes, please continue reading our sharing policies below.

Example testimonial emails

Feedback form must say yes to all or some of the photos before either of us can publish.

No to sharing means we cannot publish, anywhere. We feel your pain, but we respect our customers' privacy and never want to break that trust. Click image to enlarge.

Q: The customer agreed to share. Now what?

A: Photographers can publish their Flytographer photos on their social media provided you adhere to our sharing policies:

  1. You must credit the photo as a Flytographer shoot. Please write something like “shoot for Flytographer” in the copy of your social media post and tag us. (Our social media links are in the footer of this page.)
  2. Please wait at least 30 days after you receive the testimonial before you publish.
  3. Do not publish any Flytographer photos with watermarks from your own business.

Izumi in Tokyo's IG post crediting and tagging Flytographer, including hashtag.

Q: Can I comment on the customers’ social media when they post their Flytographer shoot?

A: As fun as it is to see your Flytographer photos out in the world, we ask you to please not comment on posts, including ours. (One exception: if a customer has already tagged you in their post and you wish to respond as a matter of courtesy, then we understand it would be unfriendly not to reply.) From a business standpoint, this allows potential customers who are following the post to try to bypass Flytographer and connect with your brand directly. As everyone on the team has signed our contract with a specific non-compete clause (section 1.5) to not solicit business for yourself with our customers, commenting can be seen as a form of soliciting. When hired to shoot one of our customers, you are acting as a representative of Flytographer, not of your own brand.

We respect that you have your own business and set of customers, and we do credit you as a Flytographer on our site and in our social media; we ask that you also respect our marketing efforts so that we can continue to grow and send you business.

Q: How can I update my portfolio once customers agree to share?

A: Flytographer’s content team will update portfolios as sharing permission comes in. We select the best images based on a set of criteria and knowledge of our market. Please read more about our portfolio process here.

Q: The customer told me on the shoot/sent me a text after that I could share the photos.

A: Unfortunately you cannot share until Flytographer receives written permission. Flytographer is legally responsible for our customers’ privacy, and the contract for the shoot is between Flytographer and the customer. If they text you, please let them know they must fill in Flytographer’s written feedback form in order to share and credit the work. If they cannot find it, tell them their Shoot Concierge is happy to help.

Q: I still have questions about this.

A: Please email Michelle at:

Banner image by Mónica in Cancun

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