Your Vacation Photographer in Honolulu: Meet Pono

Meet Pono

I am an eccentric, music-loving gentleman that enjoys dancing a bit too much for my own good. By living on a tiny island, I have come to appreciate the vast ocean that surrounds me. I love incorporating it into my photography in some way, shape, or form. I have a background in video and primarily shoot weddings.

Three Things

  1. I love cooking for others. I find it is the best way to share your own sense of home.
  2. I do my best not to let anything get in the way of me telling your story.
  3. AMC's The Walking Dead has become a Sunday night ritual that I can't live without...Braiiins!

Favourite Place to Shoot on Oahu
My favorite spots are Makapuu, China Walls, and Kahala

Languages Spoken

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Customer Love for Pono...

"We loved Pono! He really listened to what we were hoping for and he delivered more than we could have ever imagined! Pono is an incredible photographer." - Heidi

"Pono was amazing. He made us feel relaxed and the photos were fantastic, just what we wanted." - Michele

"This is our first but not last time to do a photoshoot. Pono was very helpful with tips and instructions. The shoot reflected our trip perfectly. We had fun and now enjoying the photos." - Nataliya