Updating Portfolios

Portfolio Policies

Good news! Soon we will have the tech in place so you will be able to manage and update your own Flytographer portfolio from your shareable shoots. (Cue trumpets and confetti!)

In the meantime, it is still a manual process for us and we appreciate your patience while we update your work. Here is a review of our portfolio policies:

Your profile page will contain a list of any positive testimonials as well as a selection of highly-curated, shareable images in your portfolio.

  1. New photographers will submit a portfolio of diverse vacation-style photos, of which Flytographer chooses the top images to display based on our criteria (see below).
  2. Portfolios will be updated as new shareable content comes in. Original portfolio photos will be replaced with Flytographer photos until we’ve reached a desirable diversity.
  3. Testimonials will continue to be added as they come in.

Photo: Olga in Paris

Photo: Natasha in Bangkok

Photo: Akemi in Dubai

Photo: Allen in Seoul

Photo: Ufuk in Istanbul

Photo: Conie in Cancun

Portfolio Criteria

Flytographer is the world’s first global vacation photography service and we have always been #1 in terms of bookings, sales, marketing, exposure and quality. We have spent the last 5 years carefully researching and understanding our market; to that end, as experts in marketing and selling vacation photography, our team chooses all images on a photographer’s portfolio based on a set of criteria, with the most important being:

  1. Customer has agreed to share
  2. Flytographer brand style with a strong sense of place (city landmarks and landscape are visible)
  3. Diversity of customer (couples; family; solo; etc) and locations

Other important criteria include:

See our Photo Style Guide for examples of Flytographer brand style.

Photo: Michael in Chicago

Photo: Sarah in Berlin (photo taken in Prague)


Please email Michelle at michelle@flytographer.com

Header photo by Bayu & Ivony in Bali

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